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Highly motivated, my approach to life and work is to seek constant positive improvement in every aspect.  I possess strong writing, communicating, social and creative skills.  In addition to these skills, my hunger for knowledge has made me an excellent researcher and seeker of facts.  

My aim is to acquire a position in marketing  where I can fully apply my abilities, perfect them and also learn new ones in order to improve the status of the organization that I am hired by.  

Work experience

Cuello's Store

Cuello's Store company is owned by Entrepreneurial brothers and partners, Romel Cuello and Rene Cuello.  They currently own two stores that sell Mexican imports in the country of Belize, one in Orange Walk Town and one in Belize City.  They also own a Purified Water Bottling plant as well as Ice Factory in the town of Orange Walk.  

Warehouse Manager, Cashier, Clerk, Branch Manager

Cuello's Store

This is my family's business in which I practically grew up in.  I have obtained most of my business experience from working here; having a family owned business means you are at work almost 24/7, 7 days a week.  Being a family member means my attention in the workplace is needed in almost every department, therefore my position in the workplace keeps changing making me a very versatile individual.

Sep 2006Dec 2006

Account Reconciliations Clerk

International Processing Services Limited

This is the company where I experienced what it was like to work for somebody else.  Surprisingly, I did not have much trouble getting accustomed to the environment; I guess this is where I discovered just how versatile I can be.  Even though I only worked for about 3 months, I learnt whole lot about what it was like to be in somebody else's shoes who had very little authority in an organization.  


Aug 2009Present

Bachelor of Science

Murray State University

After graduating from the University of Belize and working for the family business for about 2 years, I realized that my hunger for knowledge had increased.  Even though my interest was still in Business, my focus had changed to the marketing aspect of it.  Yes, I did my research on it during my time at work but I wanted more and decided to return to college. This time, however, I wanted a whole new experience not just lectures and text reading.  My experiences in MSU so far have been very enlightening and fruitful, not only have I found what my specialty is in business but I have also upgraded to whole new level of maturity and responsibility.      

Jan 2004Dec 2006

Bachelor of Science in Business

University of Belize

Being raised in a "business family", I aimed to learn as much as I could about conducting a business in my country by attending the local University.  During my last semester at the University of Belize, I found a new respect for working full time at somebody else's organization since part of the graduation requirements was to work as an intern.  The knowledge I acquired from the lectures and experiences at the University of Belize allowed me to bring new ideas to my family's business.  

Marketing Portfolio



Internet Research
Use of Computer Information Systems
One of my other positions in my family workplace was being the unofficial Information Technology person; whatever technology issues the business faced had to be solved by myself.  At first I did my own personal research to learn how to solve these problems then I took some classes in Murray State University that also contributed to these skills.