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Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Lead Developer

ThinAir Wireless
Jul 2004Present



LucidCoding is the company name that I've gone under as for my freelancing endeavors. 


I started my career when I was still a teenager. Learning about computers, and software development in general, was something that I actually took enjoyment in doing. I continue to take that same enjoyment out of my work, and that's why I feel I'd be an asset to anyone I work for. I always strive to create the best software possible. I've been doing freelance / consulting development for my entire life. 

I don't have a formal education for software development, but I feel my real world experience in the field is a more valuable asset. 


I hope to find an engaging job centered around iOS application development. I wish to continue handling my development telecommunicating, but if needed I can work in the greater New York City area. 


I use the Java language to develop Android mobile applications. It's also the only language I have college education for, but I don't have any interest in using it outside of Android development.
Ruby, and Ruby on Rails, was my first MVC-based language. It opened the door to learning how to create superior applications, and added another great skill to my resume.
I learned MySQL in tandem with PHP since most web applications utilized a database. I'm very experienced with them, and can build complex databases with efficient queries. 
iOS (iPhone and iPad) development is one of my more recent skills, but my experience with other mobile platforms and C language led to a short learning curve. While not as experienced with it as other languages, I feel right at home developing iOS applications.
PHP was the first programming language I learned. I began learning it when I was 16 years old, and it has been the primary language I've been using for my professional life.