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I have been a personal assistant/ for several years. I have experience in house hold and office settings. I have experience in many things such as personal training/consulting, driving, organization skills, and communication. I have experience in working with staff as well as driving in all whether conditions. I use my organization, tedious, and diligence to maintain a quality work while being able to multitask. I am very hands on and have developed my skills over the years to becoming proficient in my strengths.

Work experience


Marketing Development Representative


DigitalMarketer is a e-learning company that has created guides, certifications, and education materials to help individuals as well as teams become smarter, more efficient online marketers. Growing small businesses and helping our companies partners succeed is our focus.

My duties include and are not limited to:

-On the front end of scheduling calls and corresponding emails to ensure customer touches are timely and efficient

-Provide marketing consulting to directers of marketing and CEO's for greater success

-Assist in fitting our products to each business owner to ensure the saving of time and money

-Assess all certified partner requests to ensure that the partner program is the right program for their companies growth as well as DigitalMarketer's

-Travel to represent DigitalMarketer at events as well as in office

Nov 2012Dec 2015


Keith Buchanan

Keith Buchanan is an established real estate agent selling high end properties and or land for building new houses in the Naples Fl area. He doubles as an interior designer for his high end clients, decorating and setting up the entire home as needed for clients.

My duties included and were not limited to:

-Handling scheduling on the daily for Mr. Buchanan

-Answering phone calls and delegating emails to aid in the construction of his deals

-With my experience in digital marketing I was able to consult Keith and even clients on occasion with strategy and direction

-I handled all driving of clients from location to location while also providing security and safety while on site

-During design projects I would help with the staff and team members to ensure that the jobs had been completed on time and within the expectations of the clients

-For Mr. Buchanan's travel, I would handle all organization as it pertained to his personal belongings to ensure a satisfactory trip

-Laundry, running errands, cleaning as well as many other house hold duties


Personal Trainer

Reflections personal training

Reflections personal training was my brain child and passion upon moving to Florida. I established this company to help individuals become the best version of themselves.

My duties included and were not limited to:

-Maintained a book of clients that I would meet with and provide them with guided workouts, yoga and consultations.

-I handled the advertising, scheduling of clients as well as driving from location to location in a safe and timely manor.

-Provided a non judgmental, safe environment for all clients

-Maintain a positive attitude and focus


Personal Assistant/Valet/Houseman

Richard Gonzales 

Richard Gonzales is a respected estate manager and registered nurse. Starting a business that included several houses that housed respected elderly members of the community.

My Duties included and were not limited to:

-Organizing rooms and office space

-Driving Richard and clients from location to location

-Handling social media, emails, phone calls and scheduling for Mr. Gonzales

-Assisting in any work that needed to be done in or around the home by communicating with staff to ensure proper work completion.

-Laundry, running errands, cleaning as well as many other house hold duties


Dec 2015Dec 2017

American Heart Association

CPR/AED First aid

Certified Personal Trainer



Cuyahoga Community College