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Ulf Kurtén

Work History

Work History


In me, you will find an action and result driven, analytical, executive business partner with proven track record from business administration  and ICT services. I possess leadership talent and people management skills. My achievements include creating and implementing business and ICT strategies and documenting and enhancing business processes.

I have thorough experience from several leadership positions, management team work and steering group positions in international organisations, with local flavor. My business experience is mainly concentrated in the financial, banking and energy sectors. I have led specialist teams e.g. business administration, ICT, finance, HR, process management and property and facilities management services supporting all business lines.

My leadership style is characterised by result oriented coaching and action driven participation. I have a profound business process, administrative, services, technical and operational background combined with exceptional business acumen. My characteristics also include strong sense of responsibility, drive for clarity, effective team-building, assigning measurable accountabilities, with clear targets and goals.

Specialities: Management team; Business service management; Business management; Business processes; Business development; Organisational development; IT management; IT service management; IT processes; IT governance

May 2011 - Dec 2013

Director IT

NORD POOL SPOT AS(NPS) / Nord Pool Finland Oy

Helsinki, Finland & Oslo,Norway

Largest Power Spot Exchange specialising in electrical spot products with~ 360 trading members comprised of large scale power producers and consumers, financial companies and TSO's(transmission service operators).

Director IT Served as key member of management team performing ongoing collaborative planning and execution of company business and strategy. Created and launched implementation of IT strategy aligned with business strategy. Oversaw and led all IT services of NPS including IT operations, mission-critical agreements, budget follow-ups, resources, recruitment, systems development, project management, procurement, and vendor management. Developed and enhanced both business and IT processes. Performed on steering committees for multiple projects involving ongoing internal and vendor collaboration development issues. Participated in continuous dialog with European Power Exchanges on common or collaborative projects.: Scaled rapid growth, recruiting and building highly talented group of IT experts from 12 to 22 team members, and maintaining clear lines of communication between geographically spread offices, management, and SMEs. Played active role in maintaining seamless operations, despite concurrent time-sensitive projects making challenging steering and planning, participating in ongoing dialog with management team to build consensus on priorities, budgets, and schedules, and develop cohesive company strategy. Delivered new Urgent Market Messaging(UMM) system for marketplace involving full technology, user experience and functionality upgrade. Directed system implementation when NPS introduced new market areas in Swedish and Baltic regions. Contributed actively to EU initiated integration projects to harmonise European energy market, leading NPS system enhancements and integration projects.

Sep 2007 - Apr 2011

Director, IT Strategy and Governance


Helsinki, Finland·

Rapidly growing organisation transforming from bank into financial institution.

Director of IT Strategy & Governance Formulated and led creation of companywide IT strategy, plans, and governance during rapid change period. Planned and implemented process models and policies for IT operations and financial cost follow-up and allocation. Managed 9-person team comprised of IT Controller, planning professional, and 2-part IT service desk for core banking systems and IT infrastructure and office systems. Served as primary operational contact and coordinator towards main supplier of core banking system, and deputy member of board of same vendor, Samlink.: Pioneered company's first documented IT strategy and state-of-the-art process models for support, follow-up and project management; subsequently updated annually within the IT management team. Increased governance, efficiency and speed of IT operations, designing and implementing new IT processes such as implementation of IT service desk and the supporting system. Performed vital role in M&A of asset management company, serving as primary IT contact and managing IT due diligence process. Created cohesive IT governance following merger of non-life insurance and life insurance company, as well as asset management legs into already existing consumer banking infrastructure, performing as organisational planner, and restructuring group-wide financial split of IT budget and cost follow-up.

Apr 1994 - Aug 2007

ABN AMRO BANK N.V. / Alfred Berg

ALFRED BERG, Helsinki, Finland· Nordic arm of global bank; acquired Alfred Berg in 1995 which was later rebranded to ABN AMRO in 2005.
Jun 2006 - Aug 2007

Head of Services, Finland

ABN AMRO BANK N.V., Helsinki Branch

Responsibility of the business supporting Services function in Helsinki.

Management & administration of:

- Group strategy implementation at the local office- Services unit in Helsinki (IT, Securities operations and Property & FM services)- Chair in SFP (Service Function platform) Helsinki (IT, Securities operations, Property & FM services, Finance, Compliance, Legal, HR, Risk and Communications)- Business expertise of financial institution (ex. Equities sales & trading, Fixed Income sales & trading, Securities clearing and settlement services, Corporate Finance, Research, Asset Management, Services functions [IT, Operations, Projects, business development...)

