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Family is primary. Reading. Travel. Golf, 10 handicap,  Racquetball, health and fitness workouts.


Kenneth W. Stephan has provided comprehensive financial planning services to a select group of clientele. I work with professionals that have a commitment to innovative financial planning strategies and quality products and services. Client's meet with me on a continual basis througout the calendar year. Each client has preset appointments during the year, providing them with the comfort of one on one meetings.  Each client meeting has an objective and a goal to be accomplished and permits the opportunity for an open and honest discussion concerning their investments and opportunities that may be available at this point in the economic cycle. An Update of their portfolio is reviewed as well as revisions are explored as the goals and objectives change. 

My firm and I are an independent financial planning company that provides comprehensive financial services, tax planning and estate planning. I provide a complete aray of investments to my clients and business owners. Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Preferred stocks, Limited and private partnerships, Life Insurance products: fixed and variable, municipal bonds, exchange traded funds, Long term care policies, Health Insurance Policies and Tax credit programs.I have the highest integrity and committment for my clients. I have structured and maintain constant contact with each client; the priority has always been excellent service and structured financial plans for the individual and their family.  My reputation in the financial planning profession is exemplary.  My client's trust me implicitly through proven honesty and truth thoughout the 15 years of client/financial planner relationships. All of my client's come through a strong referral by existing clients.

Work experience

Jan 1999Present

Registered Financial Planner, RFC

The Equity Advisor Group, Inc.

In 2000, I continued to strive for new challenges. I was offered a position as a Registered Financial Consultant with The Equity Advisor Group, Inc., Murrysvile, Pennsylvania.  I now serve as a director on the board of The Equity Advisor Group.The Equity Advisor Group provides comprehensive financial planning services to a select group of clientele. The Equity Advisor Group is composed of established professionals with a commitment to innovative financial planning strategies and quality products and services. The Equity Advisor Group is an independent financial planning organization providing comprehensive financial services, tax planning and estate planning.I am registered as an agent of Mutual Service Corporation, Inc. and offers securities through MSC, Inc. a member of the NASD/SIPC. I hold the following licenses: National Association Securities Dealers Series 7, Pennsylvania State Life, Health and Accident Insurance and is a Pennsylvania Registered Investment Advisor, as well as Long Tern Care Representative. I am designated as a Registered Financial Consultant with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, Inc. The Equity Advisor Group is a member of the Monroeville Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau of Western Pennsylvania.WEB PAGE Additional Biography www.kwstephan.comEMAIL [email protected]

Jan 1999Present

Registered Financial Planner, RFC

The Equity Advisors Group, Inc.
  • 1995 began employment with Beaconsfield Financial Services, Broker/Dealer.
  • 1999 Requested to join the Equity Advisor Group, Inc. independent Financial Planning Firm as a Registered Investment Representative. Controlling retirement planning for individuals and business owners.Controlled all investment decisions. Stocks, mutual funds, exchanged traded fund, bonds, preferred stocks, municipal bonds, annuities both fixed and variable limited partnerships and public partnerships, tax credit programs and life insurance products.
  • Manages over $20 million US dollars of individual investment accounts. Built and attain client base of over 265 individual clients. Taxation and Estate planning services provided as an Independent financial planner.
  • 1999 Appointed member of the Equity Advisor Group, Inc. Board of Directors. Overseeing long term planning and daily operations of the firms activities.
  1. 1998 Appointed Councilman for White Oak Borough through unanimous vote.  Appointed Chariman of sewage and water committee immediatly after joining the Council.  Oversaw budgetary issues, employee and union rules and regulations. Billing and taxation of programs. Took lead on loan program through State of Pa. in order to procur water and sewage line construction for an area of White Oak borough residents.  Wrote the proposal as well as provided oversight of the entire project until complete. Project completed in 2000.
  2. 1999 Elected to four year term White Oak Borough, local community of 10,000 residents.
  3. 1999-2003 appointed Director of Finance Board for White Oak Borough. As Chaiman of the finance committee I was resposible for all budgetary issues concerning the Municipality. Attended all council meetings monthly as well as committee meetings through out my tenure.
  4. Capital Improvement funding and budgetary issues.
  5. Municipal investments and policies. State and Federal rules and regulations expert. Pension fund balanced each year during my oversight.
  6. Parks and recreation budget. 
  7. Water and Sewage authority as bond issuers for infrastructure improvements.
  8. Street and Maintenance department budgets.
  9. Police budgetary issues. Worked closely with police department through a state funded program in order to hire additional police officers. Project completed in 2001.
  10. Personal and Business taxation budgets.  Was instrumental in a pro active tax reduction for the business priveledge/mercantile tax participants and business owners.  Wrote the proposal and passed legislation by unanimous vote in 2001 for a business tax reduction. This promoted business growth and increased tax revenues for the Borough of White Oak in years 2002 and beyond. 
  • Elected President of Republican Committee 2002.  Was responsible for the managing of directors of all officers  for procurring candidates and overseeing the election processes through the primaries and general elections for nominated council members as well as other elected official positions.
Oct 2009Present

