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Core Competencies

  • Executive Leadership—I have been Founder, CEO, COO, CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), VP Sales/Marketing, VP Business Development and VP International Operations at companies including Tangible Express, Access Technology Solutions, Communitect,, Photodisc, Micrografx, and others.    
  • Training and Mentoring—I have developed and taught university and professional level courses in financial/business acumen, marketing, sales, business planning, entrepreneurship and creative thinking strategies.  I am an active Executive Facilitator for Kirby &Associates (the premier consulting firm focusing on business acumen and C-Level sales training for elite sales and other business professionals), have conducted multiple training sessions internationally. 
  • High Growth Environments—I have consistently generated triple-digit growth—always on forecast and under budget.  I’ve also spearheaded 6 specific “paradigm-breaking” new products and/or business models that totally redefined a marketplace or industry while establishing undisputed market leadership.
  • International— I have had P&L responsibility for 26 separate subsidiaries/sales offices in 16 markets worldwide on every continent except Antarctica.  Beginning with personal experience as a translator (Japanese—over 5000 pages of Japanese computer documentation), I’ve localized 36 software products and 15 websites into a total of 11 different languages.  I lived and worked overseas (Tokyo) running international operations (APAC, EMEA and non-U.S. Americas) for a top 10 software vendor.  In every assignment, I have consistently grown non-U.S. sales from as little as under 15% to more than 70% of company overall revenues.
  • Entrepreneurial— I have direct entrepreneurial experience (as an executive and principal) with 6 start ups, one resulting in an IPO.  In addition, I’ve also been a part of  5 M&A transactions of various configurations.  I’ve raised close to $100M for ventures in which I’ve been involved, and have relationships with over 100 venture capitalists worldwide.
  • Strategic Partnerships—I have pioneered relationships with many of the world’s leading tech firms including Microsoft, Dell, Compaq, Acer, NEC, Epson, Canon, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Philips, IBM, SONY, Novell, Corel and many, many more.  In numerous cases, this was the first time they had ever entered into such strategic relationships.
  • Technical Domain Expertise—I have an affinity for cutting edge technologies that create new markets or radically change the landscape of existing ones.  I have specific current experience and exposure to:
  • Storage technologies—disk, tape, optical, flash—as well as virtual
  • Internet/eCommerce—shopping cart, merchandising, global logistics, payment systems
  • Interactive marketing—email, online advertising, SEO, SEM, conversion architecture
  • User-generated content—blogs podcasting/vidcasting, social bookmarking
  • Shrink-wrapped and digital media—content and creation, graphics/video/audio/music
  • Social networks—focusing on monetization of professional social networks
  • Consumer electronics—audio/video digital devices
  • Advanced manufacturing —Rapid prototyping, manufacturing and tooling technologies including SLA, SLS, Cast Urethane, etc.


  • American Electronics Association (AEA) Japan Co-Chairman, Industry Committee; Chair, Software Committee
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)  Technology Committee member
  • Business Software Alliance (BSA) Asia/Pacific Executive Committee member
  • Stanford Alumni Association
  • National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)
  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • Mensa


Over 25 years as a senior technology executive with strong operational and international expertise establishing, building and expanding profitable technology ventures globally through progressive—even revolutionary—business models and processes.  Principal focus on Sales, Marketing and Business Development functions, with exceptionally strong finance orientation and technology knowledge both broad and deep beyond what you usually find in an executive with a Sales/Marketing background.  Exceptional international skills—strategic, tactical and operational—with particular strength in Japan and the Asia/Pacific region, though also have extensive experience in Europe as well.Training, mentoring and education expertise in multiple business, education and training scenarios worldwide covering a wide range of business-related content. Fast-paced, entrepreneurial background resulting in an unbroken record of growth and progress for every single endeavor with which I’ve been involved.


Laura Sellers

“Kurt is the kind of executive that you want to work for/with; he provides sound direction and leadership while allowing you to map your own path. The company increased international sales significantly under his management. He helped me advance my career at Micrografx and I would gladly work for him again.”

