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Can improve efficiency of operations with in- depth application of New Techniques, Best Practices.

1. Delivery schedule achievement. With better planning

2. People's productivity and Value added per person

by multi skilling and Best Practices

3. Overall equpment effectiveness. TPM and Autonomous maintenance

Run a lean working,improvement through the Mobilise-Assess-Implement-Manage cycle, use lean tools appropriately to ensure successful execution and realization of benefits.

Todays construction industry is capital oriented and BEST EQUIPMENT utilisation gives an edge over competetors.Can improve equipment availability in condition.

COST REDUCTION in every area of activity.

Can devout most of my time as Change leader, program manager; planner; communicator; (To implement Lean thinking in a business unit /geography so that it is used to deliver benefits and becomes an integral part of business planning and operating).

Develop Management Information for multi unit /site Control including limits for monetary and otrher approvals.Asset accounting,utilisation and disposals, highly Improved availability of major equipment by TPM.

Procurement of all materials at best terms.Reduce all indirect material costs.


Seeking a dynamic opportunities that will provide a challenging opportunity to contribute to an organization’s efficiency and growth and use my long experience for reducing costs and improving Quality and ultimately improvement in bottom line.

Work experience

Jul 2010Aug 2012

Chief Executive Officer

M/s Kalyani Forge Ltd.

Working as a Chief Executive Officer responsible for entire Forging and Machining (COLD,Worm,Precision and HOT Forgings and Machining ) as a profit centre head for improving both Top line abd Bottom line of Balance sheet.

Contributed for both turn over improvement and Profit improvement.

May 2006Oct 2009

Managing Director

M/S.Senior India Pvt. Ltd. a British Multi national company

Chief Executive Officer responsible for Indian operations.

  Improved turn over by 22% during 2007 and maintained profitability even after 80% increase in raw material prices and 12% reduction in turn over during 2008.

              Selection, evaluating , and monitoring of sub contractors.

Make the sub contractors to complete the assigned job on time and follow all safety and environmental requirements.

              Procurement of all materials, developing efficient vendors for supply of materials and services.Procurement of materials at best prices and terms.

                Improved availability of machines and equipment by spares planning an TPM.

Nov 1999May 2006

Director (operations)Member of the Board of Directors of Co.

M/S. G K N Driveline India Ltd. a British multinational company
As a Director Operations for all the three units in India looking after IR,Purchase,Quality,Planning and Production, Reduced the down time of equipment from 11.3% to less than one percent by autonomous and Total Productive maintenance. Devised and implemented Best Practices in ELECTRICAL SAFETY in all the plants. Reduced quantity requirement as well as price of procurement of all indirect materials by 7% to pricing, use of better material for longer life etc. Encouraged all workers to parcipate in Enery conservation, safety,Kaizens,Small group improvement activities etc. Selection, development and monitoring of sub contractors for timelycompletion of projects following all safety precautions. Worked as a head of Productivity and Quakity for GKN Asia pacific and Japan looking after GKN Malaysia, GKN Thailand and GKN Japan at Nissan plant. Implimented Lean Manufacture in Ms.GKN India all three plants and at Ms.GKN Malaysia and at Ms.GKN Thailand.Achieved a 17% increase in productivity, Reduction of rejections from 8% to less than 2%.
Jan 2004Aug 2005

Regional Productivity and Quality expert

WORK Abroad

As an Regional Productivity and Quality expert improved Productivity by 32% and

                             Reduced rejection by 70% in one year's time at M/S. G K N Driveline Penang.

                            Implimented LEAN Manufacture techniques at Malaysia.

From Aug 2005 to May 2009:

At M/s GKN Driveline  Rayong Thailand

                              improved Productivity by 80% and reduced Forging Press down time by 40% at 

M/S. Toyoda Motor works a subsidiary of M/S Toyota Motor Company.and M/S GKN Drive line.

Implimented LEAN Manufacturing at Rayon Plant.       

