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I am a wine enthusiast and ongoing student of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.  As much as I enjoy a big bold red, I love the intricacies of viticulture, the challenge of vineyard management in BC, and the potential for blending old and new technologies to support and foster quality wine production in Canada. 

My early education in wine came from working in my father's u-brew during college, and working in one of BC's largest on-premise brew operations in Sidney BC during University.  This early interest has grown into a fully fledged passion. My dream would be to complete an MBA in Wine at the University of California Davis, or the ultimate, the Bordeaux Business School in France, and work in the best wine country on earth right here in BC.

My other areas of interest are in sports, both following and participating, and pursuing personal growth studies.

Recent Professional Development

§Advanced Supervision

§Project Management

§Conflict Resolution

§Time Management

§Efficiency and Effectiveness

§Business Writing for Success

Michael Easton - Operations Management and Team Engagement

As an Operations Manager I have worked to ensure the success of technology based client-service initiatives.   My work in the last 7 years has steadily increased in the complexity of the technology I have worked with, the scope of the client base I have served, the size of the organizations I have supported, and the number of stakeholders, budgets, and team members I have been accountable for. 

Although I work with leading-edge technology programs, my strength lies in leading the multi-disciplinary teams that are required to give these programs the infrastructure and client service  committment required to make them successful.

I have been recognized for my unique ability to enroll individuals and teams into ideas and projects, and for my authentic communication style.  These natural talents have supported my ability to uncover requirements and motivators in clients and staff, and to follow through with premium service delivery.

As a team member, I have developed a keen eye for leveraging organizational resources, in particular the diverse talents of my colleagues and staff, so that I magnetically attract support and establish positive relationships.

My belief in leading with trust has lead to successfully building bridges with disenfranchised staff and strategic partners, and to establishing new inter-departmental partnerships that save money and time for the organization as a whole.

Work experience

Dec 2006Jun 2010

Technology Operations Manager, Northern Medical Program

University of Northern British Columbia

Coordinated operational and technological events, projects, and programs for delivery of UBC’s Distributed Medical Program in partnership with 3 Universities, 4 Health Authorities, 3 Teaching Hospitals, multiple Contractors, Curriculum Developers, University Administration, Facilities, and Information Technology Services.Supervision of audio/visual technical staff, and functional supervision of various contractors.Oversight of a $500K Departmental budget and $6.5M in Project and Capital budgets.

Jun 2005Dec 2006

Program Anaylst

Service BC, Ministry of Labour and Citizen Servies

Researched facilities and technology supports for the implementation of Service BC client service projects throughout BC.Worked with headquarters and regional staff to ensure smooth and timely introduction of new technology, and lead change with regional staff to ensure the adoption of new processes in order to maximize operational capacity.

Jun 1994Sep 2006

Board of Directors

Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Association

Various roles on the Executive Board of Directors including President, Past President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, responsible for the administration of a not-for-profit organization serving the needs of early and late deafened individuals in the Greater Victoria area.Responsibilities included fund raising, sourcing donation and sponsorship, public speaking, planning events, managing volunteers, and various related administrative and operational duties.

Mar 2003Mar 2005

Systems Trainer

Island Hearing Services

Planned, designed, scheduled and delivered training to Accounting staff across Canada in Great Plains software program and associated processes and procedures.Planned and lead information events for each regional office with Managers and Administrative staff to lead change, establish common language, and ensure that staff were engaged in the change management process.


Jan 2010Present

College of New Caledonia

Currently pursuing a curriculum of study in Management Theory, Project Management, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, and other topics in the Management and Marketing Program.

Sep 1999Dec 2002

Bachelor of Arts

University of Victoria