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A dynamic, resourceful and forward thinking executive leader who sets the overall vision and strategy of the company and communicates it to all stakeholders;recruits, hires and retains the very best talent for the company; and makes sure there is always enough cash in the bank.

Conceiving, developing and executing the strategies and initiatives that drive revenues, growth, market positioning and shareholder value is what I do best! Throughout my career as a manager, with outstanding cross-functional qualifications spanning all aspects of sales, operations and financial challenges, earned a track record of success in managing complex international business initiatives, and delivering results. An executive who possesses the experience, capabilities and judgment for taking a business to its next level of success or resolving the deficiencies that impede its ability to grow and prosper. A “doer” who is highly skilled in visualizing and executing a plan and doing whatever it takes to deliver. A management style best described as” hands-on”, decisive, persistent and participative, supported with strong skills in creative thinking, analytical problem solving and results oriented focus.

Multifunctional Expertise

Vision/Strategy/Execution - Organizational Development - Team Building/Mentoring/Leadership - Sales & Marketing Strategy - Customer Satisfaction / Retention/Engagement - Distributor/OEM Experience - Client Mgnt/New Market Development - Multi site Operations/Budgets/P&L Management- Performance/Productivity/Efficiency Improvements -Quality Assurance/World Class Manufacturing Cause Effect Problem Solving - Product Development/Launch - Merger/Streamlining/Consolidation/Lean culture - Turnaround/ Re-Alignment.

Major Accomplishments

Delivered more than $300M in new business through organic and acquisitive growth; Established vision, strategy and execution,generating extra revenue from new markets, customers, product diversification and acquisitions, in my past 3 positions.

Directed the integration of 3 major acquisitions, resulting in cost savings of over $50M; facility consolidations, product line rationalizations and lean practices.

Demonstrated major improvements in working capital of over $40M; global supply agreements, account receivables recovery strategies and efficient inventory management practices.

Facilitated the communication gap between sales and tech teams, marrying technology to business needs and bringing liaison between customer requirements and engineering development.

Managed OEM accounts in automotive, household appliance and major oil markets, as well as distribution networks in the oil upstream and agricultural markets, both domestically and internationally.

Work experience

Director US Operations

Gill Ind
GILL INDUSTRIES (2007 to Sept 2010) GA, MI Privately owned company with revenues of $150 million from manufacturing and sales of automotive and recreational vehicle components.   Director US Operations (2008 to Present)

Direct P/L responsibility including planning, controlling and coordinating all related manufacturing 

activities; production, quality, manufacturing processes, inventory, plant facilities and industrial

engineering for all US facilities.

Challenges: The MI operations lacked managerial innovation knowledge and needed to be re-aligned.

The operations was not managed with the required flexibility necessary in difficult economic times.

  • Restructured the organization in line with market downturn in automotive.
  • Built a new operations management team with experience in lean methodology and strong  financial  understanding
  • Facilitated the focus on inventory management, improving annual turns by 50%.
  • Created management metrics in line with company strategy and continuous improvement tracking.
  • Participated in major take- over of $35M, from a company in bankruptcy. Took over the operations  and transferred manufacturing equipment within Gill’s facilities.
May 2004Sep 2007


BURNER SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL (2004 to 2007) Chattanooga, TN

Private equity owned company with revenue of $150 million; manufacturer and designer of natural gas components for household appliances, grills and furnace OEMs. (1600 associates)


Recruited as a change agent to manage the globalization, consolidation and strategic market repositioning of the organization. Company consisted of several acquired businesses with multiple operations operating independently. Full P/L responsibility. Recommended for the position by prior CFO from Tokheim Corp.

Challenges: Company losing a large segment of its business to Asian manufacturing. Quality level less than

acceptable. Dramatic commodities inflation impact on cost. Excess manufacturing floor space. Under performing French operation. Lack of global management structure and strategy.

  • Identified and penetrated new high end appliance customer segments with 2x margins ($10M);
  • Managed the acquisition of a bankrupt company initiated by the board directors.
  • Changed perception of company from a manufacturing supplier to an innovative engineering solution  provider.
  • Bundled components to provide added-value solutions to existing customers ($12M);
  • Built a global management team streamlining existing structure and created “Center of Excellence” eliminating duplications;
  • Developed, negotiated and implemented commodity pricing adjustment process with customer
  • approval.
  • Moved two major manufacturing sites to lower cost country with savings of $6M; Reduced floor
  • space by 19% / 120,000 sq. ft.;
  • Turnaround French operation to a profitable level ( 0% to 10% EBITDA)
  • Facilitated TPS and lean practices for production / Organized kaizen events on regular basis.
  • Obtained ISO certification for all facilities within 12 months;
  • Established common metrics for all business units in line with vision and strategy of corporation business units
Jun 1996Sep 2003

President Europe, COO

Tokheim Coropation

President, Tokheim-RPS-Sofitam Europe and COO (1998-2002) Paris, France/USA

Evaluatedmerger consolidation savings. Key role in launching successful IPO. Facilitated and integrated the acquisition. Revenue of $450 million and 4,400 employees.Full P/L responsibilities for Sales, Service, Marketing, R&D, Manufacturing and Purchasing.