Lana Bryant

“Kurt is the first manager I ever had who actually listened to me. When you talk to Kurt, he stops doing everything else and focuses on you. I learned from both his attitude and his counsel. Completely immersed in Japanese culture, he is an expert in starting and maintaining business relationships. A go-getter sans steamroller and a closer sans hammer. Quiet, strong, effective.”

Andy Robson

“Kurt is a strong leader with a well balanced perspective of market conditions around him. Kurt is also a major contributor who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to get the job done and leads by example. I have no hesitation in recommending Kurt as a key asset to any management team.”

Michael Benninga

"Kurt was a very hands on sales focused GM at our Japanese office. He was responsible for the setup and growth of our Japanese subsidiary, especially closing various large OEM and partnership deals locally. This he managed through his fluent knowledge of the local language as well as a solid technical / product background."

"Kurt worked well with the International Controller, responding well to internal controls and planing / budgeting procedures, which was key in a fast growing hi-tech company."

Ken Amedo

“Kurt is a the leader understand not only US market also Japan, Asia-Pac business. When Kurt assigned to Micrografx Japan subsidiary we had lot of crisis in business strategy, organization as well managment. Shortly after his arrival in Japan we had a dramatically change within our organization, partner business and market trust. The team direction was very clear everyone in Japan team was motivated to bring revenue. We increased revenue and organization size very quickly ultimatley we achieved 25% of world wide revenue in two years. Japanese computer, peripheral manufacturer was depand with our technology to make their business success. Kurt is one of best leader I worked with.”

Gordon Sellers

"Kurt is a uniquely qualified leader who not only possesses a portfolio of senior level executive skills but brings insights into developing business domestically and internationally. When we worked together Kurt was responsible for driving Micrografx successful international expansion and as part of that role moved is family to Japan to closely manage the companies expansion into Asia"

Bert Kenyon

"I had the privilege to work with Kurt during my whole stay at Tangible Express. Even though it was a difficult environment, Kurt was always very professional and found ways to get our mission accomplished. His vast and worldly experience seemed to pay off as he would find ways of circumventing the inherent challenges and help us succeed in the individual projects.

I would enjoy working with Kurt in any capacity and would recommend him highly."

David Williams

“Kurt is a high-energy, high-impact leader who was a pleasure to work with. Always positive and results-focused, Kurt inspired others to perform their best.”

Ryu Nowatari

“I worked closely with Kurt at PhotoDisc to setup the business in Japan. His deep knowledge and understanding about international business supported me a lot. Ask him if you have any help for international business expansion.”

Ben Stier

"Kurt is a great C level executive, who is able to clearly find his own path and forge a way through it. He is an effective and creative leader with a virtually endless amount of dynamic and effective marketing/business tactics! Two thumbs up."

My Companies


General Management
Spearheaded turnarounds resulting in 10X improvement in shareholder value. Budgeting, forecasting and business planning (both strategic and tactical) at the highest levels of companies both public and private. Strong financial P&L orientation as a mentor and coach, as well as a "hands-on" operator.
Developed curriculum and taught university and professional classes in Entrepreneurship and Creativity. Taught Executive (C-Level) Sales, Business Acumen, International Business Development and Organizational Efficiency training seminars and workshops on a global basis.
Managed multimillion dollar offline global marketing budgets and mass media activities for global operations with strongest ROI in company history. For example, improved online marketing click-throughs by an average of 1,280%.
Achieved forecast revenues 38 out of 40 consecutive quarters. NEVER overspent an expense budget. Carried over 1/2 billion USD in sales quota.
Entrepreneurship, Business Start-ups
Personally involved in 7 startups over the last 25 years, including 1 successful IPO and 3 very profitable M&A transactions. Have raised over $100M from a network of over 100 VCs worldwide. Served as board member, advisor and consultant to numerous startups and venture capital groups.
International Business Development
Business development, P&L responsibility for 26 subsidiaries/sales offices in 16 countries on every continent except Antarctica.
Fluent in spoken and written Japanese.  Translated 5000+ pages of Japanese computer documentation.

