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Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Vice president


§Sell SI solution including security solution and network’s equipment to telecom.

§The EncodingPath is IT security solution provider and provides security solution service to SK group(SKTelecom, SKC&C etc...) and Korea Telecom.

§I am in charge of all sales company's target and manage sales team.

Mar 2005Feb 2009

Regional Sales Manager

I've launched F5 networks Korea office successfully in terms of sales view.

I've covered all F5 networks Korea sales activities including recruiting new channels, developing new customers and maintaining customer care from working level customers to executives. I have sales strong point in terms of the covering of all customer industries like government, finance, telecom, and enterprise in F5 networks Korea.

Regional sales Manager – Director( October 2008 ~ February 2009)

§Covered Telecom, Finance, Government industries and Reported total sales number including other account managers.

§Sales target is USD 12M. (Two salesmen are joined.)

Regional sales Manager – Director( October 2007 ~ September 2008 )

§Covered Telecom, Finance, Government industries and Reported total sales number including another account managers.(One salesmen is joined.)

§Increased and achieved sales revenue to USD 10.5M.

§Sold F5 products to SKTelecom, SKC&C, SK energy, SK.

§Made dominant vendor in main industries(Telecom, Bank, SK group, Samsung group, LG group)

Regional sales Manager – Director( October 2006 ~ September 2007)

§Covered all industries.

§Increased and achieved sales revenue to USD 8M.

§Set up 3 distributors and new channels.

§Planed and made Korean new product for killing all competitive vendors’ products in Korean market.(BIGIP 3410)

§Opened new F5 Korean office at Korean trade center in March.

Become the sales winner in Asian region.

Regional sales Manager – Director( April 2005 ~ September 2006)

§Covered all industries.

§Increasing sales volume to USD 5.5M from 2004 and ranked number 2 in Korean market. FY06

§Sell network equipment (L4/L7) and SSL VPN, Web firewall equipment.

§Set up new channels and resellers.

§Sell F5 products in Korean major customers such as (KT, SKTelecom, SK Broadband, LG Dacom, KTF, LG Telecom, Samsung Group, LG Group, Government etc…)

§Support marketing as a number one product and highest quality in Korean market and set up sales strategy.

§Become the sales winner in Asian region.

Mar 2001Mar 2005

General Manager

Sales Account Manager for Network equipment (August2001~ March 2005)

§Main Sales territories were Government and Military in 2005.

- Target revenue was US $9.5M.

- Sales products are Data network & Alteon equipment. ( L2 ~ L7)

- Sold network products to goverment and national assembly. 

§Main sales territories were University and Hospital in 2004,

- Annual Sales Achievement was higher than targeted number every year.

- Target Number was US $ 4.5M in 2004.

- Increased doubled revenue after taking over this industry and setting up local channels and resellers.

- Directly and indirectly interacting in customer’s sales.

- Supporting other sales Account Managers and channels in other territories such as in the Finance and Enterprise market due to exiting customer relationships.

- Sold New ATM equipment to KOSCOM (Korea Securities Computer

Corp.) as WAN backbone network which was the first sale world wide

In 2003.

- Sold Network backbone to Hana Bank in 2003. Revenue was US1.5M.

- Sold Optical products to POSCO IN 2003. Revenue was US 1M.

-Main sales product is LAN, WAN Network equipments and virus filtering and firewall equipments. Also sold VoIP and IP Telephony solutions to customers.

Sales Account Manager for CRM Solution( Clarify, IVR, CTI, Call Center ) (March 2001– July 2001)

§Joined Nortel Networks to cover CRM solution sales heading the Korean market header.

§Sales territory was the entire Korean market.

§Working as a view-header on the Korean market independently for CRM package and reporting to Asia sales Vice President directly.

§Set up Korean sales channels and strategy, and did marketing and sales.

§Proposed CRM solution to finance customer (Korean Exchange Bank, KDB, Kiup bank, Shinhanbank and Security companies), enterprise customers (LG Caltex, LG Electronic, Samsung Electronic etc.)

§Sold IVR, CTI to the Korean Exchange Bank and Kuk Min Bank etc.

