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Robert is disciplined, energetic, and passionate about using his broad experience to deliver business value through intelligent business process and technology decision making.  Connecting core ideas and key people is also central to Robert's successes.

Robert leverages multi-disciplinary Program Management, Business Process Engineering / Six Sigma, Consulting Engagement, and Computer Systems Engineering experience.

As a self-starter, catalyst, and team player, Robert strengthens relationships and communicates effectively within all organizational levels throughout all program phases, driving key initiatives spanning critical business requirements and leading-edge information technology adoption.Robert blends business, process, and technology solution expertise utilizing road-maps, planning, analytical, and general problem solving methods. He builds, leads and works in teams chartered to improve the way business leverages emerging technology, while maintaining a pro-business and evidence-based, brand-agnostic approach to technology selection.

Specialties and Interests

  • Enterprise Accounts, Partner Relationships
  • Program Design, Management, and Operations
  • Business Process Engineering and Lean Six Sigma
  • Process Leadership - People, Process and Technology
  • Scalable Solutions Architecture
  • Software and Systems Architecture, Software and Systems Engineering
  • Unix/Linux, Android, ChromeOS, WebOS
  • Thin Client, Tablet, Mobile, Emerging Platforms
  • RDBMS & NoSQL Scalable Storage
  • Web, Virtualization, Cloud, Open Source
  • Computer Architecture and Computer Engineering
  • Embedded Systems

Work experience

Mostek Corporation / Microprocessors & Systems

Principal Software Engineer 

"Commencement of the Big Bang Epic of Software and Microprocessor/VLSI Systems"

Small Project Software Engineering & Project Management

  • Real Time Operating Systems Porting

AT&T Bell Laboratories

Software Engineer and Member of Technical Staff

"The Genesis of  the Open Systems Unixverse and Open Source Movement"

High Availability Unix Operating Systems Design

  • Large Project Software Engineering & Methodology
  • Mentor for University Intern Program

Sun Microsystems

Systems Engineer  and Enterprise Systems Specialist at Sun Microsystems

"The Network Is The Computer"

Disciplined customer engagement, consulting, leadership, and presentation skills spanning early adopters to traditional business and IT audiences providing customers with successful technology adoption roadmaps and highly-valued solutions. Strategic account coverage of senior and executive management involving business plan development, high availability requirements, development and proposal of solutions. Responsible for the design and development of the systems architecture, proof of concept, pilots, benchmarks, and deployment life-cycle.

  • Consistently strengthened "trusted advisor" relationships with customers and partners, while contributing to Sun's business growth from 200 million to over 11 billion annual revenue.
  • Experience as a Sales Engineering Consultant and Systems Engineer at Sun Microsystems from a start-up through Fortune 112 ranking, focusing on high-availability commercial systems solutions.
  • Utilized Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Operating Systems and SPARC "Ambassador" background to improve Sun staff, customers, and prospects adoption of Sun technology for ISV, IT, and business projects. Deployed technology ranging from thin clients, web services, and datacenter initatives. "Early adopter" solutions required independently engineered approaches because proven and scalable reference architectures had not yet been developed.
  • Practical, hands-on experience with computer architecture, operating systems, software engineering, application solutions, business practices, along with customer interaction, solution generation, and problem solving skills contributing to each engineering, pre-sales, and program management success.
  • Mentor to new hire engineers and field office staff, through several generations of high-impact organizational change, fulfilling additional roles during the hiring process.

Sun Microsystems

Program Manager - Global Sales Operations,  Sigma Black Belt Program

"Customer Engagement and Sales Process Improvement"

Hands-on program management including executive sponsored Six Sigma Process Improvement & Simplification.

  • Corporate sponsored Black Belt program trainee/graduate
  • Customer Engagement Methodology
  • Sales Approval Processes & Tools (Systems)

Oracle / Sun Microsystems

Program Manager - Partner Programs and Business Systems Consultant

"Value Proposition and Profitability for Channel Partners"

Partner program management and business/systems consultant spanning four generations of partner programs and systems, leveraging Lean Six Sigma Methods and Systems Engineering Consulting skills to new and sustaining programs.

  • First Principals for program initiatives included "voice of the customer/partner," "drive what you sell," and "business acumen 101" to accelerate process (and systems) improvement delivery to the partner community.
  • Managed new programs and migrations from regional programs (USA) to global programs and business systems.
  • Mentor to program office staff through several generations of high-impact organizational change, fulfilling additional roles during the hiring process.

Customer Advocates

Business and Technology Advocate

"Simplifying Business and Technology"

Providing business strategies, technology planning, and solutions enabling agile deployment for the "mobile, web first" economy. Addressing vertically integrated datacenter solution stacks and virtualization/consolidation co-opetition with private and public horizontal cloud services. 

  • Helping business and IT navigate the evolving landscape of Cloud, SaaS, traditional vertical solution stacks, and the evolving mobile, web-first, collaborative client base.
  • Facilitating change to reduce dependency on physical IT asset ownership, and lower capital and op-ex outlay, enabling investment in key business-process-IT initiatives.

Industries and Markets

  • Fortune 500 Enterprise Technology, IT, Manufacturing, Finance & Banking, Telco, R&D, University, Insurance & Healthcare, Utilities, Public Sector, Distribution Channels


Industry Experience



Updates - Engineering and Computer Science

Google Code University

  • Distributed Systems

Google I/O

  • Google Infrastructure and Operations


  • Oracle, Java, HTML, Brio, Windows Systems, Systems & Application Programming, OS & Storage Administration, Systems Performance Tuning
  • All Sun Partner Advantage Certification/Training, effective 2010
Planned/Future Updates and Certifications
  • Consistent with "next step" career opportunities, and following life-long interest in business & technology
  • Robert's life-long passion and thirst for knowledge is met by continuous updates and practices, both "in role" and as "extra curricular" commitments

Process Leadership, Business, Sales & Marketing

Corporate Sponsored Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma / Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Process Leadership and Change Management

Sales, Business, and Dale Carnegie Coursework

  • Business/Finance
  • Human Relations & Influence
  • Strategic Selling
  • Speaking with Impact

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI

University of Michigan, College of Engineering

BSE - Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Computer Engineering and Computer Science Studies