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Technology Development Department, Device Engineer

Summary of Qualification 

● Outstanding 3+ year track record of semiconductor experience as a device engineer.
● 1 year experiences in Labview tool during college.
● An unwavering commitment to customer service, with the ability to build productive relationships, resolve complex issues and win customer loyalty.
● Standard logic device measurement skills including IV/CV, WAT, P8/IC CAP auto-system.
● Specialty in Spice model parameter extraction and verification.  
● Familiar with layout tools, verification process, command file based on Laker environment.
● Experience on TCAD simulation and modeling of semiconductor process.
● Set up and maintain PDK document.
● Skills of software including Labview, Soildwork, CodeV, Lighttool during college.

Work experience

Aug 2012Present

Technology Development Department, Device Engineer

Macronix, Hsinchu,TW
  • Standard Logic Device measurement
  1. Standard logic device measurement (IV/CV).
  2. WAT operation.
  3. P8/IC CAP automatic measurement system.
  • Layout
  1. Model testkey setup/DRC and LVS.
  2. Tape-out/Job view.
  • Hspice/Spectre modeling
  1. LV,HV,UHV MOS/BJT/DIODE/CAP/RES/ device modeling.
  2. Statistical/Noise modeling.
  3. Sub-circuit Modification.
  • TCAD simulation
  1. Process input file setup and tuning.
  2. New device development.
  • PDK creation
  1. SPICE characteristic document.
    Layout Guideline.
    Device request table.



Front Range Community College


Arapahoe Community College