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Work History


Managing Director

Bearings Online (Pty) Ltd

Online Sales of Bearings and Industrial related products


General Manager

Sprag Components (Pty) Ltd

Five years experience as a General Manager working in the manufacturing and retail industry with experience in product development, marketing, sales and business strategy.
Since being appointed General Manager the organization moved from an unprofitable organization to a profitable one through cost and operations control. The leading reason for this change was the result of successfully designing, developing and implementing a web-browser based intranet system to streamline business processes and move towards lean manufacturing. This system is now an integral part of the organization and controls most operations within the organization.
Planned and negotiated acquisitions of keys suppliers resulting in backward integration.
Experience in online sales and marketing. By creating an affiliate company, of which I am the Managing Director, an online marketing and sales venture, designed to expand the organizations online presence, I have increased the organizations online presence and as a result have increased sales. Thus, resulting in forward integration.


Procurement Manager

Sprag Components CC

Manufacturing and Retail - One Directional Bearings, Sprag Clutches and Backstops


Assistant House Master

St Alban's College

Assisting with College duties on week days, duty weekends, evening duties in Boarding House, afternoon coaching and weekend duties for teams coached, assisting the Director of Academics with administrative duties, assisting at College functions, conferences and sports events



MBA (Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations)

Australian Institute of Business

I completed an MBA to provide an academic component to my managerial experience. By completing the course, I believe that I will be better equipped to provide any organization that I work for a holistic management function. This management role will be in the form of both management experience and academic theory gained from completing an MBA.


Graduate Certificate in Management 

Australian Institute of Business

When completing an MBA at the Australian Institute of Business, after the completion of the first four modules, a Graduate Certificate in Management is obtained.


BA (Human Movement Science)

University of Pretoria

The purpose of studying this degree was to pursue a career in Bio-kinetics. After completion of the degree I elected to rather pursue a career in management. The course content consists of:

  • Exercise science
  • Recreation
  • Sport management
  • Sport science

Total Quality Management

University of South Africa

UNISA's total quality managements course includes:

  • Implementation strategies 
  • Managing organizational change 
  • Implementing TQM and the management of change 
  • Sustaining continuous improvement

UCT Accounting Short Course

University of Cape Town

This highly practical 9-week online short course provides the practical knowledge and skills needed to fulfill a supporting role within the accounts department of any  organization.

Course Scope:

  • The fundamentals of accounting - part 1
  • The fundamentals of accounting - part 2
  • Drafting financial statements - part 1
  • Drafting financial statements - part 2
  • Drafting budgets
  • Measuring and evaluating financial performance
  • Internal control and accounting systems
  • Business tax
  • Credit management and control


UCT Business Systems Analysis 

University of Cape Town

This highly technical 10-week short course provides comprehensive conceptual knowledge and the practical skills needed to model business and system requirements, and perform effective business system analysis within an organization.

Course Scope:

  • Contextualising business systems analysis
  • Analysing the current business system
  • Recommending an alternate business system
  • Eliciting and communicating requirements
  • Preparing to create a business requirements specification
  • Modelling business processes
  • Modelling functional and systems architecture requirements
  • Modelling data and human-system interface design
  • Assuring quality
  • Facilitating change and innovation



Leading Edge

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) are the foundation of web design and development. HTML consists of TAGS that give instructions informing the browser of where to place the text or graphics on the page. CSS dictates the style of the HTML content.


PHP Programming

Leading Edge

PHP is a computer scripting language originally designed for producing dynamic web pages. The name PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

The PHP course teaches the foundations of PHP programming, that will enable candidates to develop dynamic webpages.


Winning Tenders

Corporate Business and Management Training

Open Water SCUBA Instructor


2D Turbo CAD Fundamentals

TurboCAD Training and Support

3D Turbo CAD Training

TurboCAD Training and Support