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Millionnaya str, 14-138, Moscow, Russia, 107564

Work experience


Private tutoring in mathematics and computer science


Jul 2012Present


LTD. "Northern lights"
Advertising activity. SWOT analysis, performing analytical projects. The collection, analysis and formalization of requirements
Nov 2012May 2013


Moscow State University of Information Technologies , Radio Engineering and Electronics

Development and analysis of mathematical models. The topic: "The theory of extreme values and distribution of the productivity of oil wells"



Ph.D. student

Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio Engineering, and Electronics

Specialty: 05.13.18 Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs


Specialist (Diploma of Higher Education)

Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio Engineering, and Electronics

Qualification: engineer-mathematician, Specialty: 230401 Applied mathematics


  • Creation of mathematical models according to empirical data (the statistical analysis)
  • Analysis and the description of processes according to methodologies of the analysis of data
  • Knowledge of the principles of creation of databases and work with them
  • Experience of writing business requirements and specifications
  • Development of mathematical and numerical methods and software for solving mathematical problems of electromagnetic field theory

Software and programming:

– LaTeX
– MATLAB, Mathcad
– MySQL, work experience in InterBase, Oracle
– Web: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
– basic knowledge С++

Scientific achievements

  • 05.2013
    Participation in the international research project on large-scale modeling granted by Swedish Institute and Karlstad University, Sweden
  • 05.2014
    Participation in 16th Seminar on "Computer Modeling in Microwave Power Engineering" - Multiphysics Models and Material Properties", Karlsruhe, Germany,   with a talk. Co-authored the article "Goubau Line Revisited: Refined Properties of Surface Waves". Awarded by the diploma for the best student work
  • 08.2014
    Participation in the XXXI General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI GASS 2014), Beijing, China,  with a talk. Co-authored the article "Mathematical Aspects of the Theory of Wave Propagation in Metal-Dielectric Waveguides"
  • 08.2014
    Participation in the international conference "Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS 2014)", Guangzhou, China,  with a talk.  Co-authored the article "Higher-order Surface Modes in the Goubau Line"
  • 09.2014
    Publication in the peer-reviewed international research journal Forum for Electromagnetic Research Methods and Application Technologies (FERMAT) of the paper "On a Mathematical Theory of Open Metal-Dielectric Waveguides"
  • 10.2014
    Monthly training at the University of Gävle, Sweden. Teaching activities, development of a complex of tasks for mathematical modeling in applied electromagnetics using MATLAB
  • 12.2014
    Awarded by Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio Engineering, and Electronicsan for the best diploma work
  • 11.2014-05.2015
    Teaching at Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio Engineering, and Electronics