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Kyle Jones

Creative and original? Maybe. Let me take your idea and create something amazing with it. My proudest works come from the ideas I catalyze for others. Let me try yours.

Work History


Publications Editor II

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

I must have left an impression because they snatched me up immediately following college graduation. Aside from the many side projects from across the department, I create web graphics, run the internal TV announcements, introduce new (and free) technologies to the communications team to streamline project management, and enjoy free rides to-and-from home on the MTA bus...that’s the real perk to state government.

  • Designed two of the web page templates that were used across the new Tennessee government website.
  • Played a major role in revising and reorganization the website
  • Designed billboards that were displayed in ten major cities across Tennessee


Aspire Media Productions, LLC

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, two talented friends and I combined our specialties to form a video production company. I specialized in recording weddings, graduations, and business solution videos for training or what-have-you. (previously Kyle's Kreations, then Video ADventures, and currently Bear Wallow Film Company)


Video Specialist

North Central Telephone Cooperative (NCTC)

Besides learning the fundamentals of communication and people skills, at age fifteen I developed NCTC's local channel advertisements and local video programming from events around town. Camera work, video editing, and graphic design are my most common tasks.

  • Programmed and maintained system that runs local channels.
  • Trained interns to create the ads for the local channels.
  • Created about 2,300 still-page ads for the local channels in a year.
  • Designed graphics and layout for billboards, phonebooks, website, event booths, certificates, ID badges, and more.
  • Video-recorded live events: Football games, Concerts, Festivals, Seminars, School Plays, Pageants



Honors Diploma

Macon County High School

Clubs: FCA, Beta Club


Graphic Design

How well I think I can use Photoshop, white space, and kerning.


Concept, Shoot, Edit

Event Planning