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As a recent graduate of Wichita State University, with a Master's in Social Work, I desire to find a position that would allow me the chance to incorporate my master's education and all undergrad degrees. My internships have both had a strong background and focus within the criminal justice field. I am interested in a position that will still allow for the criminal justice aspect, but also with a focus in social work or social services. I have additional degrees in psychology, criminal justice, and sociology. All 4 of these areas combined have given me the resources, skills, knowledge, and training necessary to fulfill any career expectation.

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Data Conversion Operator (DCO)

United States Postal Service
  • Manual electronic entry of letters, packages, and parcels.
  • Weekly evaluations on error rate, speed, and mail volume keyed.
  • Recognition for at least 5% increase on personal productivity.
  • Rank of no. 8 in terms of efficiency, speed, and productivity out of 1100+ employees 3rd fiscal quarter, February 2011-May 2011.
  • Rank of no. 15 in terms of efficiency, speed, and productivity out of 1100+ employees 4th fiscal quarter, June 2011-August 2011.
  • Rank of no. 94 in terms of efficiency, speed, and productivity out of 991 employees 1st fiscal quarter, September 2011-December 2011.
  • Rank of no. 52 in terms of efficiency, speed, and productivity out of 917 employees 2nd fiscal quarter, January 2012-March 2012.
Jun 2011Jun 2012


Behavioral Interventions, Inc.
  • Become familiar with local and city ordinances and laws.
  • Identify treatment groups offered to clients within the program.
  • Assist case managers with paperwork and case notes.
  • Learn and utilize company software to accurately document client activity, group assignments, and violations.
  • Meet with city officials to discuss client progress within BI program.
  • Assist case managers with conducting and scoring LSI-R's.
  • Attend any training offered to case managers.
  • Complete on-line training within BI.
  • Identify and utilize various assessment tools for new and current clients within an individual treatment program.
  • Create a policy for paperwork organization.
  • Locate and note local social support agencies for clients.
  • Assess, evaluate, and create a behavioral change plan for a new client, including case management.
Aug 2009May 2010


Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC)
  • Familiarize self with local, county, and state laws and ordinances. 
  • Participate in co-facilitated group for incarcerated inmates working on strengthening relationships with family and friends.
  • Assist parole officers and other corrections staff with paperwork, client contacts at home, work, and in the office.
  • Properly and thoroughly document any client interaction.
  • Identify barriers newly released offenders experience upon release from a correctional facility.
  • Visit several correctional facilities in Kansas and become familiar with the various populations within, services and programs provided, and assist with re-entry tasks for both staff and inmates.
  • Assist KDOC staff in various inmate-led groups regarding parenting, education/vocation, and family relationships.
  • Become familiar with local, county, and state policies and procedures related to corrections, re-entry services, and other social services agencies.
  • Attend and complete training for “Thinking for a Change” (T4C), an evidence-based educational course focusing on
  • thinking patterns, beliefs, and conflict-resolution skills.
Oct 2009Jan 2010

Point of Sale Associate

  • Provide excellent customer service as set forth by company.
  • Assist customers with purchases, exchanges, and complaints/concerns.
  • Become aware of potential loss prevention criminal methods.
  • Assist with organizing inventory when necessary.
  • Encouraging customers to apply for new lines of department store credit.
Oct 2007Sep 2009

Corrections Officer

Judge Riddel Boys' Ranch
  • Maintain the safety and security of up to 49 male juvenile residents.
  • Keep written records of all activities performed between staff and residents.
  • Attend any training relevant to the position and facility once a month
  • Focus on conflict resolution, customer service, and solutions among residents.
  • Participate in various activities with residents as required by the position.
  • Complete First Aid/CPR training.
  • Complete MAB (Managing Aggressive Behavior) and ART (Aggression Replacement Therapy); methods used with juvenile offenders in regards to physical restraint and aggression intervention.
  • Provide written statements to local law enforcement in regards to any illegal activity regarding residents.
  • Uphold county and departmental code of ethics.
  • Assist supervisor when necessary in regards to AWOL residents from facility.
  • Report to counseling and corrections staff in monitoring and observation of various residents.
Oct 2006Oct 2007

Customer Service Rep

Dean & DeLuca
  • Achieved highest individual revenue, ($132,000), for call center during the months of November and December 2006.
  • Resolved customer inquiries via e-mail regarding orders, payment information, billing/shipping, comments and complaints.
  • Oversaw the production of new company customer service and employee manual.
  • Trained a total of 14 seasonal employees for the 2006 holiday season in customer service via internet, postal mail, fax, phone, and e-mail.
  • Monitored employee incoming customer service calls to check for required scripting, sales suggestions, and overall service given.
  • Participated in all company product knowledge (training of food and wine)
  • Created training documents and quizzes for trainers and employees.
  • Distributed a weekly list of training DVD’s over customer service to watch to employees and junior management staff.
  • Uphold company mission statement of Dean and DeLuca as the preeminent purveyor of fine foods, kitchenware, and wine from around the globe.



Adrienne Kisner

Amoretta Linder

Kristen Swan

Ryan Meyer


Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Outlook
Typing and 10-key touch
Typing at 60WPM 10-key touch at 7100KPH  


Environmental Strategies for Prevention

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

Depression (Symptoms and Signs)

Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) and Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program

Medication Administration Online Training

Children's Alliance of Kansas

ABCs of Bullying: Addressing, Blocking, and Curbing School Aggression

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention