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Work experience

Aug 2006Present



Golfmart is a retail store in Paducah Kentucky that has been in business for almost 30 years.  They specializes in golf equipment that varies from high end new equipment to low end used merchandise.  I was employed in 2006 and have been working there since.  I started as just an assistant that helped clean and organize, but quickly worked my way out to the sales floor and now I do everything from sales, running the register, cleaning, organizing, and some club fittings.

Aug 2011Present

I-Racer Intern

Murray State University Athletic Marketing Department

I am an intern for the athletic marketing department for Murray State University.  I help with small tasks to make the Marketing Assistant and Director of Marketing's lives a little easier.  I assist with marketing and promotions for our major sports; soccer, volleyball, football, men's and woman's basketball.  I also have started creating some marketing plans for our baseball games this spring.



Customer Relations
Working in sales for about 6 years has given me a vast amount of experience in dealing with customers and the public in general.  Also now working for the marketing and promotions department for Murray State has given me more opportunities to work with a different public.  I am able to competently answer general sports related questions and help with any concerns regarding Murray State athletics.
Computer knowledge
I have taken several courses dealing with all aspects of computer and technology.  I am very proficient with all aspects of Mircosoft Office, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access.
Golf club fitting
In my latest years of working at Golfmart I was taught how to accuratley fit a customer to what golf equipment fits their game the best.  I am able to determine if the equipment needs to be more upright or more flat, and longer or shorter.  Also new technology uses computer programs and a series of numbers to determine what works best for each particular customer.  I was taught how to use this program which advanced my club fitting and computer skills.
I have been a salesman at Golfmart for about 5 years.  I am able to competently assist customers in finding any merchandise they are looking for, and also give accurate advise in what equipment would suit them best based on skill, preference, or budget.  Also working in sales has helped me develop my speaking and public relations skills.

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