§Target revenue was US $ 8.0M. FY 2001

Nov 1988Mar 2001



November 1988 –February 2001LG Hitach

Sales Team Manager for New Business 2 ( virtual venture company) (November 1998 – February 2001)

My job was involved research for new IT products and setting-up a sales team and selling this as a salesman. This is a kind of starting company. I was a team leader.

§Sales territory covered all the Korea market.

§Investigated new business items from foreign and domestic markets and launched new product business teams mimicking starting companies. (Network equipment, ERP, CRM, EDMS, Video conference, OLAP, DW etc.)

- Role was to start new business. (Investigating new IT products world wide and marketing business strategy and targeting annual revenue and set up channel, sales team, and sold to customers directly or indirectly.)

- Managing more than 20 people as a team leader.

- Searching for new business items from USA, Japan and Canada etc.

- Main success sales products were Network Equipment, CRM, ERP, Call center, CTI which could be developed big sales revenue as an SI solution and could be deployed in all industries.

- Target revenue was US $ 10.0M. FY 2000

§Networks products(Juniper, Extreme network, Cisco)

- Sold Juniper and Extreme network for SKTelecom backbone network.

Made standard networks spec in SK Telecom.

Revenue from SKT was about US $ 3.5M. FY 2000.

These products were sold continually. Nowadays the total number

of Juniper & Extreme network deployed in SKT is bigger than the

number of CISCO products.

- Sold Cisco’s equipment as an SI project in enterprise market (Volvo Korea, Oracle Korea), finance market ( NongHyup ). Revenue was US $ 3M.

§CRM products(Clarify, Trilogy, Firepond, Call center)

- Trained CRM solutions in the USA for 2 months.

- Contracted CRM solutions directly with CRM vendors in the USA and set up sales team within LG Hitachi, and made on-selling channel partners.

- Sold CRM full package and Call center, Support center, IVR, CTI.

- Sold Clarify solution to LG Electronic as CRM and call center solution. The contract size was US $ 3 M.FY 1999.

- Sold Clarify solution to Hangul&computer as Support and call center solution. US $500K. FY 1999

-Sold and Supported CRM to customers ( Hyundai, Hangul&computer, Motorola etc)

§ERP products(Baan)

- Sold Baan solution to LG Industrial system as ERP solution.

The contract size was US $ 25M total. FY 1998.

- Also sold Baan package to Kirin, Hanyoung corporation, which were US $ 5M revenue. FY 1998.

- Consulting Banking CRM solution which was related to the Hitachi CRM package, in Finance industry (Chohung, NongHyup, Seoul, ShinHan etc).

§OLAP,DW ( Pilot, SAS)

- Supporting and consulting OLAP&DW package to customer sites like Chohung Bank, Nonghyup.

§Expanded business territories as a new project leader and launched new

business items continually.

§Studied IT business and related products from HW to SW and directly

reported on and IT consulted to CEO about company vision.

Senior Sales Representative for New business 1 (virtual venture company) (January 1996 – December 1997)

My job was involved research for new IT products from foreign companies and setting-up business strategies and starting sales teams and selling as a salesman. This is a kind of venture company. I was team sub-leader.

§Sales territory covered every industry in the Korea market.

§This new business development team was like a venture company which reported to the CEO directly.

- Role was the same with New business 2.I investigated new IT business items world wide and made marketing sales strategies & set-up channels for Korean market.

- Sold directly to customers or worked with channel partners to sell.

- Target revenue was US $ 5.0M. FY 1997

§Started Network (ATM, ISDN) and Disk Array (Hitachi Disk Array) sales.

(I started Hitachi disk array business first in the Korea market.)

- Sold ATM to LG Electronic (US $2M, FY 1997).

- Sold Hitachi disk array to Nong-hyup, Chohung Bank, Seoul Bank, LG Electronic (US $ 6M, FY 1997) with channels.

- Target customer was Finance, Telecom and Enterprise & Government.

§Sold Bank solution (Risk Management solution) to Chohung Bank, NongHyup, and ShinHan bank. ( US $ 4M, FY 1996)

§Trained in Network Technology & Disk Array technology from Hitachi in Japan (3 Months).

§Launching new business team and developed new sales items continually.

§Directly reporting and IT consulting to CEO.

