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Work History

Sep 2016Present

Experienced iOS Developer at FIXIR

Reason for leaving: company is not doing well and is going to close the operation.

Fixir is trusted companion to help drivers find the most reliable workshops.

      » Get more requests by using new detail collection system like a step-by-step chat bot. 

      » Eliminate 100% manual progress by building chat system between drivers and workshops.

      » Clear dependencies between frontend and backend by designing unique   data for every API. 

Technologies used included: Swift 3, VIP architecture pattern, Push Notification, FCM, MapKit, Core Animation, Git, NodeJs,, AVFoundation, Auto Layout Programmatically, Core Location

Sep 2015Aug 2016

Experienced iOS developer at MOCA

Moca is a payment system to safely pay bills.

      » Stable and testable by re-architecting and migrating system from Objective-C to Swift.

      » Attracted users by implementing new features Promotions, e-Wallet, Topup...

      » Grew users' average time spent for app by updating 100% new UI.

Technologies used included: Swift 2.2, MapKit, Git, Address Book, Push Notification


Oct 2014Aug 2015

iOS developer at SNAPBUCK

Snapbuck is a camera to help users earn money on every captured and shared photo.

      » Shortened development time by effectively managing Storyboard.

      » Delivered more 50 messages a day by implementing SMS activation system. 

Technologies used included: Objective-C, Google Maps, Google Cloud Messaging, Push Notification, AVFoundation, Core Location


Voice is a social network allows the consumers feedback directly to the businesses .

      » Implemented all UIs with Storyboard with constraints optimization. 

Technologies used included: Swift 2.2, Google Maps, Push Notification, Core Location


Oct 2012Sep 2014

Windows developer at FILESTRING

FileString is a share-with-control system, to manage sharing contents. 

      » Increased convenience and security by implementing  file viewer inside the app. 

      » Supported many file types: word, excel, powerpoint, audio, video, pdf, image. 

Technologies used included: OpenXML, Mupdf, DirectX


iOS: Swift, Core Animation, CocoaPods, Auto Layout Programmatically, Push   Notification, Google Maps, MapKit, Core Location

Version control: Git

Backend: NodeJS/Express



Speaker at Geeky Weekend on "Swift Talk 2: Quality Battle"


Trainer Assistant for Subhransu Behera on "TopDev Techtalk: Free Swift Tutorial Day"


Aug 2016Oct 2016

iOS Select


Designed and implemented a ticket market for graduation.


Bachelor of Computer Science

Ton Duc Thang University

Did research and implemented Genetics Algorithm for graduation.