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My interests are singing, writing poetry, and counseling others.


My objective is to do internship with a hospital or  work  with the government in my field of Psychology.

Work experience

Il, Specialist

May 2008Jan 2009

Presentation Team


My job description was pog team. The Pog team are responsible for all the signing throughout the store. We had to come in early in the morning before the store opened to put up and take down sign. We also had to rearrange the walls. Whenever the season changes, we had the decorate and stock the new items when they arrived to the store. 

Aug 2005Aug 2007

Americorps Member

Project LINC

The Purpose of Project LINC is to assist individuals with disabilities in their efforts to relocate from an institutional setting back into the community or to insure that independence in the community is maintained. The goals will be met through the provisionof independent living's four core services of skills training, advocacy, peer support and information and referral.


Jan 2007Present

Aug 1996May 1999

Mc Comb High School


Sign Langauge
I took Sign Language in high school. I can communicate to a deaf or hearing impaired person through signing to them. I enjoyed using this language to communicate with others. I also, use this language to sign the words to a song, when I am singing.


Aug 2007Aug 2010




Paulette Sibling

Rosetta Barnes