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In my free time, I love to go out and take pictures of whatever I find interesting around me. Photography is not a very old hobby of mine. It started when I was about sixteen years old on a trip to Greece; I started taking random shots of my surroundings and of my family, and by the time I was back in Beirut photography had become my new passion. 

I've been singing since the age of seven and find great pleasure in studying and working hard on my music. I was part of the I.C Beirut Choir for more than twelve years. I attended the honor choir festival for the Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) twice (Belgium and Luxembourg) as well as two other workshops in London and Oman. I was part of my school's performing arts club for more than five years, and performed in many charity and school events. I am Currently Attending the AUB Choral Society. 

Acting has also been a great hobby of mine. I have been part of many acting groups and classes Inside and outside my school program and performed in local plays. I am currently taking more advanced acting classes in college.  


Being of a film student, my objective is to gain as much experience in the media field as i could before I graduate in 2012.  Whether it's working in television, film, advertising or radio, I would like to gain experience in every field in order to make the right career path in the future. 


Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1991, I Attended the International College of Beirut (I.C) since the age of three and up to my senior year in 2009. The arts have been a big part of my life from a very young age: Balancing Choir rehearsals, performing arts workshops and photography clubs with my studies was always a challenge for me growing up.

I am currently attending the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in Sin-el-Fil, where I study cinema and directing and hope to start a career in the media field. 


Oct 2009Present

ALBA (Lebanese Academy Of Fine Arts)
Oct 1991Jun 2010


International College-Beirut

I.C alumni. Graduated in 2010 with a French Bac In Literary. 


Work experience

Oct 2010Oct 2010

Volunteer-Beirut Film Festival

Beirut Film Foundation

Usher and Organizer at the 2010 edition of the Beirut Film Festival, a yearly event which takes place during the month of October. 

Aug 2010Aug 2010


Orbit Showtime-Al Yawm

participated in a 10 day internship during the Ramadan season. I observed and experienced live television on the set of "Ouyoun Beirut" a daily entertainment program. 

Oct 2008Jun 2009



Part of My Community Service Program: I translated articles, ads, and posters from english to french vice-versa.  Also helped bring awareness to road safety. 

Nov 2008Jan 2008


Rafik El Hariri Hospital

As Part of my school community service program, i served over 30 hours at the hospital, helping children fighting cancer, helping social services, and making rounds with doctors to check on the patients. this was a very enriching experience for me on many levels

Nov 2006Jun 2007


Special Olympics-Lebanon

Helped bring awareness to kids with special needs. planned sports games with the kids as well as many other outdoor activities. 


Been singing since the age of seven. Compose and write my own songs. Participated In over a fifty choir shows as well as four years in performing arts. Performed at Various charity events for: Toufoula, Brave heart, children's cancer center... 
4-5 Languages
I speak four languages: English, French, Arabic and Armenian. Can read, write English French and Arabic. 
took several acting courses in school. Currently taking more advanced acting classes as part of my college curriculum .
Adobe Premiere and Final cut. took an editing course as well as personal editing experience 
Video Art
I've been editing and putting together small videos since my early teenage years. This passion grew when i entered college and took a contemporary art class in which i developed 2 video installations during my first year. I am currently taking directing classes. 
I took a photoshop course in college and started editing my own photos, making ads and posters for fun. 


Oct 1994Jun 2010

International College Beirut Graduate

International College Beirut