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Personal Summery

I have been working as a roofer for over thirteen years, my experience and level of expertise are vast. I possess all the qualities of a good roofer, that includes punctuality, coordination, critical thinking, the ability to take and give orders, flexibility and professionalism. Travelling often has also given me a good idea on how different roofing styles look like. Under good conditions I am prepared to work hard as I am a very conscientious person.

Work experience



Overall Construction, Roofing 


Roofer and Builder


Overall Construction, Roofing 


Mechanic, later Director 


Servicing and fixing cars, later managing the company


  •  General roof installation, repairs and maintenance
  •   Installing gutters and chimney ferrule
  •  Locating leaks and repairing them
  •  Installing shingles, asphalt, metal, or any other materials to make the roof watertight
  •  Inspecting roofs to find out the best way to repair them
  •   Measuring and cutting materials to the correct size and shape
  •  Removing old roofs
  • Exterior and Interior finishing ( house painting, putting in windows and doors)

Additional Skills

  • Considerable knowledge of the tools, equipment, materials, and methods utilized not only in roof repair and installation but also in construction.
  • Ability to work at heights, climb ladders and set up work requirements in a safe manner.
  • Skilled at operating various electrical tools
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • B License


  •  English: Intermediate   
  • Polish: Fluent
  • Russian: Basic




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