Work History

Work History
Sep 2010 - Present

Executive Director

Rimax Research

Responsible for the strategy, operations and business development of Rimax Research. Forged strategic alliances and insured the proper balance of all operational components. Responsible for BD, coordinate Sales, Marketing, IT, Logistics, HR among other duties.

Sep 2006 - Aug 2010

Medical Service Manager

Chesapeake Occupational Health Services

Leads development of business strategy and coordination of marketing initiatives for company medical services, including brand creation and client sales.In addition, handles IT administration, data privacy and security, HR and Financial reporting.Aggressive promotion led to 38% in revenue first year and steady growth thereafter. As part of the same group of companies I worked as Health Service Manager for Diamond T&F for 3 years starting september 2006. In this capacity I started up and developed the health service division.Formulated and directed all marketing activities and policies; identifying and implementing strategy to promote products and services.

May 2003 - Apr 2006

Sales/Marketing Manager

Montero Group

Co-Founded firm and developed annual sales from 0 to multiM EUR.Held responsibility for sales, marketing, financials, logistics, IT, strategy and administration.Forged strategic alliance with Farmacom SA and founded several satellite enterprises Helios Medical Dental, Drosera Pharma ( Pharmacy), Farmedia ( Pharma, Medical IT), Varium Distribution (Cosmetics), Eurovital.

Jun 2002 - May 2003

Marketing Manager

Europharm Holding (a GSK company)

Managed advertising/media relationships and regional campaigns in pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products.Oversaw marketing budget of 1M EUR, achieving 15% sales growth.

Sep 1996 - Jul 1998

Medical Technical Representative

Glaxo Wellcome

Conducted sales and promoted medical awareness of GSK products.Worked with medical dept to advance research and with marketing group to create flyers.Achieved sales results over 200% of target.


Sep 1988 - Feb 1995

Medical Doctor

University of Medicine



Business Developer

Started several businesses and bought them to Million $ revenues. At one point, coordinating 7 businesses , all successful.

HR, Recruiting, Training

Certified trainer, performed hundreds of trainings ( The Pentagon, National Guard, Healthcare providers...) ADP payroll training and advanced user,  successful recruiter for basic and mid management positions.

IT Skills

Web design and administration, HTML, data protection, HIPAA compliance, remote access, network

Accounting, Financial, Budgeting

Business development budgeting, accurate forecasting, data analysis, QuickBooks advanced user. Cash management, bank reconciliations, A/P, A/R

Marketing Management

Marketing Management in pharmaceuticals, medical, healthcare, IT for both products and services. Product launch, media, digital marketing, advertising.

Sales Management

In small and large companies in Europe and USA



A results driven sales and marketing professional with an extensive international track record of developing healthcare related business operations, finding new revenue streams and building effective systems that support growth and provide stakeholder value.

Medically trained and certified, brings a unique blend of technical and strategic business development expertise.Entrepreneurially minded and corporately savvy, has motivated cross-functional teams to higher performance while holding P&L responsibility in both small and multinational enterprises throughout Europe and the North America.Strategic planner, persuasive bilingual communicator and innovator who enhances internal efficiencies while transforming complex plans into actionable gain. Collaborates across boundaries, inspires respect and trust.


Looking for a mid management position in a developing business, where initiative is encouraged, results are appreciated.

I need to prove results first, so I am willing to take any challenges that could lead to a long term collaboration.

Areas of interest:

Pharmaceutical, Medical, Dental, Biotechnology,

IT, Medical Data, Electronic Records,

Health and safety, Occupational Health, Clinic coordination

Recommendations are available by request.


Soccer, Piano, Guitar, Family Time, Traveling



A huge list of certifications attached

Private and Governmental entities



Dan Kane

“I can without hesitation recommend Mihai's (Mike) work. Mihai has exceptional character! I'm still impressed as to how he was able to turnaround a dying acquisition...pretty exceptional considering the complexities of the various laws and regulations that applied to his business unit. He took control and made sure the I's were dotted and T's were crossed. Mihai navigated all this with relative ease and without becoming a burden or distraction to those around him. In fact, the people around him raised to a new level of productivity and professionalism...a credit to his character and managerial skills. Mihai has the ability to breakdown, understand and communicate complex subjects. He's very insightful and a joy to work with...I can honestly say I'm a better manager because of him!” August 16, 2010

Dan Kane , Director of Safety Services, Diamond Tool managed Mihai indirectly at Diamond T & F

Ed Kelley

I have never worked with anyone who communicated more fully, efficiently, and more important effectively than Mr. Csaki. He is a results driven leader with long term vision and the capability to turn any plan into measurable gain, providing shareholder value.

His medical background and training puts him at an advantage while handling any business in the medical related fields. Still his real strengths lie in the ability to think and process information so as to set a clear and best direction for an operation. Medical or not, his marketing and management skills will put him well ahead of others he will compete with in any industry. Of this I am sure.

Edward F. Kelley

President COHS Inc.

Radu I Tudorache

Dr. Mike Csaki is one of the founders of Montero Grup SRL. In his management capabilities he was an exemplary employee and manager building his territory from zero sales to a multi-million EUR operation and a 3% of the country's total market at that point. His sales and marketing initiatives resulted in double digit annual growth.

Radu Ioan Tudorache Director of the Board at Montero Grup