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Recognized for excellence in brainstorming sessions and user-interface design. Excel in many fields besides programming, especially marketing. Highly professional and business oriented with a focus on productivity, return on investment and high profit. Very good at following direction, meeting deadlines and developing new technologies.

Work experience

December 2017Present


Warden Enterprises

- Developed an Enterprise Management System in PHP, MySQL, Javascript and CSS.
- Developed for a client. It's a Web and Android App for Fantasy Football fans.
- Developed Kitty Litter The Anti Sniffer a free desktop application authored in Java to enhance privacy on public networks. Received 300,000 downloads in the first month.
- Developed Excalibur Click a free anti-click-fraud service in PHP, MySQL and Javascript.
- Developed Auction Flipper! an Android app that spiders eBay as you browse for profitable items to resell.
- Developed Video Wikipedia a small plug-in for Wikipedia that adds YouTube videos to hyperlinks to enhance the learning experience.
- Developed secure e-commerce sites and in MySQL, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress & WooCommerce

Apr 2009November 2017


· Developed in PHP, MYSQL, Javascript and CSS.
- Developed tablet & mobile web support across several different models.
- Developed Android application with voice recognition in Java.
- Developed a free Desktop filesystem plug-in in Java to act as a Web-OS interacting with the users true OS.
· Provided freelance services to businesses and developed a web service.
· Did Freelance work for several clients such as Greg Brede with Teligence International in Alexandria, MN.

Apr 2010Present



· Provided freelance services through an intermediary.
· Developed video sharing website in PHP, MySQL, Javascript and CSS.
· Developed international currency website in PHP, MySQL and Ajax.· 
- Developed RSVP system for independent film festival in PHP, MySQL and Ajax.
· Developed video site in PHP, MySQL, CSS and Ajax.
· Developed an enterprise management system for an auto mechanic shop in PHP, MySQL, CSS and Ajax.·
- Developed data mining software for an online bank in MySQL and PHP.
- Developed site in PHP, MySQL, CSS and Ajax.
· Developed volunteer portal at in PHP, MySQL, CSS, JQuery
- Did many smaller jobs for several additional clients.

Apr 2006Apr 2009

Web Development & Internet Marketing

Worldwide Gaming Inc.

- Completely revamped existing website, utilizing Javascript, CSS and PHP
- Reached target of #1 and #2 in position for relevant and requested keywords on all the search engines.  
- Operated the corporate network and assisted the staff with any technical problems they were having. 
- Added and updated the entire inventory, including producing video presentations of slot machines.
- Highlighted as the key change that boosted revenue during a segment on Kare11 news Minneapolis/St. Paul which featured Worldwide Gaming as one of the fastest growing small businesses in Minnesota.

Apr 2000Apr 2006


Internet Business Owner & Operator

- Developed marketing analytics software in Perl and later PHP for use with my websites.
- Operated a network of niche websites receiving 100,000 unique visitors a day.
- Sold two websites to, LLC in St. Cloud, MN. Both receiving 900,000 unique visitors a month.
· Developed an IRC companion which combines all IRC networks together. Larger then Yahoo Chat, complete with language translation.

Dec 1998Apr 2000

Lead Programmer

Cleo Software Development Inc

· Developed a commercially distributed software application in Java, named Site Mapper 2000.
· Authored the entire program, a client-side site mapping program which utilizes hyperbolic geometry to display the results.
· Authored in 100% Pure Java with no foreign APIs or IDEs. Multi-OS compatible.
- Received five stars at Tucows and elsewhere. All positive reviews.
· Developed the website and worked with our merchant account supervisors at Digital River.

Feb 1995Jul 1995

Computer Technician & Internet Instructor

Employment Action Center

· Directed the internet employment department and assisted the staff with computer issues.
· Optimized the old machines in the internet employment department for internet use.
· Resolved several hardware and software issues the staff were having.
· Successfully setup a new internet employment department with ten new machines in one afternoon.
· Assisted clients with employment search.


Android Programming

Android application programming.


Currently learning MS C# and the .NET environment.


Extensive experience with Wordpress.

Microsoft Office Suite
Especially familiar with Excel.
Unix & Linux Administration
Extensive experience in Unix & Linux systems administration.
Actionscript Flash Programming
Currently learning Flash programming.
C and C++ Programming
Have developed small applications in C and video games in C++.
Javascript Development
Extensive experience in AJAX and with the DOM.
MySQL Programming
Have worked with many MySQL databases from small to very large.
PHP Programming
Developed dozens of web applications in PHP.
Perl Programming
Developed traffic management systems in Perl.
Java Applet Development
Extensive experience developing Java Applets from data visualization to chat rooms.
Java Application Development
Extensive experience with the Java SDK.



General Education Development Diploma

State of Minnesota