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Work experience

Jan 2009Feb 2012

Senior Programs Executive (Communication and Media Strategy)

Teamwork Communication Consultants, Abuja, Nigeria.

Responsible for the design and implementation from conception to completion media and information campaign involving Nigeria's National Assembly Committees (Senate and House of Reps.) on Tourism, Culture and National Orientation.

Mar 1999Jan 2011

Media Consultant

National Assembly's Committees on Culture and Tourism

Head of Media and Programs.

Responsible for the coordination of Media and Public Relations programs.

Jan 2006Dec 2006

Media Consultant

National Assembly's Committees on Population and National ID Cards.

Appointed  a member of a team of experts responsible for the sensitization of Nigerians in the 774 local government areas for the successful conduct of the 2006 Nigeria National Population Census.

Apr 1996May 1999

Head:Media and Public Relations

National Council for Arts and Culture, Abuja, Nigeria.

Oversee Media and Public Relations matters.


Oct 2013Present

Master of Arts

National University

The objective of the program was to develop effective, strategically sophisticated professionals who possess the full complement of analytic and practical tools to lead communication efforts. It foster strategic thinking, logical analysis, and solution generation. (Source:  

Feb 2003Apr 2003

Certificate: Computer Studies

National Democratic Institute, Abuja, Nigeria.

General Computer Studies.

Jun 1984Nov 1988

Bachelor of Arts

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.


Creative Marketing Strategies

In creative marketing as a member of a vibrant team, I helped create and implement several strategic packages from conception to completion. In doing this, I made use of the current market trends at the time of implementation, employ the best media available to reposition my brand and created an effective means of measuring and monitoring the returns on investment.(The ROI). To achieve this, I began with a preliminary research of current trends in the markets, do an effective competition analysis and the creation of strategies for branding. Some of the strategies include advertising and media programs, trade shows and other corporate events. Excellent designs was incorporated here to complement these efforts in a way that appeals to my target audience.

Corporate Governance

The skill set needed here is the ability to balance the interest of several stakeholders in an organization. Effective discharge of responsibilities also involved successful execution of an organization's action plan and performance measurement. With more than fifteen years experience in top management positions, I am very conversant with the rules, practices and processes by which companies and organizations are directed and controlled.

Crisis Management/Communications

In crises communication and management, a well tested professional with the right training and skills must be constantly prepared to protect and defend his organization against whatever public challenge to its reputation, as well as initiate series of actions to lessen whatever damage inflicted. In modern practice such professionals go a step further by also introducing some preventive measures and effective preparation against potential crises. I horn my skills here taking the following steps to combat crises in any form: Pre-crises preparation- Be always proactive, create and ensure proper training of crises communication team; Establish notification and monitoring systems to reach internal and external stakeholders in times of crises; To identify and know my stakeholders and develop a "Holding Statement" to minimize panic and restore calm. Post crises; Assessment of crises situation, adapt key messages in crises and do a post crises analysis. 

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications essentially involved keeping a business on message. As an expert in this field, I do everything to facilitate series of activities  aimed at orchestrating all internal and external communications to positively propel my organization among its stakeholders. While the messages will be made cogent and coherent with credibility, contact would also be made with strategic interest such as the Market, the media, investors, communities and the staffs of my organization. In training sessions and contact with strategic interest, messages that re-enforces the vision and mission of my organization are churned out. To be specific the messages would explain what my company/organization does, articulate our primary customer benefits, establish credibility with users and staffs, create serious emotional connections, invoke curiosity about the organization particularly in relation to its products/services and help motivate actions mostly among customers.