Challenges: Establish new management team. Consolidate duplication of manufacturing facilities in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain and UK.Integrate service companies in France, UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany. Rationalize major product lines. Improve Net Trade Working capital. Meet projected savings target of $43M in three years.

  • Formulated customer strategies and communications, especially in countries with monopolistic position.
  • Spearheaded short and long-term rationalization strategies for components, products and operations with team consensus;
  • Rationalized 3 dispenser and 2 POS product lines, with customer concurrent engineering participation;
  • Consolidated 6 manufacturing facilities, merged 3 engineering groups and 2 headquarters, reducing SGA by 16%;
  • Merged 32 service locations into 6 and improved service operation margins from 9 % to 24 %;
  • Implemented 42 cost improvementprojects, reducing operating costs by $65 million and reducing floor space utilization by 40%; and
  • Dramatically improved NTWC by $70M through global supply agreement, receivables improvement and inventory reduction.

President, Tokheim-Sofitam Europe (1996 – 1998) Paris, France

Promoted to European President to manage the acquisition of Sofitam, a manufacturer and service provider of gasoline dispensers with operations across Europe and Africa. Revenues of $200 million with 1,750 employees.

Challenges: Sofitam consisted of two different dispenser manufacturing companies and two service companies, competing against each other. Create a management team to support the consolidation / rationalization to reduce overhead cost, rationalize components and merged service companies to increase margins and reduce overall inventories.

  • Negotiated and renewed major supply and service contracts with BP, Shell, Total and Elf.
  • Merged 3 European factories and consolidated 2 competitive service business in France.
  • Rationalized major components between dispenser lines to gain purchasing savings of $1.5M;
  • Improved controllable cash flow by $31 million in 2.5 years;
  • Realized operational cost reductions of $23 million, beating target of $16 million
  • Improved EBITDA of European business from 5% in 1996 to 13% in 1998.

Vice-President Sales/Marketing, Tokheim International (1993 – 1996) Fort Wayne, IN

Recruited to develop a marketing / product management team to facilitate the communication gap between business and tech teams, marrying technology to business needs, creating profit rather than resource drain. Recruited by former VP International Sales from Babson Bros .Co.

Challenges: broaden Company’s market reach by establishing cross marketing supplier alliances to fill voids in product offering. Develop and implement marketing/product strategies across geographic segments and OEM customers. Identify project priorities and implement.

  • Negotiated a major alliance partnership with a POS provider, increasing revenues by $6M in two years.
  • Established a distribution network in Asia and the Middle East.
  • Negotiated and won worldwide contract with Shell worth $15 million per year;
  • Built a $12 million distribution network in Asia and improved market share in Middle East from 11% to 64%;
  • Grew international revenue by 2x and improved EBITDA from 8% to 15%.
Sep 1979Aug 1993

General Manager Sales & Marketing NA

Babson Bros Co
Privately owned company with revenues of $100 million from manufacturing and sales of farm equipment through a distribution network.

General Sales & Marketing Manager, North America (1991 – 1993) Chicago, IL

General Manager, Europe (1987 – 1991) France, Holland and UK

Division Manager, Eastern Canada (1979 – 1987) Montreal, Quebec


Aug 1976Aug 1979


Mc Gill University


Terence Mitchell

Jacques developed and motivated our territory sales managers and dealers to achieve growth in market share during a period of market consolidation and fierce competition. Jacques has exceptional drive and passion for getting things done, and earned the respect of his colleagues by leading through example. Jacques likes to win and succeeds through diligence and hard work.”

Micheal Saey

Jacques St-Denis is a professional in every aspect of his work ethic. He was a pivotal player in turning Gill Industries into a profitable organization. He displays a unique blend of management and hands on mentoring. An asset to any company

Timothe Eastom

Jacques is the ultimate leader with versatile skills in engineering, sales, finance and marketing. During his work history, he has held the senior leadership position of most of these groups and led them to world class operation. His style can best be described as progressive and participative. Name any of the buzz words such as SIx Sigma, TPM, PM, Black/Green Belt movement leadership, 6-S (5S wrapped around by safety) , etc, etc. - Jacques has been there and done that and motivated his team in the same efforts. Most importantly, Jacques people skills are such that he brings out the best in everyone. HIs participative style motivates employees to bring ideas and work effort that meets and exceed the customer expectations. In short, Jacques will succeed and his team and any Company that is fortunate enough to obtain his services will also succeed

Edouard Steier

“Jacques has extensive experience as a senior executive in manufacturing based businesses. His ability to identify and implement effective strategy as well as his ability to lead day to day activity has served him well would make him a strong asset to any company

Micheal Boone

Jacques is an excellent executive with extensive experience in international sales, marketing and operations. During his tenure with Tokheim he successfully integrated two very large acquisitions in less than five years. Jacques would be a great asset to any corporation, especially those with global operations.”

