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Work experience

Paradise Resort and Marina

I deal with any maintence issues along with the upkeep of the grounds and clients.



I dealt with customer service and again, the unloading of merchandise.  Also, I was involved in the packaging of the merchandise.


Hobby Lobby

Started off unloading trucks filled with merchandise.  I also was involved with customer service and stocking.  After a few months, I transfered to the frame shop and became one of our framers.  I cut glass, added backing, the whole nine yards.

Facilities specialist

Prince of Peace Catholic Church

Basically, I did maintance. I also dealt with the upkeep of the grounds and property.


Aug 2010Present

Murray State


My objective in any job I encounter is to do my best, to achieve our goals, and to succeed.    You're only as strong as your weakest link!


My name is Jason Wilson.  I'm hard working, determinded, persistant, and like to think I'm creative.  I get the job done, bring a different and unique perspective to the job, and I see things through.


I enjoy the hands on approach, and I'm very visual.  I like jobs where I can see progress.  I do not see myself sitting 9-5 in an office.  I like to attack things head on, meet them face to face, and achieve goals I set out for myself and my company.