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Work experience

Apr 2011Aug 2012

Graphic Designer


Working at a sticker kiosk you gain a ton of customer service experience. Working with Vinyl was extremely fun for every reason. I also learned a new program LXi extremely fast. I'm very capable of picking up new material. 

Sep 2009Feb 2010

Graphic Designer

Global R.E.E.F


East Valley Academy
Aug 2009Mar 2011

Graphic Design

East Valley Institite of Technology


On January 17, 2010. I ran the PFChang Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in 2:14'23
I've won Female Artist of the Year in my second year of High school. I'm constantly painting on a very regular occasion working with a few different mediums, also drawing and working with Adobe Illustrator every once in a while. Once a month for about a year I've been checking out the local artist scene and have a basic understanding of where the competition comes in with art. Always ready for a challenge, and appreciate every second of it.
I've been a musician for roughly 7 years, playing acoustic and electric guitar, as well as having had time to work in a studio with some amazing artists, recording and editing music. I also adore live music and local bands. Constantly keeping my eyes sharp on new bands.



Everyday I do what I love, which is getting out and experiencing the world and all it holds. Transforming what I see and hear into art and music, if only to see the response from others. We all are the same I figured, seeing and hearing things but in our own way, creating our own world with our own views. That is why I really enjoy working with people and ideas in music and art. "Too each his own"