Philip Carey

Philip Carey


Experienced executive, development manager and technologist with the capability to effectively address the challenges which both existing and new development organizations encounter in building software products and services. 

Brings management skills combined with the capacity to drive architecture and implementation to develop solutions across a broad range of technologies. 

An excellent strategist, tactician and team builder who knows how to coordinate collaboration both within and between organizations.


  • High performance product and service architecture
  • Building lean, effective software development teams and processes
  • Agile (scrum,XP) software development
  • 24x7 SaaS operations
  • Product definition and management, continuous delivery of value
  • Technical communications, whitepapers, documentation

Domain experience in digital media commerce, enterprise applications, communications services 

Work experience

Work experience

Software Engineer

Arrigoni Computer Graphics

Acquired by Calcomp in 1983.

Jan 2009 - Present

Software Architect and Development Lead

Fontshop USA

Founded by Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody in 1989, FontShop is the original independent retailer of digital type. They offer more than 180,000 fonts from dozens of expert-selected foundries, including their own house brand: FontFont.

Responsible for leading application architecture and design at every tier. Driving the design and implementation of efficient and scalable products and services. Designing and delivering solutions including a high performance MVC architecture, internationalization, custom search services, and migration to AWS. Agile development practices. Design and technical direction for developers. Collaborate with operations in design of underlying systems architecture. LAMP centric stack with custom services utilizing additional technologies. 

1986 - 2010


Tanzen Technology

A software design and development consultancy. Representative projects: Designed and developed client and server technologies and solutions. Design and implementation of a skinned MFC based iTunes consumer application clone for a major Digital Music Company. Worked on server side development focusing on client integration with an embedded online store to provide streaming downloads and the ability to preview and purchase tracks and albums. Provided search both local and store content, to burn CD's from user created playlists (using a variety of vendor toolkits), manage all other local player functions. Product design and implementation for a groupware application and framework. Provided design and development consulting for a series of skinned MFC based consumer applications for Sierra Design (Books That Work). Created The Ortho Problem Solver series. Created the high performance multi-dimensional databases used by the Visual Home, 3D-Kitchen, Digital Collections, Car Buyers Guide products. Created optimized 3D model building and rendering code for the Visual Home and related products. MFC GUI development for the Visual Home and Car Buyer Guide products. Implementation of networked application sharing for the Visual Home product.  Developed components of a proprietary operating system, worked with Xerox and Microsoft in the co-development of a multifunction scanner/printer fax machine. Created a Windows printer driver used as a general-purpose interface between graphics applications and Xerox's OCR software. (Xerox) Product design and implementation for a database driven referral-marketing system. C/C++

Feb 2008 - Sep 2008

Founder and CTO

Originator Media

Responsible for application design, software and operational architecture and for a series of social media (Facebook) applications. LAMP stack, load balancing, replication, caching, queuing and partitioning, implemented utilizing AWS(Amazon).

Continued funding unavailable due to deteriorating market conditions.

Sep 2005 - Feb 2008

Director of Development

Snocap, Inc.

The evolution of Napster, SNOCAP, Inc. was the first end-to-end provider of digital licensing and copyright management services for the digital music marketplace. 

I was responsible for directing part of the company's technology and engineering organization in building SNOCAP's digital registry, retail interfaces, and direct-to-consumer MyStore. 

SNOCAP powered MySpace's first music commerce offering.  SNOCAP Opt-Tunz provided the music identification and monitoring interface used to implement a rev-share model between imeem, the major music labels, and independent artists.  Music uploaded to imeem was identified by SNOCAP technology and playback tracked, providing rightsholders a pro-rata share of advertising revenue.

SNOCAP was acquired by imeem which was in turn acquired by MySpace.

Mar 2005 - Sep 2005


TelTel Inc.

