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Work experience

Apr 2010Sep 2010

Assistant Engineer Mobile Radio Network

  • Carry out routine / non-routine checks and preventive maintenance activities.
  • Carry out corrective maintenance activities and resolve system faults.
  • Maintain and follow correct operation procedures, and assist in implementing new procedures as required.
  • Attend to and resolve customer complaints in liaison with OMC, other team members and Customer Services.
  • Liaise with equipment manufactures to resolve faults, system errors and queries.
  • Prepare system performance and utilization reports as required by supervisors.
  • Carry out installation of new equipment and equipment sites according to requirements.
  • Implement upgrades, expansions and configuration changes for new services.
  • Maintain sufficient equipment spares, spare inventory, and ensure faulty items are sent for repair and replaced.
  • Maintain test equipment and tools in working order and properly calibrated.
  • Provide technical assistance to department staff and other departments.
  • Ensure health and safety measure are addressed at all times.
  • Supervise and guide activities and tasks of junior staff. Assist MMN in conduction staff performance appraisals.
  • Assist MMN and SEMRN in training staff and carrying out training and development plans.
  • Assist MMN and SEMRN to manage overtime, OPEX expenditure and reduce costs whereever possible.
  • Develop and implement software tools and programs for internal use.
  • Provide on-call support as required and be available at all times during on-call duty.
  • Deputies for EMRN when required.
Sep 2005Nov 2009

Senior Technician - OMC

Wataniya Telecom Maldives
  • Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of faults generated in BSC.
  • Radio parameters changes & frequency plan implementation in co-ordination with planning and project section.
  • Preparation of data transcript in BSC for commissioning of BTS sites into the network.
  • Upgrading of BTS sites to increase network traffic load capacity.
  • Loading of new versions of BTS software for better network coverage & performance.
  • Co-ordination with BTS Engineers to resolve any network degrading faults generated at BTS sites.
  • Preventive Maintenance, involves CP, AP and SP (software, exchange data) backup on hard drives, DAT and optical disks.
  • Co-ordination with BTS Engineers and vendors to integrate new base stations and EDGE implementations.
  • BTS site migration between BSC’s for network optimization.
  • Analysis of Measurement Reports of various BTS for optimization of BTS performance.
  • Generate KPI reports of all BSC's node from OSS.
  • Coordination with BTS team for dual and Edge TRX definition and implementation.


Customer Support
  Pre-sales Support Pre-sales testing support, holding workshops with customer or partner on technical issues. Bidding support on technical and engineering related part. Follow up issues that may arise during testing/workshop/bidding activities. Engineering support Supervising project engineering process, including hardware and software supervision, acceptance test. Onsite support for site survey, installation or commissioning when necessary. Interface with engineering partner to locate technical problems that may arise during the engineering process. Maintenance support Responsible for SLM and TLM technical support service to customer or partner independently or jointly with a technical support team. Onsite support in case of major or critical problems that can’t be solved by customer or local subcontractor according to SLA. Responsible for handling technical cases on ticket system and keep tracking these problems during the whole resolving process.
Technical Skills
Knowledge on components and functions of the RAN system including the architecture and functions of the RAN system and its subsystems, the structure and functions of RAN products, and the software and tools for system maintenance. Knowledge on RAN features in terms of application scenarios, technical facts, implementation, and maintenance. Knowledge on principles and methods for planning the RAN network including RAN radio network planning, RAN transport network planning, and RAN equipment dimensioning Knowledge on principles and procedures for RAN OM planning. Knowledge on how to perform routine maintenance tasks at the network management center, such as monitoring the RAN system and querying the counters. Knowledge on tasks, frequency, and tools for routine maintenance, and performing daily/weekly/monthly maintenance. Knowledge on back up and recover the RAN system including backing up RAN programs, backing up RAN system data automatically, backing up RAN system data manually, and recovering the RAN system. Knowledge on scenarios and strategies for emergency maintenance and operation. Knowledge on locating and clearing faults after the RAN products start service. Knowledge on the flow and methods of radio network optimization. Knowledge on major parameters in network optimization. Knowledge on the basic principle of performance management and the general policy and methods of performance analysis. Knowledge on how to reconfigure the data of the RAN system using the MML commands including the major tasks and operating procedures. Knowledge on procedures for installing hardware that is extensively used in the RAN system.


Music has always been an inspiration as I spend my leisure time for live acoustic drumming performing occasionally for several local shows. I am also greatly interested in the environment and our social community and contribute whenever possible towards research and replenishment in the Maldives. Computer hardware and networking has always been a personal interest of mine and as a result has reflected my choice of career.


GSM & GPRS Training

Wataniya Telecom Maldives
Dec 2008Jan 2009

WCDMA RAN Product Operation and Maintenance Training

Huawei University
Oct 2005Oct 2005

WCDMA RAN Engineer Training

Huawei University