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Work experience

May 2004Present

Office Assistant

Universal Technologies Inc

I work at UTI part time during the Summer.

Currently I am working to help promote the company more through Marketing.

I also help out in the office by doing:

-Paying Bills





-Cleaning and organizing office

-Answering the phone

-Assisting Customers

-Running Errands

- & making deliveries

Nov 2010Present

Customer Service Representative

CA Jones Management, LLC

I currently work for is one of several companies that CA Jones Management, LLC owns. I am working in the Customer service department. I answer calls from customers calling in from across the United States. I can help them place orders, track shipments, update information, request refunds and research orders and books. Another job duty is reading. researching and answering emails. I also have experience within the accounting and refund departments for CBR.

Aug 2007Dec 2010

Student Worker

Murray State University

I assist all professors within the department of Management, Marketing and Business Administration.

I take the time to make any desired copies, grade any papers and deliver anything necessary around MSU's campus. I have also been asked  to assist professors with computer and technology tasks such as: Excel, webmail, google search engines, word, power point, and using hard drives.

Sometimes I am able to be more creative and create formal flyers, letters, brochures and other print outs to post around the College of Business or MSU.



I love spending time with my family. We live on the lake so boating during the summer is a must! :)

I have a niece that is 1 year old and she is MY life! I would spend 24/7 with her! I also have 2 nephews on the way and can't wait to spoil them!

A passion of mine is photography. I love taking pictures of the family, friends, decorations, vacation spots, etc. I will then journal with them and display throughout my house and in scrapbooks.

I also love to spend time with my grandparents. They live about an hour away and I try to make a trip monthly down there to visit, catch up and have dinner with them. I also talk to my grandmother on a daily basis! She was always like a 2nd mother to me! After 83 years of life I seek her knowledge for everything! I used to live a mile away from them and would spend every afternoon with them!

Traveling is another passion of mine. My family has traveled outside of the country numerous times, I also went on a study abroad trip through 5 countries in Europe. Seeing the world is the "real" lesson. Its the things you see, feel and learn in the real world that gives you the knowledge you have today.


Sheila Bourland

Steve Dublin



I am seeking a Marketing position. Meeting new people, creating bulletin boards, scrapbooks, taking pictures, writing news paper articles, creating flyers, brochures and using socal media is what I love. I completed my Marketing degree in three in a half years so that I could get out in the world and get hands on experience.


Microsoft Excel
I have used Excel several times in the past, especially for charts and graphs. I took and Excel and Access class last fall that taught me a lot about the program and all the things you can do with it.
Power Point
I love to creat power points, I have used Power Point presentations numerous times in schoo. I have also used them for personal use as persuasion pieces to family members and friends or just to display pictures. Adding effects, music and pictures really help the presentation come alive.