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills is not only important but crucial as a well developed skill in communication. It involves  reasoning leading to conclusions, implications and consequences. In applying the skill I made use of clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reason, depth, and fairness. Succinctly put as an important component of critical thinking, I use those skills to guide behavior. Added to this is my ability to communicate effectively with others in finding solutions to complex problems, think open-mindedly within alternative system of thought and skillfully taking charge of structures inherent in thinking.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is very important in information dissemination and image building. It is a systematic process of translating a mission and a vision to broadly defined goals following a carefully designed sequence of steps to achieve them. In implementing my strategy in any given situation, I adhere strictly to the following steps and methods:

1, I keep my information very credible. 2, I keep the information compelling and continuous in order to be effective. 3, My information is grounded in the interest and language of the receiver to ensure it is clearly understood. 4, My information is crafted in such a manner as to satisfy the curiosity and the thirst for information among my targeted stakeholders. 5, I also ensure that my series of messages are strong enough to influence and galvanize my intended stakeholders in taking action towards the realization of my organization's objectives.

Event Planning

In Events Planning I apply a lot of creativity in service delivery particularly in two broad areas of "corporate" and "social" planning. I approach every task with a carefully thought-out strategy making each strategy unique to every event. The bigger the event the more lead time would be required to plan it. To guarantee a good night in events planning, I conduct a lot of pre-event research which sometimes involve surveys, interviews, customs and etiquette. Creativity comes to play in the design phase of the event. Each of the activities that form part of the overall event will receive special attention and a post-event evaluation is a must, which helps ensure a better performance for the next assignment.

Corporate Branding

Branding as a powerful tool in communication aims at providing specific answers to the question of who you are,(individual or organization), what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. The central message I continually promote in a brand is a pledge to consistency in offering a specific product or services just the way it is being expected by stakeholders. As a corporate brand strategist I usually embark on a thorough audit of a prospective organization's existing brand and study the messaging, the visual identity among others to evaluate the strength and weaknesses inherent in them. I also encourage a brainstorming session among the organization leaders with a focus on the mission, vision, products, services and promises of the organization to its numerous stakeholders. With everyone on board and operating on the same page it would be time to use the information sourced to create a unified brand strategy with a clear and cogent messaging which is also complimented visually with a logo.

Communication and Media Campaign

When planning a communication and media campaign I rely heavily on the SMART approach, that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. The first task is to identify my primary and secondary audience, with each getting a communication plan of their own. Research comes next which helps me understand the most effective means of communicating with my target audience. I also use this method to test the reaction of a sample of my audience to know what is, and not effective. Next, my messages are kept clear and straight to the point and appropriate for the intended audience. Effective timing is another important resource. My campaign follow a sequence in effective timing at different stages. At the end of each campaign there is the evaluating process to determine the level of success achieved. 

Public Relation Activities

"Public relations is a strategic communication process that build mutually beneficial relationships between organization and their publics" Public Relations Society of America, PRSA.

As a tested professional with more than fifteen years experience in public relations practice, I utilize my skills effectively for my organization in analyzing and interpreting events with the potential of positively or negatively impacting my organization. In the course of performing this and other assignments using tact and strategic release of information, and effective communication within the organization and to the public at large, I have succeeded severally in repositioning my organization to achieve the core aims and objectives as enshrined in its mission and vision statements.


Prof. Margy Hillman

c/o National University

11255, North Torrey Pines Road

La Jolla CA 92037.

Chanique Chatham

Sun West Mortgage Company,

18000 Studebaker Road,(Suit 200)

Cerritos, CA 90703.

Dr. Olakunle Ajayi (MD)

c/o Kaiser Permanente,

Oakland CA


To work as member of a successful and highly effective team which actualize the aims and objectives of my organization.



I am an accomplished strategist with over fifteen years high-visibility experience in the field of communication, media, marketing and public relations. I have excellent track record of clear and verifiable successes in several areas. Some of them are in areas like Crises Management, Creative Marketing Strategies, Communication and Media Campaign, Public Relations, Fund-Raising and Product Launch just to mention a few. I am also involved in continuous professional research and evaluation, breaking new grounds as a promotion and brand strategist with a proven ability to grow revenues. In my professional career, I have on several occasions been singularly responsible for the design and implementation from conception to completion, very complex media and information campaign involving National and Continental Programs.

I have received several awards, letters of commendation for dedication, hard -work, discipline and loyalty. I am however, an unrepentant advocate and promoter of the spirit of team work. I strongly believe nothing succeeds like Team-work. I am a curious, confident, and capable professional who is available for travel and relocation.

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