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In 2009, Kyle Gotshalk founded VSUS Technologies, Inc., where he now serves as Chief Executive Officer and Director. Mr. Gotshalk oversees all daily financial and office administration duties and maintains responsibility for the company’s business and management decisions. Additionally, he ensures compliance with all U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations and directs the company’s management team of advisors and consultants. Kyle Gotshalk plays a key role in developing and expanding VSUS Technologies’ business model and vision. Under Mr. Gotshalk's stewardship, the coal mining and coking corporation has amassed over $70 million in assets since 2009. VSUS Technologies operates its domestic office in Canyon Country, California, and its international branch in Bogota, Colombia. In partnership with university research labs, VSUS Technologies will develop innovative practices and methodologies for capturing coal bed methane gas in a concerted effort to increase productivity and become a more environmentally conscious company. As head of VSUS Technologies, Kyle Gotshalk has brought together a task force that includes geologists, engineers, and industry experts to expand and realize the company’s objectives. He plans to invest in coal and soil testing laboratories in an effort to produce clean coal with a lower sulfur content. Mr. Gotshalk also works to establish VSUS Technologies' own shipping line along the Magdalena River of Colombia. The exportation expansion will enable the company to reach a wider international market in Asia, Europe, and North America. Kyle Gotshalk studied at The University of Montana and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Communications in 1997. In addition to leading VSUS Technologies, Mr. Gotshalk serves as Chief Executive Officer of Commerce Online Inc. and owner of Top Flight Consulting, LLC.

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VSUS Technologies, Inc


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University Of Montana