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Work experience

May 2010Present

Personal Assistant

Jeffery Sanford

I keep his house clean and take care of his four children as well as anything else he requests. 

Apr 2010May 2010



Placed and filled customer orders and prepped food. 


Jun 2010Present

Jones County Junior College


I have an amazing ability with children. I have been babysitting since i was fifteen years old. It is one of my favorite things to do. I always make sure that the children get everything they need. I do not have an age limit but i seem to work best with toddlers. 


Pat Ellis

Jeffery Sanford

I take care of his four children while he is at work, school, or tutoring. I keep his house and yard clean.

Tina Ford

I took care of her daughter while she was at work and kept her house clean. 


My name is Karen Sanford. I am nineteen years old. I am a full time student at Jones County Junior College. My intentions are to become a paralegal and possibly a lawyer. I have not had much experience in the workplace. I worked at Hardee's fast food restaurant for a short time. I had a difficult time adapting to the fast food environment and was let go. I learned a lot from my short time working there. Soon afterwards i started College and have devoted my full attention to my education. One field that i am skilled in is childcare. I have one niece and three nephews. My brother hired me as his personal assistant at the end of my first semester of school. I have been his personal assistant ever since. My main job is to take care of the children but i also do housecleaning and anything else that is requested of me. I am currently seeking a possible part time job that will not interfere with my school. 


I am interested in any job that involves taking care of children or the elderly. I am also interested in any assistant positions that will help prepare me for my future.