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Kumar Ogale is the founder and President of TransWeb LLC, a worldwide leader in advanced filtration solutions. He attended the State University of New York at Buffalo after earning a teaching fellowship to the institution, and he earned his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering in 1986. During his graduate studies, Kumar Ogale benefited from his work alongside esteemed researchers and professors Robert Good and Paul Ehrlich. After receiving his Master of Science, he worked with Dr. Ehrlich to publish an article based on the research and concepts presented in his Master’s thesis.After graduating, Kumar Ogale was hired at Pennwalt Chemical in Pennsylvania. Three years later, he joined the Catalloy Venture Group of Himont, Inc., in Delaware. At both companies, Ogale worked to research and improve innovative applications for polymers. In order to assist a Belgian entrepreneur in his efforts to build a new manufacturing business, Airflo N.V., he moved to Belgium in 1992. At Airflo N.V., Kumar Ogale collaborated on the development of new manufacturing processes for polymer-based air filtration materials.Kumar Ogale later returned to the United States to build a company around a technology he had developed on his own, a process to make air filtration products with plasma fluorinated polymers. In 1996, after attracting investors, he founded TransWeb LLC in Vineland, New Jersey, to manufacture and market his product. Initially serving as Vice President, he became President in 2010. Ogale has led TransWeb LLC through development to successful marketing, with annual revenues now over $10 million.In his time away from researching and working, Kumar Ogale enjoys reading, gardening, and hiking, as well as relaxing with his wife and three children.

Work experience

Jan 1996Present

Founder / President

Transweb LLC

Vice President from 1996-2009; President from 2010-Present

Details:Mr. Ogale had independently developed a technology that involved surface-fluorinating nonwoven materials with plasma to produce materials with superior filtration performance.TransWeb LLC became the first company to manufacture and commercialize plasma fluorinated polymeric materials used in a variety of applications, including respirators, air filters and air purifiers.Since its inception in 1996, TransWeb has continued to grow from a startup company with minimal revenues to a full manufacturing operation that employs more than 20 people full time and has revenues in excess of $10 million. TransWeb's products are the most technologically advanced products on the market and designed to keep people safe and comfortable in their workplaces and homes.

Mr. Ogale is considered a leading figure in the development of fluorinated media used in a variety of industrial and consumer applications, including NIOSH-approved respirators, HVAC filters, room air purifiers, cabin air filters for cars and trucks and vacuum cleaners. As the captain of TransWeb, he regularly travels the world and works with leading companies to develop specialized media that can solve their unique commercial needs.


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