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Work experience


Lead Computer Scientist

The MITRE Corporation

Focused on software development, signal processing, and machine learning in the application of speech recognition in the aviation domain.


Senior Engineer

The MITRE Corporation

Worked in the MITRE Center for Advanced Aviation System Development towards becoming a subject matter expert in speech recognition. Led technical work on multiple domestic and international projects.


Software Engineer

Garmin International

Software engineer in Marine department on a sonar technical team. Lead software engineer for the Garmin ClearVu 10 (GCV 10) product; responsible for all software aspects of the product from project planning to completion. The size of the GCV 10 software development team varied from 3 to 8 over the life-cycle. Owner of one of two software modules shared among all sonar display capable products.


Software Engineer

QinetiQ North America

Client-facing contractor and member of a cross-organizational team responsible for FAA contracts involving data processing.  Primarily responsible for voice recognition and related software applications.  A project example is automatically recognizing air traffic controller and pilot speech for detection of late or missing clearances.


Speech Recognition Programmer

Boston Museum of Science

Worked as a graduate student at USC on a NSF funded project to construct a Virtual Humans exhibit, "Interfaces", at the Boston Museum of Science in Boston.  Trained and tested multiple iterations of acoustic and language models for speech recognition via the SONIC and SRILM toolkits.  Aided in hardware set-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting for audio acquisition and speech recognition. 


Lab Member

SAIL: University of Southern California

Engineering lab member of the signal analysis and interpretation lab (SAIL) at the University of Southern California.  Work accomplished on Boston Museum of Science exhibit and publication listed below done via membership in the lab.

Jan 2008May 2008

Teaching Assistant

University of Arkansas

Performed teaching assistant role in Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  Taught lab and was lab grader for an undergraduate Programming Foundations in C course.




Involved in phase I of a DARPA SBIR contract to perform feasibility testing of multiple unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems as opposed to single UAV systems.  The work was performed in MATLAB on top of MultiUAV2, a simulation model received from and developed at the Air Force Research Laboratory.

May 2007Aug 2007

SAP Technical Team Programmer


Worked in Global Information Systems Business Division to provide technical services to the global ConocoPhillips network.  Programmed and analyzed ABAP projects needed for production expansion and maintenance.  Programmed software solutions to support data driven business decisions.  Scheduled and executed tasks on shared department servers. 



Continued Learning

Kansas University; Columbia University in NY; Georgia Institute of Technology

Radar and Communications DSP; Microwave Transmission Theory; Big Data Analytics; Digital Signal Processing; Computer Architecture; Machine Learning; Introduction to High Performance Computing


Master of Science

University of Southern California

Graduated from Viterbi School of Engineering with 3.6/4.0 GPA.  Honors included Annenberg Fellowship and selection for membership in the Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory.


Bachelor of Science

University of Arkansas

Graduated Summa cum Laude in the Honors College with 4.0/4.0 GPA.  Honors included Outstanding Senior in Computer Engineering, Presidential Scholar, and First-ranked Scholar in Engineering.


Speech Processing

The primary application area for my capabilities in {machine learning, software development, signal processing}. I have led data collections, used an array of toolkits such as {Sphinx4, SONIC, SRILM, MITLM, HTK, Kaldi} for creation and tuning of speech models to drive speech recognition, built-from-scratch and used 3rd party libraries for speaker diarization, led analyses/experiments/applications driven by speech processing across multiple computing environments (e.g., HPC cluster, big data cluster, single server) and use cases (e.g., batch processing or online decoding).

Machine Learning

Used in support of speech recognition research, experiments, and work applications.

Software Development

Long running professional and academic experience with multiple languages; current and extensive use with JAVA and MATLAB. I have until recently worked extensively in Python and C/C++.

Signal Processing

Used extensively for speech processing experiments to support work at The MITRE Corporation, and in my role at Garmin to handle sonar return data.



"Ada and Grace:  Toward Realistic and Engaging Virtual Museum Guides", co-author, In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA), 2010

“Virtual Museum Guides”, co-author, IEEE Workshop on Spoken Language Technology (SLT), Berkeley, CA, 2010.