Work experience

Sales/Marketing/Business Development


Details available upon request. 

Chairman/Representative Director

Micrografx, K.K.

Japanese subsidiary of world-leading PC graphics software company

  • Restructured Japanese subsidiary in wake of embezzlement scandal and major losses. 
  • Increased Japanese revenues by 796% over three years.
  • Moved Japan up to second place in ranking of company’s major markets (after the U.S.).  Generated up to 21% of corporate revenue (up from 3%) and 56% of global profits in FY 96.
  • Drove Japanese operating expense/revenue ratios down from 83% to 36%-- again, the best in the company.  Revenue per employee ratio of over US$800,000-- more than three times the company average. 
  • Nine straight quarters exceeding Japanese forecast by average of 16%.  Eight straight quarters under expense budget by average of 9%.  Achieved forecast 17 quarters in a row. 
  • Established major OEM customers including Japan’s #1 PC manufacturer (NEC) and #1 scanner manufacturer (Epson).  In excess of 75,000 units per month.
  • Consolidated market leadership position with 50%+ of Japanese Windows graphics market.
  • Drove product development, including localization of 11 major Japanese language products.  Decreased typical localization time by 75%.  Developed product specification/strategy for Japanese Windows 95 products
  • Served on the Executive Committee of the American Electronics Association (AEA) Japan as Vice Chairman.  Was also Chairman of the AEA Japan Software Committee

Sr. Vice President/General Manager

World-leading PC graphics software company

  • Corporate Officer, responsible for operations outside of the U.S., generating 60% of worldwide revenue.
  • Developed European reorganization plan cutting costs $1.2M while increasing revenue 15%
  • Contributed to corporate strategy as a member of the Executive Business Review Council and Extended Office of the President for MGX, Inc.
  • Coordinated over 35 localization projects in 11 local languages.
  • Increased annual sales for Pacific/Americas region by 192%, with average revenue per employee of $365K and expense/revenue ratio of 47%.

Vice President, International Operations

Leader in royalty-free, digital stock photography

  • P&L responsibility for AsiaPacific/Latin America (APLA) regions.  Exceeded FY97 revenue plan by 3% on 92% of expense budget.  130% growth over previous year.
  • Executive coordination for European operations.
  • Top international executive in the Senior Leadership Team executive management.
  • Established direct sales/support subsidiaries and call centers in Japan and Australia.  Added six distribution partners.
  • Planned and hosted PhotoDisc’s first International Planning Summit.
  • As part of merger team, developed global/regional development plans for Getty Images

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Leader in family history and family-related internet properties

  • Operational/P&L responsibility for business units, and
    • Top five subscription service on the web w/ over 150,000 paying subscribers.
    • Fastest growing web community ever (3.5 million+ members in 12 months).
  • Implemented first budgeting, forecasting and weekly sales reporting regimens.
  • Implemented first quarterly performance review programs.
  • Established growth and website performance objectives.
  • Met ALL sales projections.
  • Sustained quarter to quarter revenue growth between 30-35%.  1999 annual year over year revenue growth of 146% (vs. 95% for previous year).
  • Spearheaded corporate relationship w/ Compaq, becoming first “online retailer.” 
  • Served as part of “Alliance Review Committee (ARC),” corporate body set up to evaluate strategic business partnerships.
  • Total responsibility for Ad Sales, Telesales, Dealer Sales, Customer Solutions, and eCommerce for both sites.
  • Launched major eCommerce platform including performance metrics and analytics objectives for online stores for both sites.


