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Work experience

Dec 2015Present

Software Engineer


  • Using  python/Django to buid company system and analysis customers data to create  more benefit 
  • Machine learn using Scikit learn to train company data , which promoted repo rate for customers.
  • Using python to connect other service , like Mandrill , MailChimp  and Shopify.  
Mar 2015Dec 2015

Software Engineer

Irh Tech
  • Using Apche Spark to work with big data on the medical field
  • Using algorithm SVM, Naive Bayce , KNN to make Machine learning
  • Using python and Javascript to pare data formate for Dicom 
Jan 2015Mar 2015

Software Engineer

  • Using Python to parser data from CSV or XML and store them on mongo DB
  • Using Apache Spark to work with big data
Jun 2014Jan 2015

Software Engineer

  • Using Django\Flask on AWS to collect data which is provided by Taiwan Powers
  • Predicting what electric appliances is working
  • Scrappy the web page to get data
  • Using vagrant and docker to deploy server on AWS
Oct 2013Jun 2014

Associate Software Engineer

  • Using Flask on AWS to collect data from machine , analyse data and plot chart
  • Design web site system
Mar 2012Jul 2012

Software Engineer

Seed Studio Inc
  • Using native IOS SDK to develop two social games with Facebook and G plus 
  • Maintaining console games like PS3 
Jun 2011May 2012

Software Engineer

  • Building Linux kernel into company's products
  • Building server to provide  software 
  • Designin server system


Hadoop\Apache Spark

Using on the medical field and machine learn to predict situation from history data.


Using python and D3,  jsDatav to thread data and visualised.


Designing as API server and making website with multi-socal login. 


It is my main tools to do everything. Whatever connecting device or big data I use it.


Certificate of achievement from NYC DATA SCIENCE ACADEMY at October 22, 20015.

Using R and Python to analysis data and get  visualise report training.