Matthew Watts

Matthew Watts

Work experience

Work experience

United Way

I did posters of advertising for their campaign.


Basha Libary

1 year  of volunteer work, 97 hours

Feb 2010 - May 2010

Coldwell Well banker

Personal client


Aug 2009 - Present

2 year graphic cerctification

East Valley Institute of Technology

Graduated in 2011 with an A.

MY first year stuff

Second year stuff

my own made stuff


My Objective is to learn the software on macs that is current. Enough to be able to to be up with the pros,and in the  market. Then I want to or even during I want to do a job for awhile. Then I want to start my own company Mgw  Designer and poet.


I would love to be a graphic designer. I have talent in many of the design programs. I am currently still taking Evit East Valley Institute of Technology also Basha High. In 2011 I will be graduated. Glad to work at state, or local position in the field. I have learned how to do packaging, flyers, logos, buisness cards, and te-shirt designs, and more. Worked for many companies like Fountain Hills, Community Bridges, SAS Dance and Coldwell Banking and more.


My Interests are the following.


2.Graphic design

3.Web design