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To acquire a challenging position, which I can explore all my strengths. Looking forward to challenges to become the key person and lead to the stable and successful projects.

Work History

Nov 2016Present

Experienced iOS Developer at FIXIR

I started Fixir as a part-time developer to develop partner app, called Fixir Workshop. Fixir Workshop is a chat system to help partner answer the request from drivers, send quotations. After that, I joined full time to develop a new driver app. Driver app uses a small bot to get problem from drivers, and find the best workshops to help them. It's location-base application, find the best workshops around drivers.

I develop Fixir as a technical assistant, solve all problems about dependency and logic in team, help designer improve UX. 

Nov 2016Present

Freelancer iOS developer at CODERMOTION

Rewardshopr is a service to help users save their shopping points and use points to pay for goods.

Developed Rewardshopr from the scratch, I built the architecture, implemented the UI. The fascinated UI is exactly similar to this I implemented UI with the combination of auto layout storyboard and programmatically. I applied Tinder effect and Pinterest layout for collection view.

Oct 2016

Freelance iOS developer at OPIYN

Opiyn is an social network from India to help everyone review about anything with the easiest way, just tap or long press to agree or disagree with the opinions. 

I started Opiyn as a experienced iOS developer, to redevelop and restructure the project to the MVP architectural pattern. I solved some problems with scrolling and loading more results, the state of the data. I had to handle the user interaction in text view, the attributed texts for many difference types. I also configured notification and used Firebase Cloud Messaging to push notifications. Notification center is organized as a block of cards, using Tinder effect to read. I also manage the UX and suggested the UX to the designer and the PM. 
Opiyn is an location-base application, so that I worked a lot with Google Maps and Google Places API to render a mix of registered and unregistered locations. 

Jan 2016Jun 2016

Freelance iOS developer at WEBGAFF

WEBGAFF is a startup allow users find and buy or hire a house, a flat, an office, or a plot. It also allows agencies post and share their properties. 

I ran the project from the beginning, alone, built all UI screens in 2 weeks. I spent more time in improving UX. Interact with RESTful API server using Alamofire. Experienced with GCD to handle heavy tasks, such as download, upload images. I implemented lazy loading to make the app load smoothly. Managed the scrolling of UIScrollView to load more properties. The project is developed with Swift 2.2 and improved a lot of in performance. I solved the memory leak issue while download and show too many property's photos.

Nov 2015Present

Experienced iOS developer at MOCA

MOCA is a fintech startup, mobile payment system. It's a big improvement of Apple Pay. Without POS, without cash, without card, Moca can pay any bills at hundred of merchant systems in Viet Nam. 

I started at Moca as a developer in a 2-member-team. I developed mobile bill payment, push notification and promotion system. Moca is developed with Objective-C and I suggested to migrate to Swift. We have just finished the big upgrade to Swift 2.2 and new UI. I already created an AddressBook to show the list of people available to transfer money. 

I did some code refactoring to make sure it easier to read and maintain. I created an dynamic system for receipt so that I can add any new receipt types, show and hide anything I want easily. MVP (Model - View - Presenter) architectural pattern is applied, and it's testable (maybe 70%).

Link on Appstore:

Oct 2014Oct 2015

iOS developer at SNAPBUCK

VOICE is a social network to complain about something not good to the businesses in Viet Nam. It helps the consumers send the feedback directly to the businesses, organizations. 

I implemented all the UI screens and animations, worked specific as UI builder. Use nearly all the strength of Auto layout. The UI and the functions are almost similar to Facebook app. But we have more roles to control the content of the message you share. 

Link on Appstore:

SNAPBUCK is an event system. With Snapbuck, you can earn on every photo you take at the event. You also apply filters to make your photos more beautiful and share them to Facebook. 

I devoted to Snapbuck as a supporter and designer. Designed and implemented all the UI screens and developed user account, user bank balance. 

I suggested and developed SMS notification center to activate the user account while Twilio doesn't work well in Viet Nam. 

Link on Appstore:

Oct 2012Sep 2014

Windows developer at FILESTRING


I love to work under pressure because pressure makes me work smarter and faster. I finished 2 big and great releases, Moca v2 and Opiyn v2 in big pressures and giant pride.

I'm confident of my abilities to approach new technologies. I started iOS as a .NET developer without any help, especially Auto layout. I built my sets of question, so that I can ask a question and learn a lot about other things. These skills help me learn faster. I studied iOS for 1 month and joined to my first iOS project (Snapbuck). 

I usually suggest solutions for the problems. When the Twilio (SMS Service) didn't work stably in Vietnam, I suggested and created an Android application to automatically send the confirmation code to the users. I made a short talk to discuss and persuade everyone in CICADA team about which database service is better to the current condition. I also suggested Moca to migrate project to Swift and proved the team about the better development performance with Swift. 



Bachelor of Information Technology

Ton Duc Thang University