Kylie Kersten

Kylie Kersten

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2002 - Present

Registered Nurse

Scottsdale Healthcare


Aug 2010 - Present

Master's Degree in Nursing

Grand Canyon University
Aug 1998 - Dec 2002

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Arizona State Univesity



Utilizes critical thinking skills.

  I utilize the nursing process in a variety of complex client situations and settings.  I apply my critical thinking skills when taking care of patients of all ages. 

Prioritizes and assistes in coordinating plan of care.

  I prioritize my nursing care duties based on the patient's needs at the time.  I educate patients on the plan of care and upon discharge or admission to the hospital.

Supervises and assesses department and staff needs.

  I am currently the Emergency Department Nursing Supervisor in a 35-bed emergency department.  I manage twenty-five employees during a twelve hour shift.  I facilitate in making the department run smoothly by placing patients in the appropriate areas of the emergency department and assisting staff with critical patients.  I determine and maintain department needs and standards

Provides comprehensive care to patients.

  I am competent in providing quality care to patients at any age.  I conduct head to toe assessments on patients and implements appropriate nursing interventions.  I provide care to all ages groups with consideration to the developmental stages.  I administer medication and monitor patient's response and status throughout the emergency department visit.  I provide a variety of procedures to provide quality care and successful patient outcomes.



Apr 2011 - Apr 2015

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

American Heart Associatin
Dec 2009 - Dec 2013

Trauma Nursing Core Course

Emergency Nursing Assocaition
Apr 2011 - Apr 2013

Basic Life Support

American Heart Association
Apr 2009 - 2013

Emergency Pediatric Nursing Course

Emergency Nursing Assocaition