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God has given me a passion for encouraging growth within people.  Some of my happiest moments in life have been through preaching and personal teaching.  I love watching the Holy Spirit opening people's eyes to God's truth and know that he has used me to play some part in it.


I believe that God takes great joy every time a lost "sheep" or lost "coin" is found.  I feel a burden for God's mission throughout the local community and the world.

Visionary Leadership

I have been created to think two steps ahead in life.  I am always looking for ways to advance God's kingdom, and I enjoy building the systems to accomplish these goals.  My focus is in self-sustaining ministries and trying to avoid burnout within active members.


My family and I are looking for a ministry opportunity that better utilizes my personal gifts as a leader:  Most notable is the great passion and energy I use in my preaching, administration and personal discipleship.  I am innovative and constantly learning; and I thrive in communities that are eager to adapt.  I feel a great burden for the unchurched next-generations, and I want to join a congregation that is willing to place a disproportionate level of energy into raising them into effective leaders in the kingdom of God.



My favorite and most active part of ministry is preaching.  I continue to hone my craft and learning new styles to help me communicate the Gospel in a relateable way. 

Evangelism Training

In addition to studying several methods of evangelism, I've also served as a trainer for others.  Currently I am a part of the leadership team for Revive Indiana in Jasper County.

Youth Ministry

My work  with youth is my best opportunity to teach in an fun way that tackles the daily issues of the next generation.

Family and Individual Discipleship

I believe that discipleship extends beyond the pew or class room.  A necessary part of training is sharing our daily moments to communicate the importance of our daily walk with God.  This allows me to include my family in work, so my kids can see the value of healthy ministry.

Small Groups and Catechism Teaching

My love for the historic doctrines of God help me to lead others into a deeper faith which which effectively understands and uses the Word of God.

Music Ministry

I have been very active in praise and worship ministry.  Most of my involvement has been bass guitar, guitar, percussion, singing and running the sound equipment.  Recently I've been learning the banjo.

Cross-Cultural Missions

In high school, I served an internship with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  During  Seminary, I went on a trip to East Asia to help teach English and equip leaders in underground churches.

Sexual-Addictions Counseling

In addition to my training in pastoral counseling from seminary, I am leading a support group for men struggling with sexual addictions.

Jail Ministry

In Seminary, I preached once a month at the county jail.


Aug 2012May 2014

Certificate of Candidacy

Calvin Theological Seminary

I received several classes to evaluate and prepare me for the polity and cultural distinctives of the Christian Reformed Church.

Aug 2000May 2004

Bachelors of Science

Kuyper College

Previously known as Reformed Bible College.

Received a major in Pre-Seminary, a major in Bible/Theology, and a minor in Greek.


Work experience

April 2012Present


First Christian Reformed Church in DeMotte

My primary responsibilities are weekly preaching, discipleship, youth ministry and evangelism.  This church has been a positive community for growing my leadership skills.

Sep 2007March 2012



This work has been very satisfying on a relational level.  It has provided me an opportunity to build authentic relationships with a large variety of people from the community and led to many natural opportunities to share the gospel.

Aug 2006Aug 2007

Painting Contractor

Speese Painting

My experience as a painting contractor helps me to understand the daily pressures of a vocation outside of the church.  I was also given an opportunity to practice a steady and continual proclamation of the gospel to my co-workers.

Sep 2004Aug 2006


Integrity Painting

I developed my entrepreneurial through co-founding this company.  I gained experience with administrative and organizational aspects of a business. 

May 2003Aug 2004

Day Manager

Smuggler's Cove

Smuggler's Cove was a miniature golf and go-kart business.  I managed the business, handled the money, supervised the employees.

Sep 2000May 2004

Librarian Assistant

Kuyper College

This job helped support me through college.  A positive side effect is a greater knowledge of Christian resources.

Jun 2002Aug 2002

Conference Supervisor

Corporate McDonalds

I was a part of McDonald's Operations Leadership Conferences.  We traveled across the United States, training store managers.  I managed a quadrant of the expo floor and one of the learning labs.


Dec 2002Present

Evengelistic Trainer

Evengeism Explosion
Jun 2010March 2012

Learning Coach