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Kyle Austin

Copywriter/Content Developer at Kendall College of Art and Design


I am a 28-year old writer and audiophile continuously seeking opportunities to apply my creative energies and communication skills in my community. As someone who has a deep respect for the collaborative processes that bring ideas both big and small to life, I am passionate about working with others to realize a common vision. Whatever that vision may be, it's about giving myself over to the idea and chasing it down. Self-fulfillment in the workplace is very important to me, as is doing work that has a meaningful impact on the world around me. I consider it a distinct privilege to be part of a team of dedicated people who love the work they do. 

Work History

Jan 2009present


Woodshed Recordings

Woodshed Recordings is a home/project recording studio I've been refining since first discovering the world of audio production in 2009. I started by recording my own guitar/bass/drums-based music with a guitar, software, a single mic, and a simple USB audio interface, and have since expanded to a more complex and versatile system suitable for recording multiple performers at once. 

I love to experiment with different techniques and gear, learning the intricacies of engineering, mixing, producing, and composing along the way. I write and record my own music, and also collaborate and record with other Michigan-based songwriters and bands, most notably the Bay City/Saginaw-based trio Barbarossa Brothers, with whom I recorded the Woodshed Sessions EP, featured on WYCE's Local Spins Live. 

Samples of my recorded music can be found at the links below:

Barbarossa Brothers 
Handsome Grandson
Rachael Perretta
Eva Szebelledy

Aug 2013present

Copywriter/Content Developer

Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD)

As a member of the KCAD Communications team and the college's sole copywriter, I develop engaging written content (news/blog articles, press releases, advertisements, promotional materials, event scripts, and more) that communicates the voice, brand, and culture of KCAD across multiple platforms to a variety of audiences. I also collaborate with my team members to create video and graphical content for KCAD's website and social media. To develop such content, I regularly connect with students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community partners to uncover and tell stories that reflect the value and transformative power of creativity. 

I am also a member of a small team that organizes and executes Wege Prize, an international student design competition that stands as one of KCAD's key external initiatives. Along with my team members, I helped develop and work year-round to refine the framework of the competition, which challenges transdisciplinary teams of five college/university students to collaboratively develop solutions to complex global challenges such as homeless and environmental degradation. I also play a lead role in the execution of the competition over a period of several months, maintaining the competition's website, interfacing with participants, and creating written and visual promotional materials. 

Aug 2012May 2015

Contributing Writer


REVUE is an arts and entertainment magazine based in Grand Rapids, MI. After a four-month internship period, during which I wrote feature articles on local and national recording artists, area restaurants, and local arts and entertainment events, I was offered and accepted the opportunity to cover the magazine's Literary Life section. I was responsible for covering the literary happenings of the West Michigan region on a monthly basis, interviewing local, national, and international authors coming to West Michigan and writing feature articles in support of their events. I also periodically covered other assignments, such as a feature piece on Michigan roots music festivals, a profile on Oakland MC Boots Riley and his band The Coup, and a review of Michigan musician Max Lockwood's debut solo alum, Outrider

Jan 2011Sept 2014


Through the 3rd Eye

Through the 3rd Eye is a now-defunct non-profit website that promoted local poetry and provided inspiration and resources to young, developing writers throughout the state of Michigan. The site was founded in 2008  by former Grand Rapids poet laureate Rodney Torreson, and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to join the site's editorial board in 2009. As the site's Editor and Co-Director, I was responsible for generating new site content, overseeing the activities of the writing staff and editing, proofing, and posting all content. In this position of leadership I undertook the task of increasing the site's presence across the social media spectrum while simultaneously heading a group initiative to increase both readership and the volume of unsolicited submissions. In April 2012, I helped represent Through the 3rd Eye at the first annual Grand Rapids Poetry Conference, where members of our editorial board sat in on a discussion panel which explored the role of the internet in a developing poet's career. I also headed a collaboration with the Kent District Library to organize a series of youth poetry workshops.

Oct 2010Jan 2013

Shipping Team Leader


This position gave me valuable practice wielding the powers of teamwork, organization, and communication to ensure that work was completed accurately and on time. As the team leader of a locally-based internet bookseller's shipping department, I gained considerable experience working with people and resources to execute a time-sensitive plan of action on a daily basis. Each day our department had to perform in spite of equipment malfunctions, delivery schedule conflicts, fluctuating order volume, and special customer needs, all while working toward a steady improvement of the company's logistical operations.

Aug 2009Dec 2011

Contributing Writer

Through the 3rd Eye

Through the 3rd Eye is a non-profit website which promotes local poetry and provides inspiration and resources to young, developing writers throughout the state of Michigan. The site was founded in 2008  by former Grand Rapids poet laureate Rodney Torreson. I served on the Through the 3rd Eye editorial board for two years, contributing feature articles, book reviews, style profiles, and interviews.

Aug 2004Sep 2010

Mail Room Staff

Aquinas College

During my four years of undergraduate study,  I worked both part and full time as a customer service representative in the Aquinas College mail room and copy center, where I developed an excellent report with numerous students, faculty members, and staff. Throughout the course of my employment I developed a reputation for being reliable, courteous, cooperative, honest, and detail-oriented.


Aug 2006May 2010


Aquinas College

Graduate with honors: Cum Laude. Served as a member of Lambda Iota Tau, Aquinas College's national literary honor society, from 2009-2010, during which time I was involved with the preparation and publication of the student art and writing publication, Sampler.


Audio Production

I have extensive experience operating Digital Audio Workstations including ProTools and Cakewalk Sonar, as well as hardware including digital and analog mixing consoles, audio interfaces, outboard preamplifiers, and microphones. My skills span the engineering, producing, and mixing aspects of audio production. In terms of musicianship I am mainly a guitar player and singer/songwriter, but dabble in bass, ukulele, and drums as well. 


I have over seven years professional experiences writing across a broad spectrum of media, styles, and tones. 

Personal Communication

My writing work requires me to connect with and understand the stories of individuals through a personal and exploratory interview process. This has led me to develop strong personal communication skills that serve me well in a variety of professional and casual situations. 


Finely tuned editing and proofreading skills honed over the course of my academic and professional careers. Includes thorough knowledge of popular styles including AP, MLA, CHI, and APA. 

Social Media/Internet Marketing

Much of my work experience includes crafting engaging social media content and tracking its reach/effectiveness with a variety of metrics. 

Web Development

In my various positions, I've gained extensive experience using website content management systems including Expression Engine, Joomla, and Drupal. 


Gayle DeBruyn

Gayle is the Chair of both the Collaborative Design and Furniture Design programs at Kendall College of Art and Design, and also serves as the college's Chief Sustainability Officer. I have worked with Gayle for the past three years in organizing and executing KCAD's annual Wege Prize design competition. 

E: [email protected]

P: 616.299.4927

Jill Armstrong

Jill is an independent public relations consultant who I have worked with for the past two years in organizing and executing KCAD's annual Wege Prize design competition. 

E: [email protected]

P: 616.862.5624

Drew Pentkowski

Drew is the singer/lead guitar player for the Bay City/Saginaw-based band, Barbarossa Brothers. I worked with Drew and his bandmates to record, mix, and produce their debut EP, The Woodshed Sessions. 

E: [email protected]

P: 989.295.1699