Senior Sales Representative for SI team(January 1994 – December 1995)

Role was solution sales within telecom and finance industries.

§Solution business for telecom industry like KT, Dacom.

- In KT, made US $ 5M revenue with solution-based sale. FY 1995.

- In Dacom, made US $ 2M revenue with solution-based sale. FY 1994.

§Solution business for finance industry like Chohung bank, Non-banking sector (LG Security, KFCC, etc.).

- In banking sector, made US $ 2M revenue with solution-based sale. Chohung Bank, FY 1994.

- In non-banking sector, made US $3M revenue with DPS6 system. LG Security, Saju bank, FY1994

§Consulting Telecom & Finance IT business strategy and technical issues.

Project manager for Japan business (June 1992 – December 1993)

Role was application analyst.

§Managing Bridgestone tire JIT system development project in Tokyo, Japan. (IBM mainframe) as a team leader and programming analyst.

§Managing Hitachi application development project in Tokyo, Japan. (Hitachi mainframe, UNIX server ) as a team leader and programming analyst.

§Managing project and team (the number of project member was about 20.)

§Using COBOL, Assembly Language.

Application engineer for Mainframe- Bull system (January 1991 – May 1992)

Role was System Engineer for telecom industry.

§Supporting KT (HITEL) and Dacom (CHULIAN) as a system engineer.

§Making telecom requirement and sales opportunity.

§Using PL/1, Assembly language.

Programmer for supporting LG Electronic (November 1988 – December 1990)

Role was Application developer.

§Developing KT HR system as an application developer.

§Using COBOL programming language.

Jan 1988Nov 1988


Sangyoung computer

January 1988 – November 1988 SsangYoung Computer Seoul, Korea

Role was System programmer for IBM

§Learning IBM mainframe language (COBOL, PL/I, Assembly).

§Supporting and managing SsangYoung IBM mainframe system as a system engineer.


Feb 1981Feb 1985


Seoul National University


Country manager or Regional sales manager.

Looking for aggressive sale position such as a venture or starting company's Country Manager. Direct face-to-face sale & managing vendor channel sales.


I like to meet new customers and enjoy providing new solution.

I am interested in exercising in gym. and playing golf.


Telecom (SKTelecom, KT, LG Dacom, SK Broadband etc), Finance (Kookmin bank, Woori bank, IBK bank, Hana bank, Nonghyup, Shin Han Bank, Korea Financial Telecommunication & Clearing Institute etc), Enterprise (LG Group, SK Group, Samsung Groupetc), Government.( Army, National Assembly, Supreme court of Korea, Ministry of public Admin. and Security etc), and University(Seoul national univ., Chungnam national univ., Yeansei univ., Korea univ. etc).


I am a successful business professional with a proven, consistent track record of business startups (F5 networks and new business developing team of LG Hitachi) and lots of network experience in Nortel networks.

I would like to bring my strong background of success to your organization in the capacity of country manager in Korea. For example, during my time as Regional sales manager, Network account manager, and new business developing team leader at my ex-companies, I have:

lIncreased sales revenue from zero to USD 10.5M in 2008 and ranked number one market share company within 3 years from joining F5 networks.

lMade the Korean main companies of each industry to be F5 networks loyal customers (Kookmin Bank,Woori bank, Hana bank, Korea telecom, SK telecom, Samsung group, LG group, Ministry of public administration and security etc…).

lLaunched the starting company (F5 networks) successfully in short period.

lCovered all industries as Regional sales manager and had new partners and resellers’ recruiting capability.

lHad professional experience from marketing to product sales (network, acceleration solution, software package like ERP, CRM and storage).

lHave the best human networking from solution sales to network sales and can use this for new products sales quickly. 

lExperianced new products business launching  (Hitachi storage, BaaN ERP(USD 25M revenue), Clarify CRM) successfully in LG Hitachi.

My experience is extensive and diverse – from new business start up to solution sales in Korea.

I am a proficient all-around manager with a highly applicable background and exceptional leadership, communication, and team-building skills. I offer more than 19 years of solid business, marketing, sales, and relative human network, which would successfully grow your business in Korea.

I’m convinced I can help your business grow with all my efforts and make a dominant position quickly in the Korean market.


English speaking