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➤ Software Engineer with 5+ years of startup experience. Love building things from ground up. Believes in TDD. Biased towards code readability.
➤ Have good understanding and experience in server-side development - Architecting highly reliable, scalable & maintainable distributed systems.
➤ Good hold over Data Structures and Algorithms. Reads actively on Database, Microservice, High level architecture design and scalability concepts. Was involved in Competitive Programming - Spoj, CodeChef and TopCoder. 
➤ Enthusiastic about new cutting edge technologies, exploring Blockchain recently

Work experience

Oct 2017

Senior Software Engineer

WazirX | Mumbai

WazirX is a crypto currency exchange by Crowdfire.

Designed and implemented -

➤ WRX coin -

➤  Referral system allowing user to earn WRX via referrals. Also credit 50% of trading commission to the referrer -

➤ Contest leaderboard. Automated winner announcement via email, and WRX distribution as per the rank -

➤ Entire KYC Workflow from uploading of identity docs to profile verification from admins. Also setup auto KYC to activate the profile instantly.

➤ WRX Miner program to reward users depending on the value of trades -

➤ Wazirx P2P - Allowing user to buy USDT to trade cryptos, or sell USDT and cash out in INR. This was due to RBI ban leading to delinking of bank accounts -

➤ Instant INR withdrawals via Cashfree to user's bank account. Also verification of bank account details.

➤ Introduced Maker-Taker model in existing trading system thereby rewarding users whose order lead to filling of order book.

➤ Migrated existing authentication in Ruby to Golang leading to almost 10X improvement in API response time. Also implemented 2FA via SMS.

➤ Explored Machine Learning. Was facilitator for ML team.

Tech - Golang, Ruby, MySQL, SQS, RabbitMQ, Gin, Docker, Kubernetes, Mixpanel, Periscope, New Relic, Sysdig, ELK

Apr 2016

Senior Software Engineer

Crowdfire | Mumbai

➤ Worked mostly on the backend of the Crowdfire's product which handles millions of users. Plan, Architect, Develop, Ship. 
➤ Responsible for designing and developing Publish which allowed user to schedule and publish contest on various platforms.
- Added more platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn.
- Worked on best time to publish across multiple platforms.
➤ Accountable for designing & building systems with scalable architecture.
➤ Scaling microservices using concurrent solutions, message queuing and developing low latency API's.
➤ Dockerised existing microservices to deploy on Kubernetes.
➤ Developed an internal nodejs starter kit to be used for every new microservice.
➤ Refactored and increased code coverage in existing microservices.
➤ Developed scraping service in Golang as a side project which eventually went on to replace existing python implementation as it could handle high workload with around 30% latency improvements.

Tech - Golang, Node, Python, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Aerospike, SQS, RabbitMQ, Gin, Express, Hapi, GAE Task Queue, Docker, Kubernetes, Mixpanel, Periscope, New Relic, Sysdig, ELK

Aug 2014Apr 2016

Software Engineer

Fropcorn | Hyderabad

First employee at Fropcorn.

➤ Fropcorn Backend
Built entire backend from scratch, which consisted of REST APIs to be consumed by client side apps (Android, iOS and Windows) and website.
- Unit and Integration tests with 90% test coverage.
➤ Fropcorn mobile site
- Fropcorn consumer facing mobile site used for exploring media content and placing orders.
➤ Order Completion Android App
- App that is handed over to the local vendors for completing orders paid by cash.
➤ Setup the continuous integration system via Teamcity.
➤ Mobile site Analytics using Mixpanel
➤ Application monitoring of nodejs services and Perf Monitoring of servers via NewRelic
➤ Logging, error tracking and alerts via Loggly.

Tech - Node.js, Express.js,, MongoDB, Mocha, Chai, AngularJS, LESS, Ionic Framework, Cordova, Android

Jun 2013Aug 2014

Software Development Engineer in Test

Microsoft | Hyderabad

➤ Owned overall test infrastructure and code coverage at Data Protection Manager (DPM) team.
➤ Automated Scale Testing of backup to tape feature from physical DPM.
➤ Stress and reliability testing of backup to tape over SynthFC from virtualized DPM.

May 2012Jul 2012

Software Development Engineer in Test - Intern

Microsoft | Hyderabad

Automated the process of provisioning machines with the specified hardware and software requirements using Microsoft Internal Cloud Platform.


Honors and Awards

1. Part of 1st batch of Gennext Reliance-Microsoft Accelerator Program - Microsoft & Reliance - February 2015

Participated in four month long accelerator programme by GenNext Innovation Hub, a joint accelerator programme run by Reliance Industries-sponsored VC firm GenNext Ventures and Microsoft Ventures.

2. Tech30 @ YourStory's TechSparks 2015 - YourStory - October 2015

TechSparks is Yourstory's prestigious event attended by top 30 tech startups from all across the country.

3. AIEEE Top 1000 AIR Holders Scholarship - Central Counseling Board (CCB) - July 2010

AIEEE merit scholarship awarded to top 1000 All India Rank holders who choose to join NITs.

5. Silver 72 Trust Scholarship NIT Trichy

Awarded with Silver 72 Trust Scholarship which is sponsored by 1972 batch of Alumni and is awarded to 10 NIT Trichy students on the basis of merit every year.

6. ACM-ICPC - Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

 ACM-ICPC Amritapuri Site
 • Online Regionals: Rank 40  • Onsite Regionals: Rank 33
 ACM-ICPC Kanpur Site
 • Online Regionals: Rank 29  • Onsite Regionals: Rank 17


Jul 2009May 2013

National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)

Computer Science and Engineering

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