President Romania

International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, IARFC

A first for Eastern Europe. I am presently the President of the IARFC, Romania. Structuring the IARFC financial designation througout Romania. Working with universities and colleges in order to offer to financial employees and individuals the opportunity to enter the classroom for professional instruction in financial planning. The candidates will ultimately sit and complete the  final exam in order to certifiy the RFC designation.

Creating a solid organization with a national presence in order to grow the weath of individuals as well as the country on an international scope. This requires the coordination with government entities as well as corporate Romania.

Jun 1979Nov 1994


K.W. Stephan News Distributorship

At graduation from Thiel College, at the age of 21, I was offered an opportunity to purchase a sole proprietorship of Watson News Agency. I became Proprietor and manager of the daily newspaper Distribution company.  Managed over 89 newspaper carriers in the White Oak, North Huntingdon, N.Versailles and Mckeesport areas.  Including 30 plus store outlets.  Controlled the employment and hiring of carriers as well as 5 direct employees. Owned and operated 3 vehicles for the transportation of product to each carrier and outlets seven days per week. Controlled all billing and account recievables, payables to the vendors as well as all accounting and investments for the company.  Contracts with the Pittsburgh Press Company, a Scripps Howard Product, The Mckeesport Daily News and The Tribune Review Company. Sold the company to an employee in 1996. 

May 1975May 1979


Gilbert Lumber Co.

Building materials salesman to contractors and homeowners



Sep 1975May 1979


I am registered as an agent of Mutual Service Corporation, Inc. and offers securities through MSC, Inc. a member of the NASD/SIPC. I hold the following licenses: FINRA Series 7 securities license, Pennsylvania State Life, Health and Accident Insurance and is a Pennsylvania Registered Investment Advisor, as well as Long Tern Care Representative.

I am designated as a Registered Financial Consultant with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, Inc., IARFC. 

I continue education in the financial planning profession annually through continuing education classes, seminar attendance as well as conferences.  

Sep 1973Jun 1975

Liberal Arts Progran. Academic

McKeesport High School

Member of Student Council. Member of Varsity Baseball team. Member of the Junior Varsity Basketball team. Committee member for homecoming. Committee member for prom.  Committe member for senior council.


Have proven my talents to speak in front of audiences of 100 or more. I have spoken in front of large audiences for the past 8 years. My talents include delivery of speaches to a wide variety of topics including finance, investments and the economy.  Whether it is one on one or in front of a large audiance, I can motivate and educate my collegues and piers as well as clients and customers. Have participated in thousands of client meetings throughout the years. These are typically unique in there nature. Every client is financially different and their goals and objectives are defined separately.  Each meeting is generally 1-2 hours long. Preparation for these meetings involves many hours of research and comparison of modules and historical data as well as analytical analysis.  The client and I will have a discussion of many topics of concern. Professional behavior is primary as well as a determination to Identify the problem, prepare a solution using computer modules, Windows XP, Excell Spreadsheets, and security software programs and research, then to strategize and use professional business explanations for a proven result that is sound and satisfactory to the client.   Literary talents have through the years been exemplary and professionally oriented to business writing of proposals and udates to financial plans.  I have been published in national and international financial magazines. Articles are included for your convenience.  See above reference. 
Registered Investment Advisor
Fifteen years as a FINRA registered invesment advisor. Managing individual clients as well as small and medium sized businesses.  Utilizing financial products and individual equitites. Estate planning Retirement planning Pension funds, 401K's planning Tax planning   Public speaking on the platform of financial planning and the economy.   Coaching business owners. Motivation skills.             Instituting business plans.  Starting new businesses. Creating a platform for growth.              Monitoring the growth patterns and consistently revising objectives and goals.