Curt Arnold

Jaques is an exceptional leader with a strong understanding of every discipline supporting a business. He is a strategic thinker who is able to critically assess the competitive landscape, and to rapidly modify tactics and strategy as required. Jacques has the ability to keep multiple divisions, located in many countries, working together in support of a common vision. His strong focus on vision and strategy helps to guide decisions throughout his chain-of-command. I reported to Jacques as the CFO for BSI. He always supported the requirements of my office and was unwavering in his commitment to our business. Nobody worked harder than he did. He led by example I would strongly recommend Jacques St.Denis to anyone who requires an Executive capable of taking an international business to the next level.”

Patrick Schultz

Jacques St-Denis is an exceptional business leader with an excellent record of accomplishment. Jacques has achieved many successes as a direct result of his ability to lead, inspire, and motivate others by example. Few people possess Jacques level of insight and multifaceted skills. Jacques has the fortitude, vision and uncanny ability to manage the most complex business and at the same time, conduct himself in the most collective and honorable manner.”


  Strengths   Leadership My leadership skills include vision, strategy, communication and empowerment, which allow the entire organization to participate in its growth and development. I use creativity to define the vision, communicate clearly the vision, lead the strategic planning to find the how to get to the vision, empower trust and motivate people to reach their full potential and be able to better contribute to overall success of the company.   Style I lead honestly and do diligent efforts to determine the truth of the company situation. I have the ability to align and build cohesive teams in multi cultural, multi business environment. I create a people oriented participative business culture in an environment where people can be heard. I build credibility and inspire commitment. I focus on creating a future that supports the needs of the business, the shareholders customers and employees by matching the strategy to the situation.   Personality I am aggressive and do whatever it takes to meet or beet the goals. I am persistent and always a believer that you can and will prevail in the end Determined and fanatically driven to succeed.   Strategic visionary A strategic visionary with the ability to create forward looking plans that guides the organization’s future and responds to market, customer, competitive and operations priorities. I create vision which defines a common direction for all, projects a realistic destination in the future, incorporates the desired results and addresses all critical issues. My strategic vision is based on foresight, insight, experience, imagination, information and values.    Result Oriented            Always assume full responsibility to achieve financial targets. I create performance metrics that are in line with the vision and strategy. My decisions are highly concerned with how results will impact the bottom line. Always ensure that objectives are clearly communicate and integrated into the business plan and philosophy at each business units.   Continuous Improvement driven - inquisitive My whole approach to work has been one where I purposely review how work is being done to look for those improvement opportunities that will have the greatest impact. I identify the major barriers to the improvement in these areas, I look for creative ways to eliminate these barriers and move on to bring the improvement about. I am inquisitive in nature and always looking for a better way to do things. I have developed creativity skills with emphasis on reengineering and continuous lean improvements of business. I focus on eliminating unnecessary work, consolidate and streamline existing work process and develop new ways to get same or better results with far fewer resources.     Self Motivated / lifelong learner I take responsibility for doing whatever is necessary to get the job done and making certain I have the tools necessary to get the job done. In other words I have a passion for self improvement; I manage my own personal and professional development. I learn aggressively and take the initiative to get expertise required to add more value to the company.   Management style   I strongly believe organizational success has a lot to do with the role management plays in providing strategic leadership and unleashing the full potential of its employees through team approach. I consider my style as participative, with an open door policy to my subordinates and their ideas. I get results through empowerment, motivation and delegation. I create an environment where people can be heard to really get the truth.  I lead with questions not answers, engage dialog and debate, conduct business solutions to problems without blame, retain absolute faith that you can and will prevail and focus on not to de-motivate my people by not taking necessary actions.   Operating style. .   My operating style can be best described as focused, well organized and strongly committed to bringing about improvement for which I am responsible. I tend to take the project approach to carrying out work. This includes defining opportunities for improvements, setting specific goals, formulating a workable plan, carrying out the plan and evaluating results.     Planning and organizing skills   I organize my work by using a combination of annual planning combined with quarterly and monthly reviews process for each operations and business units. I believe there is a strong relationship between planning and individual success. The planning process tends to bring some structure and order to what you are doing. Without a well thought out plan, you lack direction and would have a tendency to be more activity than result driven.     Business Philosophy   My business philosophy is one that believes in the importance of taping the full human potential of the organization. I am a strong advocate of the participation approach to management. Since people plan and manage all the resources, the ability to develop and motivate people to effectively control these resources is paramount to achieve profitability and organizational success.   Interpersonal skills   I am a person who builds strong and effective working relationships with others. I am confident, positive and socially well adjusted and get well with others.   Motivation and drive   I am committed to the job and profession, with eagerness to learn and grow professionally. Willingness to take the rough with the smooth. A high sense of energy and urgency. Always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. .