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Work experience

Jan 2006May 2009

Senior Cert. Pharm.Tech


                    While working for Walgreens, I was able to devolop,learn, enrich, and perfect many of my talents. This job allowed for me to show my many talents. Chargebacks,filling,insurance ,presciptions, ordering supplies, inventory, audits etc. were all handled by me.I am an excellent multi-tasker with an eye for detail. I'm able to train new technicians and work in new pharmacists. I am your go to girl.I always try to learn something new and don't belleive my work day is complete until I do.

Jan 2003Jun 2006

Sales Associate

I was a sales associate for many years. This job proved to be one that suited me whereas i could help customers and deal with the managerial role as well be doing daily store counts,safe counts,money drops, training associates and assisting my fellow associates with things.  While working for Officemax , I learned many great things that are still with me today as well as perfected my sales and customer service skills. We had sales challenges and we also had progressive challenges where you have to beat your own score so that helped extreme amounts


Jan 2004Jun 2006


J.Seargent Reynolds

I attended school to help me further my career. It has helped tremendously and I do plan to continue and optain a higher degree

Sep 1999Jun 2003

Magnet Diploma

Thomas Jefferson

I optained my diploma from this school which I attended for four years. It taught me alot of business and personal relations and many other things.


Customer Relations
This is a very dear thing to me because this is how you get close to your customers. They will also learn to remember you and the wonderful way you treated them.
Sales Associate Officemax
I am a very excellent customer service person. I like to get the customer what they what when they want how they want. I don't  believe in letting  a customer down. Going the extra mile is my idea of doing your job.
I'm a certified Pharmacy technician who loves the field and would like to learn more. There's nothing I can't handle and am willing to.


Patrick Sapini