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Work History

May 2017Present

Experienced iOS Developer at Coinhako

CoinHako is a Bitcoin wallet service for consumers to buy, sell and secure their Bitcoins. 

      » Develop new version with 100% new UI and architecture 

      » Develop an algorithm to secure accounts, fully secure the sensitive data with 2 encrypted layers.  

      » Real time update price and  Today extension

Technologies included: Swift 3.2, VIP architecture pattern, Core Animation, Git, Pusher, Auto Layout Programmatically, Today Extension 

Sep 2016April 2017

Experienced iOS Developer at FIXIR

Reason for leaving: company is not doing well and is going to close the operation.

Fixir is trusted companion to help drivers find the most reliable workshops.

      » Get more requests by using new detail collection system like a step-by-step chat bot. 

      » Eliminate 100% manual progress by building chat system between drivers and workshops.

      » Clear dependencies between frontend and backend by designing unique  data for every API. 

Technologies included: Swift 3, VIP architecture pattern, Push Notification, FCM, MapKit, Core Animation, Git, NodeJs,, AVFoundation, Auto Layout Programmatically, Core Location

No longer available on App Store

Sep 2015Aug 2016

Experienced iOS developer at MOCA

Moca is a payment system to safely pay bills.

      » Stable and testable by re-architecting and migrating system from Objective-C to Swift.

      » Attracted users by implementing new features Promotions, e-Wallet, Topup...

      » Grew users' average time spent for app by updating 100% new UI.

Technologies included: Swift 2.2, MapKit, Git, Address Book, Push Notification


Oct 2014Aug 2015

iOS developer at SNAPBUCK

Snapbuck is a camera to help users earn money on every captured and shared photo.

      » Shortened development time by effectively managing Storyboard.

      » Delivered more 50 messages a day by implementing SMS activation system. 

Technologies included: Objective-C, Google Maps, Google Cloud Messaging, Push Notification, AVFoundation, Core Location

No longer available on App Store

Voice is a social network allows the consumers feedback directly to the businesses .

      » Implemented all UIs with Storyboard with constraints optimization. 

Technologies used included: Swift 2.2, Google Maps, Push Notification, Core Location


Oct 2012Sep 2014

Windows developer at FILESTRING

FileString is a share-with-control system, to manage sharing contents. 

      » Increased convenience and security by implementing  file viewer inside the app. 

      » Supported many file types: word, excel, powerpoint, audio, video, pdf, image. 

Technologies used included: OpenXML, Mupdf, DirectX


iOS: Swift, Core Animation, CocoaPods, Auto Layout Programmatically, Push   Notification, Google Maps, MapKit, Core Location

Version control: Git

Backend: NodeJS/Express



Speaker at Geeky Weekend on "Swift Talk 2: Quality Battle"


Trainer Assistant for Subhransu Behera on "TopDev Techtalk: Free Swift Tutorial Day"


Aug 2016Oct 2016

iOS Select


Designed and implemented a ticket market for graduation.


Bachelor of Computer Science

Ton Duc Thang University

Did research and implemented Genetics Algorithm for graduation.