Communitect (SmileReminder)

Global wireless CRM/Messaging technology company

  • Raised initial venture capital, established strong top-tier international VC network.
  • Developed highly proprietary, extensive mobile messaging technology platform.
  • Established overall strategy.
  • Established global relationships with wireless carriers, internet companies and enterprise and CRM software vendors.
  • Named “Best New Company to Work For in Utah (one year old or less).”  Ranked #22 among companies less than five years old.
  • Prototyped advanced wireless applications for banking industry, and wireless carriers


Shuriken Systems

International business development, training and mentoring

Projects Including:Kirby & Asociates, LLC Piedmont, CA, Kirby Arnold Associates, Moraga, CA-- Leading business acumen/executive sales training firms 

  • As an Executive Facilitator, taught “Selling at the C-Level” workshops in Australia, India, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia for a major Fortune 500 firm.
  • Developed additional (and localized) content and training programs.

US Reliant/Tangible Express, Springville, UT—Large-scale rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing, technology and services firm

  • Launched full service, content-based ecommerce-oriented website.
  • Developed budgets and forecasts for first entire fiscal year. Wrote business development/funding plan.
  • Coordinated all marketing and business development activities including tradeshows, advertising, marketing materials and collateral.
  • Developed web performance objectives, metrics and analytics strategy.

DK2 Inc., Alpine, UT—Global retail construction/interior décor developer/installer

  • Business development planning and major account management for multinational manufacturers in retail signage, interior décor industry. 
  • Recovered #1 customer account representing almost 50% of company revenue.
  • Booked $750K in business within two months.
  • Implemented wireless communications portal, project planning technologies and systems.
  • Coordinated major project rollouts throughout the gulf coast (350+ CVS pharmacies) and Los Angeles basin areas (150+ Burger King stores).

ProcessModel, Inc., Provo, UT-- Process improvement and simulation software developer

  • Initiated international expansion with partners in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Launched interactive and traditional marketing planning and execution.  Developed traditional marketing materials as well as website content, email newsletters, online training, etc. 
  • Developed website analytics objectives and increased average click-through rates by average of 1,210%.  Established house list of over 6,000 names for newsletter promotion.
  • Extensive exposure to all major quality control and process improvement methodologies including Six Sigma, LEAN, etc.

Other Projects including:

  • CachePlay- Digital music subscription service
  • Instasong- Customized song/greetings developer
  • Alianza- Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure provider focusing on Latin America
  • One Great Family- Online genealogy subscription service

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Access Technology Solutions

Global logistics technology for direct sales and eCommerce merchants

  • Spearheaded analysis and strategy to procure strategic investment from major Japanese industrial partner.
  • Developed plans, proposals and programs targeting unprecedented partnership with the largest eCommerce venture in Japan (4th in the world).
  • Launched major proprietary platform and consumer mall for Japanese eCommerce (Goopping) enabling U.S. merchants to sell directly to Japanese consumers.  Launched business unit/brand (WordMarketExpress) focused on providing global logistics, payment, operations and customer service support for U.S. eCommerce merchants, enabling them to reach web-based consumers in 46 countries outside of the U.S.
  • Developed all sales, budgeting and forecasting systems for all company business units:
    • Logistics (international inbound, international outbound and North American domestic)
    • Direct Sales (complete Japanese/international logistics solutions for many of the world’s leading network marketing companies)
    • eCommerce (platform, analytics, product planning) including
      • Goopping Japanese eCommerce
      • World Market Express international eCommerce logistics services
      • Expat Express, U.S. grocery/consumer goods eCommerce site
  • Developed and managed all corporate marketing activities including tradeshows, PR, advertising, direct marketing, interactive marketing (including email marketing, SEO, SEM and PPC strategies) and new media (blogging/vlogging, podcasts, social networking, etc.)
  • Wrote three whitepapers on international eCommerce, global logistics and the Japanese consumer marketplace.
  • Conducted 2 major in-house market research projects (online and offline) regarding international eCommerce activity



4.0 GPA.

Also served as an adjunct professor in the Business School teaching classes in Entrepreneurship and Creativity.


4.0 GPA.

Stanford University

non-degreed, 3.75 GPA. 

Lost full 4-year scholarship during two-years absence to serve a volunteer church mission.

Blogs, Websites


Press Releases