TelTel is built upon the belief that an increasing number of consumer electronics devices will be web connected and that web is a realization of software as a service, TelTel strives to provide a universal platform where all web connected devices and applications can interconnect and interoperate. I supported business development efforts with complementary technology partners here in the US. and worked with HCI experts and graphical designers to improve the usability of desktop client applications. I designed and developed client /server technologies and solutions for SIP based VoIP products, analyzed existing network and developed new architecture to provide improved scalability and cost reduction by moving services to the edge of the network. Designed and developed improved scalability for key core services. I directed the transition of engineering development from the US to China.

Apr 2004 - Mar 2005

Software and Systems Architect

Five Across

At Five Across we built innovative peer-to-peer file sharing and messaging, blogging, and social networking software.

Working with the CEO, I designed and developed client and server technologies and solutions for award winning consumer facing cross platform social networking collaboration products, including instant messaging, document management with version control, calendaring, and blogging/instant publishing.

Contributed to the design and implementation of the hybrid client-server/p2p technologies and application database and implemented application clients. Design and development of installation and dynamic update client and server tools. Five Across was acquired by Cisco Systems.

Mar 2002 - Apr 2004

Founder and CTO

The Thunder Bay Company

At The Thunder Bay Company we developed Compass, a converged messaging product enabling interoperability between email, IM and SMS messaging and providing service providers and enterprise customers with an IM identity equal to an existing email address and delivering routing and filtering of messages from specific contacts based upon presence, time, location and other criterion. Responsible for architecture, design and implementation. Coordinated work of contractors in development of related applications and technologies. Product design and implementation for availability and presence related application engine and applications built upon it accessible via the web and via WAP devices (J2EE). Created scalable custom receiver, filter, routing and delivery agents for IM, SMS and SMTP traffic. Created a route compiler and multi-level caching server and associated service interfaces. Customized MTA's for content filtering and logging purposes. Extended the Linux jabber server core to retrieve routes, cache presence information, and route messages via our IM/SMTP/SMS gateways.

Feb 1999 - Dec 2001

Founder and CTO


Years before the development of Google Apps Bluetrain created Passport. Bluetrain Inc. was an ASP which enabled subscribing companies to create an environment equal to Microsoft Exchange in less than a minute. This included an application marketplace and gateway providing the ability to purchase and seamlessly integrate with applications and services from providers including Led software and systems architecture, recruitment and management of technology and operations team, contributed to the design of product specifications, and raising of $12 million venture funds. Teamed with CEO in business development efforts, as well as channel and partner development, market and sales strategy. Bluetrain signed up 16 independent US ISP resellers as well as Intermedia (MCI subsidiary), Terra Networks and Cable & Wireless. Managed half of the companies 50 employees.

1997 - 1998

Director of Product Development


Desktop and Online document and project management. Directed the work of database and software engineers, content developers and graphic artists, and managed the development of both client and corporate web sites, online applications and services. Responsible for web application architecture and technical direction. Designed and implemented core technology for a Java based desktop calendaring and entertainment application. Designed and developed technologies for use by application programmers in the creation of desktop multimedia products. Implemented processes to optimize corporate and client sites for search engine access and ranking. Created spider technology to build domain specific indices for searching.

1992 - 1994

VP Engineering and Software Architect

Acolla Inc.

At Acolla we developed solutions for high performance OLAP financial analysis. Architecture and development of an analytic engine for a proprietary financial database. Design and implementation of the Spreadbase OLAP engine including a database manager, an incremental compiler, and a spreadsheet formula language. Designed and implemented asynchronous garbage collection, a manifest typing system, and classes to support a set of professional OOP data analysis objects, including lists, vectors, dictionaries, environments and spreadsheets. Created end user documentation for C/C++ objects and the Scheme dialect built on top of them.

1989 - 1992

Director Windows Product Development

CADCAM Group Inc.

The CADCAM Group was acquired by Data I/O Inc.

1983 - 1986

Director of Software Development

Calcomp Inc.

Operations moved to Southern California.


Jun 1982


California Polytechnic University