Kyle Huerta

  • Los Angeles CA

Production/Production Assistant

Work experience

Work experience

Production Task

Celebrity Apprentice/ NBC

Production Assistant

Catwalk Productions/ 25/7


Production Assistant

Production Assistant/Pictish Productions

Pilot/production Assistant/catwalk

Untitled Pilot/Production Assistant/Catwalk

Production Assistant/storage

Entertainment/The Cooking Channel.
Production Assistant/Storage Wars/Original
Mar 2015 - May 2015

Production Assistant

High Noon Entertainment.
Production Assistant/The Briefcase/25/7 Productions aired on CBS.
Jul 2014 - Jul 2014

Production Assistant

Trip Flip Reality TV
Production Assistant
2012 - 2014

Production Assistant

Ferrari Productions

Production Assistant, tasked with duties of lighting, Camera Set-up, Dealing with clients and doing multiple runs, for various Commercials.


2012 - 2013


Film Connection

A trade school based on a full detailed course including film history, filmmaking etc. You are then paired with a Professional Director and get hands on experience on real sets with real clients.