As HoS for Finland I was leading 3 business units (20 People):  IT, Securities operations and Corporate services at the Helsinki office. During this period the legal structure was changed from Finnish legal entity into an SE company and further into a Branch office of the main company based in the Netherlands.

It was an interesting, exciting and educating time. Several changes of legal structure and organisational changes really challenged me and my team. We did extremely well to get all pieces together without jeopardizing daily business and without any interruptions of the daily processes.

We also relocated the Helsinki office and I acted as project manager in updating the main systems for Equities brokerage business, both front- and back office systems.

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to lead such a devoted team with highly experienced professionals.

Mar 2005 - Aug 2007

Nordic Head of Property and Facilities Management Services

ABN AMRO Securities Nordic, SE

Responsibility for all Nordic Real Estate and Facilities Management for all ABN AMRO entities. Managing Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki Corporate Services (30 employees)Lease agreements, procurement, internal office services.

During my time in this position the offices in Norway were consoildated into one location, Finnish office was relocated and the project for  future needs for space and location for the Swedish office was introduced.

Also organisational development took place during this period and arrangements to meet future demands where started in all four countries.

Having this managerial role from Finland leading local teams of four countries was a challenge and taught me the role of beeing a manager with remote leadership. The Nordic team around me delivered services with experienced and skillful staff, supported me and the bank professionally and with great attitude and skills that could be recommended to any demanding employer.

Jul 1997 - Mar 2005

Head of IT

Alfred Berg Finland Oyj

Country Head of IT, Finland

When I returned from a six month project period at the New York office I returned to the Helsinki office.I then got the opportunity to re-build the local IT organisation from scratch. I did new recruitments and established the organisation according to business strategy and goals.

During my time in this position the company grew very fast and it was the most successful investment bank in Finland for several years both in mergers and acquisitions activities in the local market and the securities trading according to volume.

The IT department had the opportunity to support the business with a very skillful personnel and technical platforms that where state of the art. We managed successfully the growing Finnish equity market demands as well as the fast growing company demands. At the same time the ABN AMRO Bank’s European models where implemented in also in the Nordic operations.

I had a group of 7 people in my leadership and cannot say that a more dedicated, flexible and professional team could have been expected.

I was part of the Nordic IT management team and one of the country heads in the ABN AMRO IT organisation that implemented the IT strategy to meet the growing demands of the well-established global banking business.

Jan 1997 - Jun 1997

Project Manager, IT

Alfred Berg Inc.

Renew and update NYC office infrasructure to meet Nordic standard.Trading and settlement systems, servers, workstations, mailsystem, telephony, office applications...


Sep 1983 - May 1986

B.Sc. (Engineering)

Vasa Tekniska Läroanstalt (VTLA)


Nov 2013 - Present

Togaf 9.1 foundation

The Open Group
Business and IT architecure modelling
May 2008 - Present

Cobit 4.1 foundation

IT Governace and administration processes
Apr 2009 - Present

ITIL v3 foundation

IT preneurs
IT service management processes
Jan 2009 - May 2010

One Aktia - Aktia leadership program

Hanken & SSE Executive education
Stragegic leadership program for future leaders at Aktia. Program was planned and managed by the company established for executive education by the Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki.



Business Management

Strategic planning, Strategy development, Deputy Member of the borad (Samlink) 2 years, Management team member (Nord Pool Spot, ABN AMRO Helsinki Branch), Leadership team member (IT/NPS, IT/Aktia, Services Europe/ABN AMRO Bank, Operations Europe/ABN AMRO Bank), Project Steering groups (Several),

Leadership, people management

People manager in several positions, Leadersip teams, formal training, coaching, mentoring

Business partner

I have acted as a business partner in several positions providing key processes and services to core business. I am an experienced advisor and bridge builder between besiness services and core business (IT, operations, finance, administration)

Business development, Process development

Member of development teams and - projects as group leader, advisor and member. Process edvelopment in business- and IT processes. Strategic planning and implementation.

Business and IT architecture

Acted as grop manager, independent development manger and strategic advisor in organisational and architecural development