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Public Speaking and Presentations
2010 completed the Mówca Doskonały (Perfect Speaker) training course in persuasive and professional public speaking for business purposes at 2009 - to date teaching an English in Business Presentations course (including visual presentation design) to business professionals (Sodexo Pass Poland) 2008 - to date over 40 business presentations to corporate clients (traditional and e-learning courses) acting as a designer, co-speaker (expert methodology advisor) and speaker.  
IT in teaching
I am a cerified instructor in the use of Microsoft (windows & office) applications and Internet for educational purposes. 



About me

...precise, logical, matter-of-fact, analytical and careful. He needs data, information and analyses; is focused on tasks and ensures things get done correctly; tends to produce high quality work. He is calm, helpful, patient, modest and laid back; eager to help, loyal and often makes excellent team player; tends to be patient listener, trustworthy, and balanced between tasks and people. He is very persistent.

from the results of Extended DISC analysis 

style: SC, role: Assurer

I am a qualified English teacher, translator and methodologist (Director of Studies) with substantial experience in blended and e-learning projects management. From 2008 I edited the on-line content and supervised the team of editors in English Language Teaching e-learning project for 1000 employees of one of the main financial institutions in Poland. 

I also have a three-year record of day-to-day teaching at the American Embassy offices, Ambassadorial and DCM's Residences in Poland. My further teaching experience includes all levels (primary, gimnazjum, liceum and higher education students. From 2009 I also teach Practical English (Academic Writing and General English) to MA Students at the Institute of English Studies (SWSPIZ Warsaw).

My MA is from University of Warsaw Institute of Applied Linguistics and BA from Institute of English Studies.  

major ELT clients

as Teacher

US Embassy - Warsaw, Poland

Toyota Motor Poland 

Bank BPH

Pekao SA

Sodexo Pass Polska

as Director of Studies

Pekao SA

Sodexo Pass Polska




Citi Bank


Axel Springer

National Bank of Poland

Translation & Editing

  • editing and supervising editing team in e-learning English Language Teaching resources project for leading Polish financial institution
  • supervising, evaluating and proofing freelance-submitted translations
  • managing translation agency (Lingwejon)
  • interpreting (Eng-Pl) at the 2000 Disco Dance World Championship

Teaching & ESL Methodology

Private schools:

Instructor of General English and Academic Writing (MA Studies) in the English Studies  Dept. at SWSPIZ (since 2009)  

Director of Studies and Blended-learning Project Manager at Ability English School (since 2009) SJO Lingwejon sp. z o.o.  (2008-2009)

co-supervising a blended-learning project for 1000 students in 25 cities; managing staff recruitment and on-line trainings throughout Poland; preparing and co-hosting product presentations; 

English language teacher at English Studies Dept. of SWSPiZ Warszawa,  Szkoła Języków Obcych - Poliglota (since 2005), TE Sokrates(2005), Centrum Języków Obcych The Tower (since 2004) and Euroschool (2003-2004)

teaching General English and Academic Writing courses to post-BA students of MA ELT studies, tailored courses in general, professional (technical, economical, medical etc.) and business English for the employees of the US Embassy in Warsaw (since 2005) and other institutional, corporate and individual clients; TOEIC, FCE, CAE and CPE 

Public schools:

English language teacher at Zespół Medycznych Szkół Policealnych w Siedlcach (2003-2007), 23 Gimnazjum w Warszawie (2004-2005) and V Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Siedlcach (2003-2004) Trainee-Teacher in Szkoła Podstawowa nr 4 w Siedlcach (2002)

tailored day and weekend courses for adults, teaching in mixed ability classes and preparing for Matura