Kyle Sanford

Kyle Sanford



God has given me a passion for encouraging growth within people.  Some of my happiest moments in life have been through preaching and teaching.  I love watching the Holy Spirit opening people's eyes to God's truth and know that he has used me to play some part in it.


I believe that God takes great joy every time a lost "sheep" or lost "coin" is found.  I feel a burden for God's mission throughout the local community and the world.

Visionary Leadership

I have been created to think two steps ahead in life.  I am always looking for ways to advance God's kingdom, and I enjoy building the systems to accomplish these goals.  My focus is in self-sustaining ministries and trying to avoid burnout within active members.


My wife and I are recent graduates of Covenant Theological Seminary. I believe God has given me gifts and I am eager to use them in ministry. We have a passion for community, and hope to find a church which we can love and share the wonderful news of God's grace.



Small Groups

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Jail Ministry

Once a month I am preaching at the county jail.

Music Ministry

I have been very active in praise and worship ministry.  Most of my involvement has been bass guitar, percussion, singing and running the sound equipment.

Website Development

I have helped to develop and maintain my church's website. You can see it at:


Aug 2000 - May 2004

Bachelors of Science

Kuyper College

Previously known as Reformed Bible College.

Received a major in Pre-Seminary, a major in Bible/Theology, and a minor in Greek.

Work History

Work History
Sep 2007 - Present



This work has been very satisfying on a relational level.  It has provided me an opportunity to know a large quantity and variety of people by name.  I have enjoyed serving people and understanding their needs.

Aug 2006 - Aug 2007

Painting Contractor

Speese Painting

My experience as a painting contractor helps me to understand the daily pressures of a vocation outside of the church.  I was also given an opportunity to practice a steady and continual proclamation of the gospel to my co-workers.

Sep 2004 - Aug 2006


Integrity Painting

I developed my entrepreneurial through co-founding this company.  I gained experience with administrative and organizational aspects of a business. 

May 2003 - Aug 2004

Day Manager

Smuggler's Cove

Smuggler's Cove was a miniature golf and go-kart business.  I managed the business, handled the money, supervised the employees.

Sep 2000 - May 2004

Librarian Assistant

Kuyper College

This job helped support me through college.  A positive side effect is a greater knowledge of Christian resources.

Jun 2002 - Aug 2002

Conference Supervisor

Corporate McDonalds

I was a part of McDonald's Operations Leadership Conferences.  We traveled across the United States, training store managers.  I managed a quadrant of the expo floor and one of the learning labs.


Dec 2002 - Present

Evengelistic Trainer

Evengeism Explosion
Jun 2010 - Present

Learning Coach