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6 years worked in startup, from US, Ireland, Singapore, published 5 apps and fews free  projects, I know how to work fast in a startup and how to manage a team, make the apps come true and run smooth.

Technical Skills

iOS: Swift, Core Animation, CocoaPods, Auto Layout Programmatically, Push Notification, MapKit, Core Location, Interface Builder, In-App Purchase, Realm, Speech To Text, Text To Speech, Design Pattern

Backend: Node.js

Database: MySQL, mongoDB

Software: Xcode, Visual Studio Code, Photoshop, Sketch, Zeplin, Adobe XD, Sequel Pro

Cloud-Technologies: AWS

Version Control: Git

Project Management: Agile, Trello, Slack

3rd party services: Google Maps, Google Place, Facebook SDK, Fabric, Firebase, Flurry, MixPanel, Instagram API, Mailgun, Mollie, Paypal, Stripe, Spreedly

Professional Experience


Senior iOS Developer at Line

Maintain chat list features

Improve logs viewer


Senior iOS Developer at Coinhako

  • Encrypt/decrypt and store data to KeyChain, apply Universal link to confirm transactions.
  • Design a flexible architecture, easily expand the business from 3 currencies to 31 currencies, 2 countries to 4 countries.
  • Connect Socket to update cryptocurrencies price real-time.
  • A voice assistant to enforce your voice command.
  • Update localization on the air.
  • Technologies: Swift, Clean Swift, Core Animation, Git, Pusher, Auto Layout Programmatically, Today Extension
  • Create architecture design foundation for iOS and Android app.
  • Serving 200k+ users in Asia.
  • The following is the link to Appstore:

Senior iOS Developer at Fixir

  • Get more requests by using new detail collection system like a step-by-step chat bot.
  • Eliminate 100% manual progress by building matching system and chat between drivers and workshops.
  • Build everything from scratch, solely
  • Technologies included: Swift, FCM, Google Map, Core Animation, Git, NodeJs,, AVFoundation, Core Location

iOS Developer at Moca

  • Migrated Objective-C to Swift, update MVC and spaghetti code to MVP architecture
  • SDK to be integrated from partners. Implement deep linking to allow partner using Moca app to pay from their platforms.
  • Generics design for multi bill types and receipts. Flexible design to support more bills and receipts
  • Shorten payment flow from over 30 seconds to 18 seconds by improving performance in API requests.
  • Promotion system: allow to accept and automatically use promotion code while processing payment.
  • Technologies: Swift 2, MVP, Push Notification, Fabric, MapKit, Deep Linking, AddressBook
  • The following is the link to Appstore:

 iOS Developer at Snapbuck

  • Auto Layout, UI Implementation: implement the whole app with Storyboard. Improve performance and boost development speed by split up to many Storyboards by features.
  • User membership: Allow login with email, Facebook, Google.

Relevant projects


  • Snapshop is a fashion marketplace to buy (user role) and sell (merchant role), from streetwear to luxury brand.
  • Rebuild the project with new UI and architecture: build under pressure for investor pitching.
  • Collaborated with two Backend Engineer.
  • Serving UK markets
  • Technologies: Swift 4.2, Clean Swift, AW SS3, AWS Cognito, HockeyApp, Stripe, Spreedly, Firebase
  • The following is the link to Appstore:


  • Ogenii is dynamically connect learns to teachers and help users learn/teach anytime and anywhere they want.
  • Take responsibility for everything about tech, backend (Node.js), database, server, web and iOS.
  • Easily login with social network login.
  • Pick place to learn and get direction by Google Places and Maps.
  • Keep updated with new classes and activities via Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • Technologies: Swift 4, Clean Swift, Facebook LoginKit, Firebase, Fabric, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Google Places, Google Maps, Apache, Node.js, Ubuntu, MySql


  • Opiyn is mobile interactive reviewing experience, see thousands of reviews in one quick glance and give a review with just one touch.
  • Customize the UITextView to show actions popup, rendering multiple font in one UITextView.
  • Interested UI with Pinterest Layout (limping height, 2 columns collection view), Parallax Header Tab, Tinder card style for Notification.
  • Geofencing location around user location.
  • Technologies: Swift 2, MVP, Push Notification, Fabric, MapKit, Deep Linking, AddressBook


  • Experience property search on an exciting level with the WebGaff app.
  • Instant 1-1 chat to discuss via
  • Street view and map view with Google Maps, geofencing to find properties around location.
  • Technologies: Swift 2, MVP, Push Notification, Fabric, Google Maps,
  • The following is the link to Appstore:


  • KNConstraints is a library for Auto Layout Programmatically with very short syntax, clean code.




Speaker at Geeky Weekend on "Swift Talk 2: Quality Battle"


Trainer Assistant

Trainer Assistant for Subhransu Behera on "TopDev Techtalk: Free Swift Tutorial Day"



B.S in Computer Science

Ton Duc Thang Universiy