Jul 1995Jul 1998


M/S. Escorts Ltd.

Head of complete plant with around 1900 employees and looked after HR,IR,Materials,Maintenance, planning , Production etc. in the tractor manufacturing.

  Achieved 24% increase in production,

                     60% reduction in down time of machines,

                    25% reduction in indirect material costs and 8% reduction in direct material costs.

Jun 1993Oct 1995

Head of operations

M/S. Hindustan Motors Ltd.

As ahead of operations responsible for localising all Auto matic tranfmission parts by developing suitable processes and when established, sub contracting the parts.

    developed parts to 95% localisation levels for both Allison made and Caterpillar made transmissions.

      Productivity improvement, planning, Maintenance, Quality assurance,  HR and Tooling and process development.

Feb 1992Jul 1995

Dy.General Manager (Production & materials management)

M/S. Bharat Earth Movers Limited., a Government of India undertaking

Production and assemblies of Earth moving equipments in India's biggest earth moving equipment factory and improved Productivity by 9% to 12%.

Procurement of all the earth moving components for assembly of all variety of earth moving equipment.Reduced the cost of most of the bought out components by 13 to 18% over the then prevailing prices.Reduced Indirect material components and items, Procurement costs by 15% average.

Reduced lead time for procurement of imported items from western countries from three months to two months and thus reduced  imported inventories by a month.



Prabhakar Kadapah



inter ICWAI

Institute of Cost and works accountants
Jul 1976Aug 1978


I I T Kharagpur
Jun 1966Aug 1971

B.E degree

Govt.College of Engg.Kakinada

Passed B.E degree in Mechanical Engineering in FIRST CLASS and stood among the top five students.

The electives are Automobile Engineering.



Business Process RE Engineering
Change Management,Layout changes and Organization changes to effect improved communications, Unity of command and Responsibilities and authority
Implimentation of Lean /Toyota Production Systems
Implimented Lean Manufacture in Ms.GKN India all three plants and at Ms.GKN Malaysia and at Ms.GKN Thailand.Achieved a 17% increase in productivity, Reduction of rejections from 8% to less than 2%..                   Implimented at Ms. Senior India Pvt. Ltd.
Lead Auditor, ISO 14001 Environmental Systems
Implimented at Ms.Escorts Ltd.,Ms. G K N Driveline ltd., Ms.Senior India Private Ltd.
Lead Auditor, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
Got Training for Lead Auditor and implimented Systems in Ms.Hindustan Motors Ltd., Ms.Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., in Ms. G.K.N Drive line Ltd.,      
Selection and developing of sub contractors
Systems for selection of sub contractors, developing them and moneting the performance against requirements and implimenting Safety at every stage while working for the client following all environmental systems.
Cost reduction in every activity
Most of my career I worked in various cost reduction teams.   In every organization I worked  I kept the same cost or reduced the costs by at least 10% taking the inflation in to account in almost all indirect costs and at least 3% in all direct materials costs by                               Process improvements,                               Use of alternate material if possible,                               by changing the source of procurement,                               by reducing the scrap or wastage reduction,                               by Value Engineering or value analysis.etc.
Total Productive Maintenance
Improvent of Over all equipment effectiveness by reduction in down time by preventive and Predictive maintenance.improved to 9% OEE for all bottle neck and high cycle time machines. Procurement of spares on time by developing acommon coding system to identify the availability at different locations including at the supplier;s end.Fixing of min and maxmimum stocks with an ultimate objective of optimum inventory.Reduced inventories by 15% to 20% in all organizations I worked.                         Continually reducing the Energy requirement by Energy saving methods.    
Procurement of Construction equipment materials
Prucurement of all types of materials including eath moving and other construction equipment spares.     Inventory norms fixations and Visual Inventory management. Value analysis and standardisation of parts with some modifications.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.


TS 16949 Systema


ISO 9001 Quality Management System