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Full name: Kuniarwan Suyono

Resident of : Indonesia Date of Birth : 28-06-1988 Marital status: Single

Ethnic: Chinese

Temporary Address : 32 niven road Singapore 228379

Mobile Number : 82424126


I am 22 years old,male. I am a graduate student in Computer Science at BINUS University with GPA 3.96.

My personality as a hard worker and fast learner type of person would bring benefit to your company. I have good motivation for progress and able to work with team (team work) or by myself. Beside that I posses adequate computer skill and have good command in English, Mandarin, Indonesia, Hokkien and Japan, both written and oral.

Informal Education


June 2004 - June 2006

Medan, Indonesia

Introduction to C# Programming with microsoft .net

June 2008 - August 2008

Jakarta, Indonesia


Organization Experience

  • Led fund-raising at KMBD organization
  • Supporting Member of HIMTI (Information Technology Student Association)


Sep 2006Jan 2010

Bachelor of computer


Semester                  IPS          IPK        SKS Semester      SKS Kumulatif 1st Semester          3.90        3.90        20                            20 2nd Semester        4.00        3.95        20                            40 3rd Semester          4.00        3.97        22                            62 4th Semester          3.83        3.93        23                            85 5th Semester          4.00        3.94        24                            109 6th Semester          4.00        3.95        21                            130 7th Semester          4.00        3.96        10                            140

Thesis                          Grade  S1                                  A

Jun 2003Jun 2006

Senior High school



Computer Skills
Technical Skills   Oracle 11g database, SQL, PL/SQL, Report and Form Builder, Administration MySQL, SQL Server 2005, SQLite (Linux), postgreSQL Programming Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual Basic .net, Robotic, Java (J2SE), Java (J2ME), qt (Linux), HTML, JSP, Jscript, CSS, PHP, AJAX, ASP, ASP .NET Office applications: Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Visio, Access, and PowerPoint) Operating Systems: Windows Vista, XP, Linux, Mac OS Multimedia applications: Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Hardware Troubleshooting    

Work experience

Oct 2009Feb 2010


Database Administrator• Analyzed performance of purchase order reporting application• Developed simulation system and implemented tuning solution. The implementation resulted in a significant improvement in response time.• Tuned and optimized reporting application performance by    o Generating Materialized view from base tables    o Generating Partitioned Materialized View

Jun 2008Jun 2009

I. ATL (Information Technology Directorate and Applied Technology Laboratories)

Research and Development Team Member

  • Developed RSS System for OLMS (Offline Learning Management System) to obtain latest news easily and to publish frequently updated information
  • Developed Database Parser to connect all platform databases to obtain information in OLMS.
Feb 2009Jun 2009

II. PT SOLUSI REKATAMA MAKMUR (Distributor of GRACO Fluid Handling Equipment)

Web Developer

  • Developed web reporting application to generate financial report for cash flow reconciliation. This resulted in :
    • Total elimination of manual reporting because report is automatically generated
    • Improvement of report readability and ease of quarter to quarter cash flow comparison
  • Developed web interface to allow customers to order products and submit product inquiries. The new web interface resulted in increased sales and quicker respond time to product inquiries.