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Work experience


Vice President

Wells Fargo

Corporate and International Investment Banking.• Enhance Treasury Management Operations and Services offering of investment products (domestic and foreign currency trading, debt issuance, and borrowing/loan efforts). Support treasury management team in regards to implementation of strategic investment products and services, development of business requirements, and resource management. (Trade Settlement Automation, Debt Issuance Management)• Support development of an international entity of Wells Fargo Bank to penetrate the European Market Zone (Dublin, Ireland). Establish banking operations and brand name recognition in both local and European Markets. Wells Fargo Bank International (WFBI) is an indirectly, wholly owned subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Co.; an EU sanctioned bank, which allows Wells Fargo to conduct banking business throughout the EU countries (i.e. the EU Passport).• Coordinate new business/product initiatives (USD/Non-$ investments). Support operational aspects of securities purchased and sold transactions. (Trade Confirmation, Settlement Processing and Accounting, Collateral Management - Deposit Reporting, and Liabilities Management - Debt Issuance)Wachovia Wholesale Banking- Treasury Management Operations/Technology- International Banking Support (Wells Fargo Bank International - WFBI)- Wells Fargo Securities (Corporate Investment Banking)- Strategic Funding Proposals and Projects- Vendor Relationship Support


Management Consulting


Financial Services Management.• Accelerated growth of financial institutions by expanding commercial and retail product lines to include multi-enterprise financial services/solutions. Provide strategic management and analysis consulting to support client efforts with entry and expansion within the Financial Services Industry. Lead change management projects between sales, technology, and PMO, for product implementation, communication change readiness, and business development (customer support).Product and Sales Management.• Identified and analyzed new services/products that support expansion into the Financial Services market. Develop implementation strategy (product selection, target market analysis, and product marketing). Shift client sales approach from selling products based on customer needs to selling solutions based on customer problems.Process/Theory Management.• Applied phased approach of offering financial service solutions to implement B2B multi-enterprise collaboration systems and treasury management services. Phase I: Strategy/Business Assessment; Phase II: Business Process Modeling and Requirements; Phase III: Go-To-Market Management.Clients:• Sterling Commerce - OH, SME - Financial Services Industry• JPMorgan Chase - IL, Group Lead - Treasury Management Services• Bank of America - GA, Capabilities Assessment Team Lead• Allstate - IL, Organizational Redesign Consultant


Vice President, Product Development Group Manager


Commercial Banking / Cash Management Division.• Managed and direct product development group. Design and implement non-credit financial services, develop strategic marketing programs, acquire new business, oversee back-office operations and customer service / fulfillment units. Negotiate and close contracts with financial vendors to obtain cash management services/products. Maximize the profitability and market position of cash management products and services. Manage windows-based and web-based Cash Management systems.Product Manager.• ACH Origination, Multi-currency Wire Transfer Origination, Account Reconciliation, Positive Pay Reconciliation, Check Imaging, Commercial Loan Management, Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP), Investment and Borrowing, Lockbox Reporting, and Online Administration services.Business Development and Vendor Operations Support.• Solicited potential and existing clients, increase product usage/participation of cash management services.• Strategic Change Management: Management and analysis of treasury products and services.Financial Vendor Relationship Management.• Leadership roles in negotiating and closing complex deals, and implementing strategic initiatives to drive sales revenue and increase market share.• Managed financial vendor relationships: Metavante, FUNDtech, S1, FundsXpress, Checkfree, Politzer and Haney, and Wausau Financial Services.

BankAtlantic Accomplishments:• Established strategic outsourcing partnership to provide cash management services. (Negotiated long-term profitable partnerships with FUNDtech Corporation, Metavante, and Wausau Financial Services).• Developed and implemented BankAtlantic’s multi-channeled cash management system, pricing plans, and service level agreements.• Regained customer trust and built critical relationships by responding to customer needs, reversing key-account turnover, and growing annual revenues.• Developed product-training curriculum for Sales, Marketing, and Executive Management.


