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Professional Summary

I am a diligent well informed worker that puts work above anything else. In the couple of year of work I have created a very work driven state of mind. While at work this allows me to be the best I can at any time.


Joint Technical Education District Medical Assistant program


High School diploma

Canyon Del Oro High School


Technology skills

capable of performing advanced technological computer skills and Electronic Medical records


capable of performing and identifying abnormalities of an EKG


capable of obtaining complete and accurate urinalysis testing

Glucose screening/ Hematocrit testing

Capable of Glucose testing and Hematocrit testing

Wound, Throat and blood cultures

capable of obtaining samples of open wounds and throat culture for Rapid Strep testing. Also Capable of obtaining Blood samples according to correct standards

Suture placement and removal

capable of placement and removal of sutures


Capable of performing Intramuscular (IM) Intradermal (ID) and subcutaneous (SQ) injections


Certified Medical Assistant

National Healthcare Association

HIPPA Training

CPR certified

American Heart Assciation