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Kunanon Tanrin


To obtain a full time position in the company that offers a professional working environment which give me a opportunity as a fresh graduate to grow while meeting the company goal.

Personal Information

Sex: Male                                                                               Age: 25

Nationality: Thai                                                                 Marital Status: Single

Military Service: Exempted from military service because of 3 years of Reserved Officer Training Course.


Feb 2018Present

Bangkok Airways

Position: System Support


  • Coordinate with all reservation system vendors to scrutinize on the experience and functionality.
  • Execute and develop online reservation system to fully meet the company’s expectation and to create better customer’s satisfaction.
  • Analyze and involve in the process of procuring for new systematical related vendor.
  • Test and scrutinize the delivery of new system, feature or function to ensure that the requirement is fulfill.
  • Collaborate with the vendor to scrutinize on the root cause of arising problem on the website’s reservation system.
May 2016Dec 2017

Fujitsu Glovia, Inc.

Position: Developer


  • Investigate the application, analyzes and modify existing software to correct errors by making appropriate changes.
  • Wrote maintainable and extensible code in a team environment.
  • Testing the product to ensure that it operates satisfactorily.
  • Collaborate with Quality Assurance team for testing the product in controlled before the software goes live.

Feb 2015Apr 2015

Senior Project: POSPharmacy

Position: Android Developer


To develop a point of sale system for pharmacy store with the following features.    

  • Inventory information management with notifying features when items ran out of stock or expired.
  • Using cloud storage services for security of data, convenient deployment and management.
  • Barcode scanning with camera-­embedded tablets.  
  • Point-of-sale front-end services.    


  • Java language in OOP style.
  • Using Parse as a cloud database.
  • Integrated ZXing barcode library.
  • Integrated GraphView library.

Jun 2014Dec 2014

Internship Project: Room Reservation

Position: Programmer & IT support


To make the web application which allowed the employee of CPPC to make a booking and manage the conference room at each work site or factory all over the country.


  • ASP.NET MVC 4 for standards-based web applications.
  • HTML5+CSS3 as the standard for World Wide Web.
  • Bootstrap CSS Framework to build a responsive Web site.
  • Daypilot Calendar as open source AJAX event calendar. 
  • SQL server as a database.



Bachelor of Software and Knowledge Engineering

Kasetsart University (International Undergraduate Program)

Cumulative Grade Point Average : 2.35


Debsirin School

Certificate of Mathematics-Science

Cumulative Grade Point Average : 3.24

Additional skill

  • Unix Shell Script
  • Github
  • TFS