Assistant Vice President


Commercial Banking - Product Manager.Emerging Technologies Division - Cash Management.• Defined business requirements to eliminate windows-based treasury management platform and convert customers to web-based platform. Developed treasury management pricing strategies (product performance and profitability) for Internal Funds Transfer, Check Reconciliation, Wire Transfer Origination, and Controlled Disbursement services. Managed Customer Service: problem resolutions, product evaluation, and quality assurance testing.Market Research and Development.• Product offerings, promotional efforts, distribution, and pricing.• Establishment of successful implementation strategies that shift the client sales approach from selling products based on customer needs to selling solutions based on customer problems.Financial Vendor Relationship Management.• Relationship Management Executive. Leadership roles in negotiating and closing complex deals, and implementing strategic initiatives to drive sales revenue and increase market share.• Metavante, FISERV / BankLink, Checkfree, ADP, and Politzer and Haney.BankBoston Accomplishments:• Developed and implemented Balance Account Reporting and ACH services for Commercial Banking division. (BankBoston/Fleet’s Corporate Banking Web platform)• Developed Service Quality Indicators, which measure how effective and efficient back-office operations and customer service units perform daily operational tasks.


Product Team Lead

JPMorgan Chase

Global Investment Services - Treasury Management.• Technology Team Lead for product installations, software documentation, and technical support.

• Traveled extensively across the United States to deploy Chase Y2K compliant software for the Global Investment Services division.

• Performed product evaluations and profile assessments of existing and potential customers.Chase Global Investment Systems:• Chase Global Custody Securities System(Trade Entry, Close of Business Reporting and Inquiry, and On-line Securities Management)• Chase’s InfoStation Business Management System


Treasury Management

BankLink / Fiserv

Implementation and Operations Support• Windows-based cash management services for financial institutions, banks, and brokerage firms.


National Account Executive

TMP Worldwide

Growth and Retention Sales Management.• Managed national marketing and advertising programs.Brand Strategy Development and Marketing.• Developed strategic objectives and promotion plans geared to retaining clients and maximizing customer profitability. (Market analysis, budgeting, and brand development.)Clients:• Firestone/Bridgestone• Western Union• Family Pharmaceuticals


Account Representative

Ketchum Communications

Public Relations and Brand Management Marketing.• Developed media relations strategies, integrated advertising and ROI management campaigns for clients.Clients:• Delta Machinery• Amtrak Rail• Mayflower Trucking



Bachelor of Science

Norfolk State University

Major: Business Management (M/CIS)Minor: Computer Information Systems


Skilled Negotiator and Facilitator
• Relationship Management Executive. Leadership roles in negotiating and closing complex deals, and implementing strategic initiatives to drive sales revenue and increase market share. • Various opportunities of employing creative solutions that have maximized profitability and market penetration of treasury products and services. • Accomplishments of reversing key-account turnover through effective relationship management.
Leader of High Performance Teams
• Consistently exceed objectives by developing high-performance sales, customer service and implementation teams. Provide coaching, training and developed recognition programs to maximize career development of direct reports. • Establishment of successful implementation strategies that shift the client sales approach from selling products based on customer needs to selling solutions based on customer problems.
Strategic Change Management.
• Management and analysis of treasury products and services. Innovative in process improvement and problem solving. Initiator of new product development and service enhancements. • Developed comprehensive electronic banking systems that offer an array of cash management services.


Diverse background in Treasury / Cash Management and Relationship Management within the financial services industry. (Sales Management, Product Development, Operations Management)

Effective and efficient operation of the cash management line of business. Manage and direct department activities to include the design of new services (Product Management), the development of marketing programs (Strategic Marketing), the servicing of existing customers (Information Technology), the acquiring of new business (Sales Management), and the supervision of all operational activities (Operations Management).


Honors and Awards

(1987)MVP Leadership Award, Valley Inc.New York(1989 - 1992)Dinkins Scholarship, C.A.S. / NSUNew York (1999)Managing Banking Operations, Fleet/BankBostonBoston (2003)Human Resource Essentials, BankAtlanticFlorida(2004)CASHplus Cash Management SystemFundtech Corporation Church Affiliations:• Southern Baptist Church, New York• Mount Olive Baptist Church, Florida• University Park Baptist Church, North Carolina