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Middle Tennessee State University

May 2014

Bachelor of Science in Electro-Mechanical Engineering - BSEMET

Studied the integration of electricity and mechanical devices to perform tasks associated with manufacturing and the performance of services.


Hackaroo Competition

  • Competed and received third place in 24-hour hack-a-thon sponsored by Bonnaroo
  • Bonnaroo participants would have a spin class where they could charge their cell phones
  • Received 30 business augmentation days with The Thinkery in Nashville, TN

The Tennessean

  • Article published regarding Hackaroo competition and future possibilities

MTSU OnTheRecord

  • Interviewed by MTSU's radio station On The Record 89.5 FM about senior project and Hackaroo competition



Motoman Robot

ABB Robot




3D Printing


Workshop Equipment


AC/DC Theory

Circuit Design

Testing Equipment

2D/3D Design








Data Backup


Shipping and Receiving

Inventory Management




Work experience

Universal Robotics

Jul 2015Present

Electromechanical Engineer

  • Contributes to the design, fabrication, and installation projects, applications, and systems
  • Compiles test data, research and development, and documentation of software and hardware
  • Initiated and integrated an inventory management protocol for tools, hardware, and materials
  • Assimilates shipment conventions and logistics for project deliverables to customers


May 2011Mar 2015


  • Skilled in mixing, garnishing and serving drinks while keeping within specifications
  • Assisted guests in selecting menu items based on their personal needs
  • Excellent track record of taking and delivering orders in a timely manner
  • Delegated critical tasks for employees to maintain fluent operation of restaurant

Consumer Depot

May 2008May 2009

Customer Support/Sales

  • Performed diagnostics and troubleshooting electronics to determine the best solution
  • Tested voltage, resistance, and phase angle in circuits using voltmeters, ammeters, and phase rotation indicators
  • Researched and implemented range of technologies to perform service within specifications of manufacturer
  • Installed, disassembled, repaired, and replaced variety of consumer products

Dell Computers

Dec 2004Sep 2005


  • Utilized numerous tools within strict specifications guaranteeing product satisfaction
  • Installed major PC components and conducted tests to identify potential issues
  • Trained in the use of PPE and MSDS providing safest possible work environment


Bicycle Powered Generator - Senior Design Project (1/2014 – 5/2014)

  • Redesigned a PC fan in order to act as a generator when an outside force causes rotation
  • Transfered energy to a microprocessor (Parallax Basic Stamp and Raspberry Pi), Garmin GPS, and Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Designed and assembled full-wave rectifying circuit and voltage regulating circuit to convert output voltage of generator from AC to 5V DC
  • Created mounting system to attach generator to bicycle wheel in an economic and minimalistic fashion
  • Performed numerous experiments, tests, and simulations using MultiSim and LabView to gain statistical data relating to the performance and capabilities of the bicycle powered generator so future endeavors may be pursued

Self-Sustained Plant Growing System

  • Sealed and controlled environment where plant can be monitored and cared for automatically in a container with CFL bulbs for lighting and dual PC fans for ventilation
  • Enabled Parallax microcontroller along with SHT11 sensor and LCD to display temperature and humidity
  • Plans to implement Raspberry Pi to receive data from Parallax microcontroller and create web-based interface for monitoring and automatic control of system
  • Watering controlled by solenoid connected to water reservoir which will activate when humidity is too low or temperature is too high

Disc Golf LED

  • Simple battery-powered LED that attaches to disc
  • Weather-resistant housing to protect circuitry from elements
  • Lightweight design allows minimal effect to aerodynamics of disc flight
  • Cost-effective components
  • Aids in finding lost discs while playing in low-light conditions

Automated Window Blinds - Current Project

  • Microprocessor controlled step motor with mount to open and close blinds based on time and/or lighting conditions
  • 3D printed mount for attaching to blind rod
  • Step motor for rotating mount in specific increments to prevent damaging blinds or mount
  • Photodiode to sense light for automation
  • Plans to add "clap" detection to blinds enabling them to be opened or closed