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After working in residential treatment centers for nine years and starting a master's degree to become a Community Counselor I reflected on my experiences with clients with regards to their relationships- those who had their family and community involved seemed to have more success. It was around this time that I was introduced to Systemic Thinking, which perfectly matched my world-view of relationships being the key to problems and healing from those problems. I thought of the many people I had worked with in Alaska whose greatest pain and joy came in association to connections with family, community, and systems of culture. This conviction in the power of relationships grew so strong within me that I uprooted my own family and drove 4,000 miles to attend Antioch University New England's Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Through this program I was encouraged in my systemic lens, gaining hands-on knowledge and skills for working with individuals, couples, families, and communities. Antioch's Social Justice focus is coupled with a experiential approach that continued my real world education. While studying at ANE I had the great opportunity to participate as a practicum therapist at the university's newly organized Family Therapy and Psychological Services Training Clinic. Also I was an intern with a successful Family Intervention Program through Hillsborough County New Hampshire that does in-home family therapy. In addition I gained experience as an intern MFT at a small private practice in Henniker, New Hampshire.

As I've progressed in my worldview, my heart has returned many times to the families and communities of Alaska. There are very few Marriage and Family Therapists in Alaska and I know this systems approach would benefit people and their treatment teams. I approach all persons in a non-pathologizing, respectful, & collaborative manner, seeing them as the experts of their own lives with certain skills, knowledges, and abilities that have been running counter to their problems. Because of this I adopt the motto of Narrative therapy practitioner David Epston "To be appreciated & appreciate one's self in a situation where one might expect to be degraded is beyond my belief!" & have borrowed from photographer Stephen Wilkes the moniker "Relentless Collector of Magical Moments".  My interests include:

  • Narrative Therapy
  • Brief & Walk-In Therapy
  • Multi-Stressed Families
  • Latter-Day Saint communities
  • Dignified Defiance
  • Couples 
  • Narrative Medicine
  • Masculinity & Fatherhood
  • White Privilege

Volunteer Work

Kids' Cafe Volunteer- Salvation Army                                                                                                                              2009- 2010

Manchester, NH

Volunteer Staff for 2009 AAMFT Convention                                                                                                                      October 2009

Sacramento, CA

Cubmaster                                                                                                                                                                        2008- 2010

Keene, NH

Adolescent Boys’ Substance Abuse Group Co-Facilitator                                                                                              2007-2008         

Fairbanks, AK

Prison Religious Volunteer          2006-2008         

Fairbanks, AK   

·Religious Meetings withPrison Inmates

Early-Morning Religion Teacher                                                                                                                                           1999-2000Fairbanks, AK ·Teaching the Old-Testament to Sophomores adjacent to Lathrop High School.

Religious Representative (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)                                   1996-1998      Salt Lake City, UT

·An official called by the President of the Church


Trevin Campbell PhD, LMFT

Dr. Campbell was my Alaska State-Approved MFT Licensure Supervisor. He practiced as a psychotherapist on Ft. Wainwright working with soldiers and their families. I meet with Dr. Campbell at least once per week in individual or group supervision, in addition to the site supervision provided at FCSA.

Ken Potter, ACSW

Mr. Potter is a Narrative practitioner that taught the Narrative portion of my Postmodern Theory course at Antioch University New England. I attend a monthly Narrative Mentoring Group that Mr. Potter facilitates & I continue to receive a great deal of supervision from him on developing Narrative epistomology & practices in my therapy.

Walter Lowe, PhD, LMFT

Dr. Lowe served as my Mentor, Advisor, Professional Seminar Supervisor, & Professor for my two years training as a Marriage & Family Therapist at Antioch University New England. Much of My Theory of Change (Thesis) was influenced by Dr. Lowe, with special emphasis on the Common Factors research in Marriage & Family Therapy.


Primarily to inform others of my experience in Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT). Secondarily, I am interested in offers of employment in MFT or similar systemic psychotherapy positions with the military or government.

MFT Theory of Change

Internships/ Practicum

Hillsborough County Family Intervention Program (1st and 2nd year MFT

Internship)                                                                                                                                                         2008-2010   

Goffstown, NH

·Home-Based family, couple, & individual therapy

·Majority of clients are adjudicated adolescents heading for youth facility or residential treatment

·Increasing responsibility afforded by site supervisor (direct supervision) to include:



ØTreatment planning/ implementation


ØGeneral documentation

ØFamily therapy advocacy in the larger system via wraparound meetings, school involvement, and Family court

Greater Henniker Counseling Associates                                                                                              2008-2010

Henniker, NH

·An extension of my internship assisting my site supervisor with her caseload at her private practice

Antioch Center for Family Therapy and Psychological Services                                          Spring/ Summer 2009 

Keene, NH

·Practicum training clinic working with families, couples, and individuals, through a systemic lens

ØReflecting team and supervisor (Professional Seminar group) behind two-way mirror

ØWork with couples, Paraphillias, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, persons with substance abuse/ dependency issues, and masculinity issues per my request

Professional Affiliation

Dulwich Center Member 2011 - Present 

American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT) 2007-Present

Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists (AMCAP) 2006-Present


Jun 20082010

Master of Arts

Antioch University New England

Master of Arts, Applied Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy

(Candidate- Estimated graduation date: May 2010)

  • Preferred Systemic Models
  1. Primary family: Narrative Therapy (Michael White and David Epson)
  2. Secondary family: Multicultural Family Systems Therapy (Monica McGoldrick) & Symbolic-Experiential Family Therapy (Carl Whitaker)
  3. Primary couples: Sound Relationship House Therapy (John Gottman)
  4. Secondary couples: Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (Neil Jacobson and Andrew Christensen)
  • Transfer from University of Alaska Fairbanks, MEd in Community Counseling

Bachelor of Science

University of Utah

·Cooperative Education Internship Program: This internship was executed my Senior year in cooperation with the University of Utah Career Services Office and my workplace, Community Treatment Alternatives. The Cooperative Internship was self-initiated because my work at the time with individuals dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders reflects my professional interest in psychotherapy and would therefore build my experience, prepare me for the experiences of graduate school, and add to my academic credentials. Through the internship I was able to formulate and execute the following three goals:

1.Review an individual’s Person Centered Plan (PCP) in relation to the new behaviors they were exhibiting.

Research the avenues and possibilities of rewriting this individual’s PCP in order to make it more person-centered by incorporating a variety of psychotherapeutic models.

2.Refine each client’s (4) current sign language skills and teach them new signs in order to increase their range of functional communication.

3.Teach a half-hour class in our monthly staff meeting on the subject of stress, anger management and caretaker burnout .

·Transfer From University of Alaska Fairbanks, BA in Humanities

Work experience

May 2013Present

Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC)

Health Net- MHN
Brief Solution-Focused Therapy with soldiers and their dependents. Rotational assignments at Ft. Wainwright Army Post, Eielson Air Force Base, & Ft. Greely Army Post.
Jun 2010May 2013

Clinical Therapist

Family-Centered Services of Alaska (FCSA)

Individual, Family, and Group Therapy with children and adolescents dealing with severe emotional disturbances, based on criteria established by the State of Alaska.

  • Providing services in Fairbanks, North Pole, Ester, & Delta Junction. 
  • Recieved provisional license as Marital and Family Therapy Associate for supervised training from the State of Alaska.
Jun 2008May 2009

MFT Program Assistant

Antioch University New England

Assisted Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Program in the development of a doctoral program in MFT and the management of the MFT program in general. Served as a liaison with other facets of the Antioch community and the larger MFT community. Assisted in research contributing to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.


Lead Residential Counselor, Graveyard Shift, Residential Diagnostic Treatment Center (RDT)

Family Centered Services of Alaska (FCSA)
·Primary Supervision of clients ages 10-17 with Severe Emotional Difficulties (SED) and all Youth Counselors on the Graveyard shift. Responsibilities included:

ØDirection of therapeutic intervention with clients during waking and sleeping hours.

ØRouting of monthly floor documentation and data.

ØGraveyard staff leadership, training, evaluation and discipline.

·Level System Revision Committee: The RDT runs on a Point or Level System wherein each client determines his or her privileges within the RDT and rate of progress towards discharge; The level is incumbent upon the client’s level of participation in therapy and rediness to progress to greater responsibility.Several staff realized that the current Level System was failing to meet the needs of the clients and needed to be revised. The RDT Director, the Coordinators, a Therapist and a few Counselors (including myself) formed a Revision Committee to create a new System over approximately a month’s time.


Coordinator I, Residential Diagnostic Treatment Center (RDT)

Family Centered Services of Alaska (FCSA)

·Case management for up to seven clients.

ØPlanned and facilitated Treatment Team Meetings

ØDeveloped and implemented Individualized Service Plan (ISP) For RDT Clients in Collaboration with Other Team Members that identifies services, activities, goals, and individuals responsible.

ØMaintained daily reporting and charting on clients including Medicaid documentation as well as other treatment related paperwork indicated by the ISP.

ØProvided in site support to clients as indicated and required to achieve the objectives and goals by their ISP.

ØDirectly supervised RDT Lead Residential Counselors and part-time Youth Counselors.

ØServed as the primary contact person for parents and/or legal guardians of RDT clients.

ØCoordinated with professionals such as school district personnel, DFYS, probation officers, social workers, etc. as required.

ØServed as the primary contact for outside agencies and /or programs for the development of RDT transitional services.

ØActd as community liaison that represented FCSA to the professional and general community.

ØEscorted clients to and from airport or home as needed.

ØCoordinated aftercare services.

ØCo-facilitated a Substance Abuse Group for adolescents.


Youth Counselor III, Residential Diagnostic Treatment Center (RDT) and Alternatives to Out-of-State Placement (ATOP)

Family Centered Services of Alaska (FCSA)

·One-on-one supervision, individual skill development, family skill development and group skill development with children and adolescents with SED.

·RDT- Inpatient treatment: Average placement 6-12 months

·ATOP- Outpatient treatment: In-home counseling


Residential Aide, Inuusatqik (New Life)

Fairbanks Native Association (FNA)

·Guidance Counseling for Native Alaskan youth with Substance Abuse/Dependency issues.

·Became certified in Adventure Counseling through Project Adventure.


Life Skills Instructor, Park Creek Upper Group Home

Columbus Community Center (CCC)

·Assisting young adults with severe violent behavior in a level five residential setting with daily life skills.


Treatment Worker II, Ralph Street Treatment Center (RSTC)

Community Treatment Alternatives (CTA)

·Assisting clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders with daily living skills.

·Extra Duties: RSTC Issues Committee Representative, House Advocate, Van Advocate.


Supervised Living Specialist III

Fairbanks Resource Agency (FRA)

·Support of individuals with a variety of developmental disabilities to perform daily life skills.

·Promoted to Ruby Group Home Co-Manager.


Dec 2014Dec 2016

Marital and Family Therapist [License 276]

State of Alaska Board of Marital and Family Therapy
Oct 2011Present

Narrative Therapy Certification

Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy

Sound Marital/ Relationship House Training

The Gottman Institute

Prepare/ Enrich

Life Innovations

Adventure Counselor

Project Adventure

Honorable Release

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- Utah Salt Lake City Mission

Honorable Discharge

United States Army